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July 23, 2024





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The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), in conjunction with a company called Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), is creating a new kind of company called the Natural Asset Company, as described below (from the NYSE website at Natural Asset Companies (NACs) | NYSE).

To address the large and complex challenges of climate change and the transition to a more sustainable economy, NYSE and Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) are pioneering a new class of listed company based on nature and the benefits that nature provides (termed ecosystem services). NACs will capture the intrinsic and productive value of nature and provide a store of value based on the vital assets that underpin our entire economy and make life on earth possible. Examples of natural assets that could benefit from the NAC structure include natural landscapes such as forests, wetlands and coral reefs, as well as working lands such as farms.

The economics of NACs are not described in any detail on the NYSE website nor on the website of their partner, IEG (linked through the NYSE website), but what is described is how, according to a proprietary formula developed by IEG, “Natural assets produce an estimated $125 trillion annually in global ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and clean water.”

IEG does not divulge how it got the sum of $125 trillion annually generated by mother nature, but it is interesting to note that world GDP is $100 trillion a year, which is 25% less than what mother nature ‘produces’ even with mankind reducing mother nature’s ‘throughput’ whenever we make the goods and services we need to survive.

The implication here is that if we include everything mother nature does as ‘products,’ the total global output would be much higher than it is today, and more importantly, the implication is that if human beings did not exist, such production would be even higher.

In other words, human beings are a net drain on global output.

IEG, in conjunction with the NYSE, has a plan to help us ‘invest’ in reducing our impact, shrinking our economy as much as possible, and calling that ‘economic growth’ rather than an economic collapse.

By IEG’s ‘math,’ the United States has a GDP of $27 trillion, whereas mother nature within our borders has a productive capacity of $33.75 trillion. Between mother nature and mankind, the US economy is, according to IEG, really around $60.75 trillion.

By IEG’s math, each trillion dollars we reduce our GDP, in turn, increases what mother nature ‘produces’ by $1.25 trillion.

If we take IEG’s ‘math’ to its logical conclusion, reducing US GDP to zero would increase mother nature’s ‘productive capacity’ by $33.75 trillion a year, bringing mother nature’s ‘production’ to $67.5 trillion a year.

The ‘human cost’ of our activity is, then, around $7 trillion a year.

If you want to know how NACs will earn a ‘profit,’ here is the kicker – we are going to be forced to fork over $7 trillion dollars to them every year for the ‘benefit’ of preventing us from making productive use of land.

I hope you just said, “Holy Crap,” which is a PG-13 version of what I said when I first put all the dots together.

And note that my sources are the very websites of the groups I’m accusing. They are not only doing all of this but are doing it right out in the open, completely secure in the belief that ‘we the people’ are either too stupid or too lazy to care.

One of the things I’ve learned in the age of COVID-19 is that it is much harder to sell an idea that is only a little bit bad than it is to sell an idea that is absolutely horrific. When something is just a little bit bad, it is easy to question the intentions of the person suggesting it, but when something is absolutely horrific, the public seems to assume that nobody would dare suggest it without a perfectly good reason.

The reason, of course, is ‘climate change.’

As money invariably shifts from the productive parts of our economy into NACs, our economy will decline, and our lifestyles will decline along with it, and should the Biden SEC sign off on this (which they will), it starts happening this year whether we like it or not.

What NACs will do is take investment funds and use those funds to buy land. In addition to that, the United States Government is going to give NACs control of 50% of all federal lands and control over 5% of all private lands (how the government will acquire that 5% is not mentioned). All of this will happen right out of the gate. The NACs will then borrow against the net present value of the ‘global ecosystem services’ mother nature ‘produces’ on the land they control, to borrow against to buy even more land. This will give NACs even more borrowing potential, allowing them to buy even MORE land, and so on.

Given that the ‘value’ assigned to land once returned to its natural state is 25% greater than the value of that land when utilized for productive purposes, NACs will eventually own all of the land in all participating countries other than what the government specifically sets aside for humans.

And since the government will act as the landlord of everything, it will be very easy for the government to control us, leaving absolutely no room for freedom.

If all of this sounds unconstitutional, it would be except for one thing – the only direct government involvement is through the Inter-American Development Bank (one of the primary investors in IEG), which is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) set up by the US Treasury Department. The US Government will thus control this system, but it will technically be in private hands. The United States Constitution does not protect us from private organizations.

Neither the NYSE website nor the IEG website explain in any real detail how NACs will generate revenues, but the answer to that is clear: NACs are going to charge us for the damage we supposedly do to their holdings whenever and wherever land is used for productive purposes, with the goal of reducing the amount of land used for human purposes to as small of an amount as humanly possible.

This is the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

You may have heard of the 2030 Agenda. It’s the biggest and most crack-pot conspiracy theory on the planet, except that it is not a theory at all. The United Nations is very open about this agenda: here is the link to the United Nations’ website on it:

Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development | Department of Economic and Social Affairs (

The UN 2030 Agenda website is filled with nice-sounding platitudes about ending poverty and providing for universal human rights, but then it says things like the following:

29. We commit to making fundamental changes in the way that our societies produce and consume goods and services. Governments, international organizations, the business sector and other non-state actors and individuals must contribute to changing unsustainable consumption and production patterns, including through the mobilization, from all sources, of financial and technical assistance to strengthen developing countries’ scientific, technological and innovative capacities to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. We encourage the implementation of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. All countries take action, with developed countries taking the lead, taking into account the development and capabilities of developing countries.

