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April 22, 2024





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Nursing schools around the country continue ⏤ two and a half years later ⏤ to violate basic ethical principles and evidence-based practice in the name of COVID. The so-called vaccine has failed at preventing sickness and transmission since it was first introduced. To continue to repeat that this injection is “safe and effective” and to mandate and encourage the population to participate is downright evil.

There are approximately 42 million people aged 1524 in the USA. From January 1, 2020, thru October 12, 2022, there have been 2,826 that have passed away with a positive COVID result. The odds of someone this age passing away from COVID is 0.00007 percent. No statistical chance of dying! Nursing schools and nurse educators must be held accountable for perpetrating this false narrative and violating ethics.

Today on America Out Loud PULSE with host Jodi O’Malley MSN RN, veteran nurse Michelle of 34 years, and new nurse Kamaleilani (Kami) Moreno, provide an in-depth nurse news analysis discussing Florida surgeon general Joseph Lapido and his state recommendation on the vaccines, and the impact of mandates on nursing students around the country. They’ll focus on the sudden death of 20-year-old nursing student Regan Lewis who received the vaccine and the next day went into cardiac arrest and subsequently passed away, contrasting that tragic story with a recent successful lawsuit of two nursing students in Arizona against their nursing school vaccine mandates. 

To understand the extreme pressure a nursing student faces to comply with the vaccine mandate, it is essential to understand the process for acceptance into nursing school. A prospective nursing student spends approximately two years completing the prerequisites to be eligible to apply for nursing school, coupled with the average two years waitlist to begin the program. It is no wonder a nurse would be pressured to comply with the useless vaccine mandate to stay in. In 2018, 75,000 qualified applicants were turned away due to faculty shortage, which still plagues the profession.  

Nursing school is notoriously difficult and requires more dedication than many other careers. Along with the time spent in class weekly, a student is required to write scholarly evidenced based practice papers, and learn/perform new skills (i.e., IV placement, urinary catheter placement, etc.) in the skills labs where their instructor checks them off prior to their 12-hour weekly clinical rotations and capstone projects. The aforementioned are not weighted on their grade as heavy as the tests are, so while a nursing student may excel in all those areas, they are always one test away from failing out of the program. If this happens, the student nurse must start over at the beginning. 

34-year veteran Nurse Michele married 35 years and homeschool mom to six, patient advocate, and founder of They were educating people around the world to know how to treat COVID at home. Empowering and teaching individuals to understand how to be the best nurse they can be for their families through a pandemic while providing resources and insight from brave doctors around the world. Exposing existing and new science to help resist, interpret and confront the tyrannical mandates impacting our society. 


Medical consultant – Speak Truth Without Fear – Connecting the most influential freedom thinkers together to discuss the most controversial breaking events happening in our culture today,

New nurse Kamaleilani (Kami) Moreno, an Arizona Native American-Navajo tribe and Native Hawaiian; mother, and wife, is a proud Christian and advocate for Medical freedom. Their lawsuit against Maricopa Community College was the 1st CASE IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. TO GET GRANTED AN INJUNCTION DUE TO RELIGIOUS REASONS. Their case was referenced seven times in Federal Court, three times in city/state court, and one time in Appellate court. There is a Yale Law Review Journal Article about it as well.

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