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May 26, 2024





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If you think ‘teaching’ CRT in our schools is dangerous, I am about to say something that will shock you to the common core. Believe me – you have no idea just how dangerous CRT is.

CRT is not just hurting our nation’s education system. CRT has America’s education system in a death spiral, and it all started with a woman named Tracy Castro-Gill.

Tracy Castro married her High School sweetheart, Ron Hammond, and became a stay-at-home mom. In 1997, while her husband worked, Tracy Hammond became obsessed with an online avatar sex game, and met Brian Gill. Brian Gill had recently completed a prison sentence for sexually abusing his eight-year-old cousin.

Tracy began a long-term, long-distance affair with Brian Gill. Her husband eventually found out and filed for divorce. Tracy then moved to Seattle to marry her incestual-pedophile lover.

Once in Seattle, Tracy (now Tracy Castro-Gill) reinvented herself. She got a master’s degree in education and began to substitute teaching. She rewrote her background into one where she claimed to have grown up homeless (she actually grew up in a healthy, middle-class household). Her father, she claimed, was a “U.S. Nationalist” who sold out his Hispanic background. She claimed to have joined a gang and become addicted to drugs to stay “authentically Hispanic.”

Did I mention that Tracy Castro-Gill is white? Her father, Richard Castro, compares her to Rachel Dolezal – the white woman who pretended to be black and ran a chapter of the NAACP.

Eventually, the Seattle Public Schools, completely enamored with Tracy Castro-Gill’s fake background, hired her as Ethnic Studies Director for the entire Seattle Public School system.

Tracy Castro-Gill noted that some ethnicities did better in school than others. Asians did the best, on average, and African Americans did the worst, on average. Tracy Castro-Gill did not bother to ask why. Had she asked she might have noted that Asian Americans often have a hyper-focus on school performance (particularly in math and science), whereas African Americans are much more apt than average to come from single-parent homes (which every study ever done has shown is not conducive to success). In other words, there are socio-economic and cultural factors that explain school performance gaps, which should be good news – if we recognize why gaps exist we can also recognize risk factors early on and can take steps to mitigate those risk factors.

Tracy Castro-Gill did not want to mitigate risk factors. Instead, Tracy Castro-Gill called the curriculum racist, and began enforcing changes in the curriculum throughout the school system, with the stated goal of reducing the performance gap.

Math programs became ‘math ethnic studies,’ ‘teaching’ students that math is a Euro-centric concept focusing on absolutes (such as 2+2 always equaling 4). The absolutism of math forces People of Color to subjugate themselves to fit in. Algebra was banned outright, as it uses variables and assigns them values. Tracy Castro-Gill claimed that assigning variables values – this is what White Supremacy has done to non-white people for all of recorded history. 

It wasn’t just math that Tracy Castro-Gill went after. All data-driven processes were determined to prevent liberation from white supremacy, so all science classes, any kind of rational discussion of history, the English language – it all got thrown out the window, replaced instead with classes that taught how these things were all racist. White people were said to be the root of all evil, and white students were essentially told that they had to be reborn as white abolitionists to receive redemption.

Needless to say, proficiency scores plummeted throughout the school system, particularly among those groups who were doing the worst before Tracy Castro-Gill came along. The performance gaps Tracy Castro-Gill was trying to close were rapidly getting worse rather than better.  

It turns out that telling children from at-risk groups that trying to be successful makes them traitors to their communities only further reduces the success rates of those groups. Shocking, right?

Rather than changing directions, Tracy Castro-Gill shifted into a higher gear.

Suddenly the purpose of CRT had nothing to do with narrowing performance gaps. Instead, the growing gaps became proof that even more CRT was needed. As school performance collapsed across the board (and particularly among at-risk groups), the worsening performance was used to infuse even more of everything that was destroying the Seattle schools.

Tracy Castro-Gill was named Regional Teacher of the Year for the 2018-2019 school year, even as residents began to complain about the things their children were being taught. Tracy Castro-Gill responded to this criticism by claiming that the people criticizing her were racist, and were only attacking her to force the schools to perpetuate white supremacy into another generation of Seattle students. When teachers and other school employees criticized what Tracy Castro-Gill was forcing the schools to ‘teach,’ she went after their jobs.

Over time, Tracy Castro-Gill said that the white supremacy permeating the Seattle School System had taken a toll on her, so she took two months of paid medical leave to recover. When she returned, she fired off a profane email to a school principal, implying that the email had the backing of a number of higher-ups in the Seattle Public Schools. This mischaracterization cost her her job, but by then it was too late: Seattle’s public school system had been utterly destroyed.

You might think that Tracy Castro-Gill’s firing would have led to a renaissance in the Seattle public schools – that it would be kind of a ‘Ding Dong, the witch is dead’ moment. Instead, Tracy Castro-Gill formed a non-profit offering training to school systems around the country. She landed contracts with 12 Seattle schools, and in 2021 the Washington State Board of Education voted to require training from Tracy Castro-Gill in every school in the state of Washington. Getting fired deepened both her influence, and her bank account.

The Tracy Castro-Gill story is that of a cancer growing in power and malignancy even as it killed its host (the Seattle Public Schools). Once the host was dead, she simply spilled over to infect the rest of Washington state, and to spread her tentacles around the country. If your schools are teaching CRT, she’s the reason.

