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May 28, 2024





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A political circus recently arrived in lower Manhattan under the ruse of a criminal trial for an accounting error. The show is replete with a ring leader, Judge Juan Merchan, and a cast of clowns, DA Alvin Bragg and his team of prosecutors accompanied by the liberal media.

What a sight to behold an activist judge and biased propaganda media converging under one umbrella to put on a legal show. A show designed to stop one man, former president Donald John Trump, from becoming president and saving America.

These clowns intend to rig the trial with biased jurors who hate Trump and will find him Trump guilty of a made-up crime that Bragg elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony.

By finding Trump guilty, they hope Merchan will throw the book at him and sentence him to jail. This will deny the American voter the right to vote for the person they want to be president and force them to settle with Joe Biden.

This clown show circus is expected to last for six weeks. During this time, a cast of unbelievable characters will step on center stage to entertain the masses with their sordid tales about Trump.

As if the ring leader judge hadn’t entertained us enough with his actions, one act we are all waiting to see is from Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, better known by her adult entertainment name Stormy Daniels. Oh, the stories the media want her to tell when she takes the stand to testify against Trump. The media will be right there to narrate it all—the good, the bad, and the explicit.

The media claims Stormy to be an upstanding citizen. By day, she is proper and prim, but the window shades aren’t the only thing falling at night.

Then there’s the star witness for the prosecution, Michael Cohen. He was a longtime ally of the former president. Well, that was up until Trump won the White House, and Cohen was left behind in New York. Cohen’s feelings were hurt, and as a result, he concocted a web of lies that Trump was a mean man.

Cohen has been labeled a “serial perjurer” by a federal judge who sentenced him to prison for lying to Congress about Trump on more than one occasion. Yet, he managed to be a star witness for this circus’ prosecution.

As NYC braces itself for this six-week circus, compliments of Biden’s DOJ, Biden is on the campaign trail doing what he does best: fumbling and mumbling.

Heather Robinson, co-host of After Dark, gives her thoughts on the circus in NYC. She also weighs in on the Israeli/Hamas and Iran’s attack on Israel with 300 drones. While Robinson said she hopes the conflict doesn’t lead to a protracted war, Israel has the right to protect itself.

Heather Robinson is a New York-based freelance journalist who regularly contributes to The New York Post, Jewish News Syndicate, the US Spectator, and other publications. She has appeared as a pundit on “CNN with Anderson Cooper” and Fox News’s “Geraldo At Large,” discussing human rights, popular culture, and the Mideast. She has also worked as a college writing instructor at New York University and Touro College in Brooklyn.

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