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May 21, 2024





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Western bureaucracies have spewed to the public the belief that the administrative state safeguards liberal democracies. Good-willed and law-abiding citizens who have traditionally viewed the state as a rather benign, albeit necessary evil, have accepted this belief.

The state exists as a “social safety net,” we have been told for about eight decades now. That assertion began to turn sinister – indicative of things to come in democratic governments – after WWII, with the infiltration of Marxist fifth columnists into the governments of Western democracies.

Westerners have taken comfort in the mistaken idea that the state creates social/political cohesion and a high standard of living. In reality, the administrative state is a colossal bureaucratic machine that feeds itself by expanding infinitely, if left unchecked.

The high standards of living that Westerners have come to enjoy are the result, not of bloated government programs, rather the conscientious exercise of free will by individual persons. This means personal responsibility, creativity and ingenuity.

The Covid-19 authoritarian government mandates have drastically altered people’s trust in governmental institutions, thus creating permanent distrust and disdain for the administrative state.

Around the world, level-headed people of goodwill have given up on institutions like the CDC, federal, state and local governmental bodies, and the World Health Organization.

The reason for people’s loss of confidence in the administrative state is not because government health institutions have made mistakes – to accept that reason would be naïve and sophomoric – but because people know that they have been deliberately lied to through disinformation and blatant manipulation of data by Western governments.

Citizens of Western nations, today more than ever, perceive that governmental health institutions have been taken over by radicalized agents of totalitarianism. 

In the United States, the credibility of the CDC and other health bodies is astoundingly perverse. In effect, the CDC and its politicized mandates has become the stuff of running jokes. Yet the pain that Western bureaucracies have caused their citizens is impossible to quantify. The damage that has been done to the psyche of citizens of Western nations is irreparable.

The Covid-19 virus – the origin of which no nation has had the valor to uncover – has created a paradigm shift in the manner that Westerners view the state.  

The Covid-19 virus has been aggressively exploited by leftist politicians and bureaucrats for political gain.

Leftist globalism has created an ominous predicament for Western democracies. For one, the dictatorial and despotic way that the administrative state has turned citizens into enemies of the state will have permanent repercussions.

In addition, people have been hurt by the oppressive administrative state that has taken control of Western democracies in ways that the tyrannical elites who operate Western bureaucracies can never know. Or, do they?

Of greater consequence to the erosion of civil liberties will be the further autocratic actions that the administrative state will have to take in order to sustain its despotism. 

Was it merely a mistake of the leftist elites who operate the administrative state in Western democracies with impunity to lockdown cities, force its citizens into becoming vaccinated with a highly suspect experimental drug, force millions of people from their jobs and destroy the economy of Western nations? Admission of such alleged mistakes will be an easy way out for the people responsible for the corruption of Western democracies.

A sincere look at leftism’s infatuation with power and garnering of local and international crises for political gain will uncover ominous surprises in store for the citizens of Western democracies.

Communist China’s stranglehold on Western democracies is the result of virulent collusion between the Chinese Communist Party and globalist corporations that have been rutted from the inside. This is a process that has been decades in the making, and which proves why globalist woke corporations have turned against the hand that feeds them: the free citizens of Western democracies.

The unprecedented social/political power that the left has attained during the Covid-19 criminal fiasco makes thoughtful, yet realist people ask: Why would globalist leftists willingly relinquish their newly attained power, especially when Marxism embraces the notion that the end justifies the means?

The globalist leftist administrative state can only continue to cover its despotic tracks through further collusion with Communist China and the continued abuse of power.

The global administrative state that has gained control of Western democracies in the last two years, and that has now removed its communist mask, will try to convince the unsuspecting and other useful idiots that Western democracies can no longer be sustained by the exercise of free will of its citizens.

Leftism has been devilish effective in conditioning the citizens of Western democracies to willingly accept their own demise. 

Looking to the future, the burden of the world’s problems will be leveled on free will. This will signal the ultimate union of the despotic administrative state in Western nations with Chinese communist corporatism under its new name – one-world government oligarchy – a communist administrative state that is to be operated by the self-entitled 1% elite. 


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2 years ago

All written about long ago… no one reads their bible.

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