The fact that Tracy Castro-Gill is a fraud does not seem to matter. The fact that her programs make schools worse rather than better does not seem to matter. Her agenda fits the proper liberal narratives, and so woke school administrators around the country have been lining up to see who can be next to completely destroy their school systems.

Once school systems start teaching CRT they sacrifice educating students, supposedly for a higher cause. This is the exact same thinking ancient man used back when virgins were sacrificed to Volcano Gods, and just as the high priest would sacrifice more virgins whenever the volcano appeared angry, so too the worse CRT makes our schools the more proponents clamor for even more CRT.  

The difference between CRT and a Volcano God is that whereas the volcano does not care whether or not virgins are sacrificed into it, CRT makes school systems worse, so sacrificing to the Volcano God makes no difference at all, ‘teaching’ CRT creates a literal death spiral.

We are moving, and in many cases, school systems already have moved, completely away from Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic (along with other legitimate coursework), toward ‘teaching’ things we know, are not true.

When we ‘teach’ fake history and fake biology in our schools we choke out real history and real biology. When we ‘teach’ that math is racist, we prevent children from becoming proficient at math. When we ‘teach’ that all facts are subjective, children begin to believe that their feelings are facts.

When people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez start a sentence with, ‘I feel that,’ and then add what sounds like a factual statement but is really just something she thinks might be true, that’s a pretty good indication she was taught to obey the Volcano God of CRT.  

When we focus on what we feel to be true, instead of on what really is true, how are we supposed to make viable decisions?

Note that white liberals don’t take the time to ask people of color what they feel to be true. Instead, white liberals tell minority groups what they are expected to feel, and what they are supposed to be offended by, and if members of minority groups disagree, those are the very first people cast into the volcano.

Too many school systems claim to be educating students, but they are not teaching students to read and write, or to do basic math. They are in fact not teaching students at all, but are instead indoctrinating students into the latest cult of the Volcano God.

We no longer have an educated public. What we have is a propagandized public, and it turns out that we are better at propagandizing our people than is North Korea. The only reason our nation is in better shape than North Korea is that we have not been doing it for as long. If we were honest we would call what we have a system of de-education, where students know less after going through it than they would know had they not received any formal education at all.

And those who do receive an actual education? They become the subject of FBI investigations.

De-educating the public, incidentally, fits in well with totalitarian ideologies. In a free society where the people have the power, you need an educated public to make good decisions about running the country. In a totalitarian system, the masses need only know enough to do as they are told.

And they are being told to worship the Volcano God.


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2 years ago

This essay gets an A+ in my book!

Marcel Matte
Marcel Matte
2 years ago

Informative and instructive……thanks Wallace!

Last edited 2 years ago by Marcel Matte
j. bell
j. bell
2 years ago

Garneau states that “the volcano does not care whether or not virgins are sacrificed into it”. He sees volcanoes as things, physical accidents of nature. On the contrary, me and a few preacher friends of mine, think that volcanoes and earthquakes ‘care’, are sensitive, to any imbalances in nature close to it.  God may use them to purvey His judgment, give witness to His dissatisfaction with mankind,
When Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai underwater volcano erupted around January 15 this year, “tsunami spread rapidly across the Pacific”, “a massive atmospheric shockwave travelling at about 300m (1,000ft) per second”, more massive than any recent eruptions.   This volcano was sensitive to a crack in the Earth’s mantel, where the Pacific plate slides underneath the Australian plate. So sensitive it let the molten lava/magma trapped in the Earth, flow to the surface of the Earth, more powerful than many atom bombs (CNN), showing greater sensitivity to an crack in the earth, than the sensitivity of a mother waiting to give birth to twins.  Yes, volcanoes ‘care’ about the checks and balances that God has put into nature. And if those checks and balances are unequal or exceeded, that volcano will erupt.

And if CRT is anything like a volcano, as Garneau seems to claim, then like a sensitive mother awaiting birth, everyone should want to participate in the birthing of a ‘Godly’ CRT. Not not a ‘spiraling death’ CRT, as Garneau claims. Everyone should want to avoid that January 6 ‘lynch mob’ mentality regarding CRT, making historically inflammatory statements like, ‘we all know what the truth is’.   This is not 1935.  Footnoteing articles with sources may help.

Are there ungodly types of CRT that should be negated, aborted before birth. Of course. But only a King Herod would kill all of the new borns, without first seeking out what each’s potential and Godly calling is. And Garneau is no King Herod.  Maybe Garneau can critique The National Association of School Psychologists, Social Justice platform, “Talking About Race and Privilege Lesson Plan for Middle and High School Students”, which talks about historical White ‘privileges’. Maybe Garneau can  write a short history of White entitlements in America. This is were CRT should begin. 

A better history of CRT is the article, ‘Twenty Years of Critical Race Theory: Looking back to Move Forward Commentary: Critical Race Theory: A Commemoration: Lead Article’, by Kimberle Williams Crenshaw. 

When Jesus told the winds and waves ‘peace be still’, He was talking to all volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.  Earth is not our eternal home. We must all stand before the judgement seat of God. Before 1965,  many Whites didn’t know where they stood on integration, but today,  I must say, most  haven’t moved very far from their 1965 stance.  Whether faced with erupting volcanoes or CRT, make sure you are on God’s side of history, ‘the righteousness which is of Faith’. All it takes to appease any volcano (any obstacle in life) is one unblemished lamb (one virgin), and that happened at Calvary. 

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