Boom! It’s a communist world.

30. We recognize the positive contribution of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development. We also recognize that international migration is a multi-dimensional reality of major relevance for the development of countries of origin, transit and destination, which requires coherent and comprehensive responses. We will cooperate internationally to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration involving full respect for human rights and the humane treatment of migrants regardless of migration status, of refugees and of displaced persons. Such cooperation should also strengthen the resilience of communities hosting refugees, particularly in developing countries.

Boom! Open borders.

33. We recognise that social and economic development depends on the sustainable management of our planet’s natural resources. We are therefore determined to conserve and sustainably use oceans and seas, freshwater resources, as well as forests, mountains and drylands and to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife. We are also determined to promote sustainable tourism, tackle water scarcity and water pollution, to strengthen cooperation on desertification, dust storms, land degradation and drought and to promote resilience and disaster risk reduction. In this regard, we look forward to COP13 of the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Mexico in 2016.

Boom! Totalitarian land management.

34. We recognize that sustainable urban development and management are crucial to the quality of life of our people. We will work with local authorities and communities to renew and plan our cities and human settlements so as to foster community cohesion and personal security and to stimulate innovation and employment. We will reduce the negative impacts of urban activities and of chemicals which are hazardous for human health and the environment, including through the environmentally sound management and safe use of chemicals, the reduction and recycling of waste and more efficient use of water and energy. And we will work to minimize the impact of cities on the global climate system. We will also take account of population trends and projections in our national, rural and urban development strategies and policies. We look forward to the upcoming United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador.

Boom! There will be no private property, and the government will relocate you to wherever the government thinks you should live in whatever housing of whatever size the government decides you need (if you dig in further, you’ll find out that a family gets 450 square feet in a 15-minute walkable community you’ll need permission to leave).

Once you get to the bad parts, the hits just keep coming. I only listed sections of the preamble (called ‘The New Agenda’ on the website). The website goes on and on about how it will be implemented, the specifics of each goal, and so on and so on. It actually gets worse rather than better as you read more…

I have not previously paid much attention to Agenda 2030 as it seemed like a far-fetched plan from the United Nations that could never be implemented in the United States.

Now, thanks to our friends at the NYSE and IEG, we’re implementing it, and by implementing it through ‘Non-Government Organizations,’ it’s strictly private, which means we are not protected by the Constitution.

Image: UN


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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
6 months ago

While the Constitution is supposed to protect us from malfeasance of Congress, this body is also supposed to protect us from both public and private malfeasance by following especially the Bill of Rights. And I think we all know that the U.S. isn’t being controlled by the Constitution but by the unelected federal bureaucracy.

If the private sector is injured, we are to rise up and throw the bastards out, which we have the opportunity to do this November. I realize that is easier said than done, but making excuses is the coward’s way to avoid responsibility.

Are you volunteering as vote count observers? Did you run for county commissioners to help find superior candidates in your state and county to run for public office? There will be drop boxes put out by mostly Democrat County Registrars. When the mail-in ballots are mailed out for your state’s primary, and later when the final ballots are mailed out for the November election, will you agree to volunteer to gather other concerned Republicans to monitor each drop box in your county 24/7 to catch Democrat operatives stuffing these drop boxes as some witnesses got film of in 2022 and 2020? This is especially important in Swing States where most of the 2020 vote fraud took place. Families could do this as a project.

6 months ago

Another brick in the wall of the WEF and their corporations to own it all and you will own nothing and be happy.

I think you have until 1/15 to comment on this very bad idea on the SEC’s website here:

The ARicko
The ARicko
6 months ago

Holy sh:][! That’s my response. Emergency action by the weak GOP along with Libertarians and reasonable independents must band together with the libs who are warming to DT… to elect sanity and stop this nation’s participation in the WHO WEF plan to cull the human race. Will Nadler and AOC be exempt from genocide?!!!

Laura Ann
Laura Ann
Reply to  The ARicko
6 months ago

Problem, majority of adults have embraced nihilism, I have known this for sometime. The churches/hierarchies/nat. assoc. are muzzled by the 501c3 and run as social centers with social justice sermons. we home church. Folks must leave these churches now and quit supporting apostates. Mainline churches have been infiltrated since 1954. I could go on and on incl publ. watered down Bible versions.

6 months ago

What difference does it make, if it’s a private entity? Once it infringes on our Constitutional rights, like private property, they should be squashed. You’re the king, change the law.

Reply to  Terri
6 months ago

This sounds like a scheme to screw us out of all our Rights, by the deep State. Naturally, Biden will be all in on this. We need Trump to win in 2024 and block this scheme from coming true. This is all based on Climate Change, which is a myth and a waste of time. Nothing but bad can come of this, for all of the Average Joes of the USA

Laura Ann
Laura Ann
6 months ago

Over 95 percent of adults in America and elsewhere know nothing about agenda 2030 and could care less about their family’s future and well being. Most are addicted to social media, sports and other trivial activities. I have quit talking to people because they lack critical thinking skills and stick only with likeminded since covid started. I had been informing for forty years and gave up when most joined the covid cult and got vaccinated. Since the constitution will not stop agenda 2030 there is no use trying to get others informed at this point. Younger generations will have a future of total control and extreme Marxism lifestyles. Younger people have been indoctrinated in gov. schools to be socialists and passive cowards, so they will fit in with Agenda 2030. This article is an eye opener knowing now there is no hope and only a tiny few are aware of agenda 2030 maybe less than three percent of adults.

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