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June 18, 2024





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Conspiracy theorists and patriots fighting good and evil are having a celebratory field day over the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones that occurred in the early morning at 4:00 am on July 6, 2022, in the community of Elberton, Georgia.

Many within the community experienced the sounds and vibrations of what felt and sounded like a bomb, yet many believe this was a direct energy weapon hit.

Taken from video shows damage to the Georgia Guidestones monument near Elberton, Ga. on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, WSB-TV via AP, Georgia Guidestones damaged by explosion:

The Northern Judicial Circuit District Attorney says the person who bombed the Georgia Guidestones will face a minimum of 20 years in prison. Authorities already have several leads. “Most charges dropped for ANTIFA, BLM radicals who destroyed historical statues and monuments of our nation’s founders but 20 years in prison for the person who destroyed the Globalist Georgia Guidestones? Unequal justice under law. We are being governed by left-wing tyrants.” ~ General Tom McInerney.

Erected on March 22, 1980, the well-known landmark was now partially destroyed by what some claim was an explosive device as one of the four panels of the 42-year-old monument had been blown off; law enforcement and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations have been on the scene gathering evidence.

The Guidestones did have police cameras monitoring the site as incidents of vandalism frequented it through the years.

Construction crews were on-site to dismantle the remnants of the monument while many questions surrounded the mystery of the parties behind the construction and its destruction.

The word on the street and on social media mentioned it was reminiscent of taking down the Berlin Wall and questioning the contents of the supposed time capsule buried underneath the ground?

The Georgia Guidestones were ominous in their presence and in the message, standing 19 feet, 3 inches; weighing 237,746 lbs; its coordinates were 34 degrees 13’55 N 82-degree 53’40″W.

One of the stipulations by R.C. Christian for the construction of the monument was to have a hole drilled in the center column leaving the North Star visible, as he had an obsession with the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars.

Anonymously erected and Inscribed into the granite were the New World Order’s ten commandments in twelve different languages, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese, as well as four ancient languages, Classical Greek, Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, and Sanskrit.

Much controversy and mystery stir today as it did when in June 1979, an articulate stranger identifying himself by a pseudonym name, R.C. Christian, not his real name; paid a visit to the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and stated he wanted to construct the stones to transmit the following message to mankind.

R.C. Christian claims he represented a group of men who wanted to offer direction to humanity through these ten commandments etched in granite stone. The names of the men and their group lived on as a great mystery for over four decades but are believed to be of the Rosicrucian fraternity.

When the Georgia Guidestones completed construction and were placed upon one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia, for all to see.

The Message of the Georgia Guidestones read like a New World Order version of the 10 Commandments; They speak of Governance and the establishment of a world government; Population and reproduction control; Environment and man’s relationship to nature and spirituality.

Most Americans have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones’ message to humanity.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely- improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion- faith- tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

It is believed that the Georgia Guidestones were the workings of the New World Order as some version of a warning. They communicate through various messages and symbols, putting them in front of the masses, only it is up to the masses to decipher the cryptic messages.

It was also discovered through the Elberton Library that R.C. Christian had written a book speaking about a commissioned monument in recognition of Thomas Paine and the occult philosophy. Allegedly, the Georgia Guidestones were used for occult ceremonies and mystic celebrations.

We are reminded of the book Thomas Paine wrote, “The Age of Reason,” as it intended to destroy the Judeo-Christian beliefs upon which the USA Republic was founded.

There are numerous issues wrong with these ominous messages, the first one eliminating nine-tenths of the world’s population to only 500 million people.

The Guidestones’ reference to establishing a world court foreshadows the current move to create an International Criminal Court and a world government.

The Guidestones’ references to preserving nature through Sustainable Development, an environmental movement of the 1990s, and references to seeking harmony with the infinite reflect the current effort to replace Judeo-Christian beliefs with a new spirituality. Sustainable Development is a substitute term for Socialism.

These covert groups behind the Georgia Guidestones are believed to be dark spiritual forces.

Some of the social media comments mentioned during the Georgia Guidestones demolition site:

– ” I pray this is symbolic of the taking down of evil.”
– ” To watch the dismantling of the Georgia Guidestones was better than the 4th of July, very exhilarating and incredible.”
– ” Why on earth would we want something like the Georgia Guidestones to sit on our precious land.”
– ” I’m not quite following the significance of these stones but know most people are happy beyond belief they are being torn down.”
– ” It all happened on July 6, George W. Bush’s birthday.”
– ” What other satanic monuments will be next?

Whether the interpretation of the Guidestones was to be a key to the future of humanity, the stones echoed a philosophical call to genocide on a massive scale. Whether created for good or evil, the truth is now buried among the rubble; its fate and destiny are now sealed forever in history.


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