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May 20, 2024





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Americans are well past being fed up with all the racial divide efforts that are underway by the Democrats and Obamunists. An effort to divide us that has been underway now since 2009 when all those white racists elected a black man to our highest political office in the land, and then re-electing him four years later.

The truth is that most Americans long ago discarded any vestiges of our nation’s racist past. They just don’t care about skin color anymore. Dr. King’s hope for a color-blind society has long been achieved, where the content of one’s character is how people are judged. The only real racists in this country anymore are the Democrats. Democrats who continue to promote the lie of low abilities and low achievement in the black community.

Are there still individuals who are racists? Absolutely, always have been and always will be. Not everyone can be reached. But their numbers are so insignificant as to not matter anymore. They are recognized for what they are, shunned by all, and of no real consequence. And the few that still exist can be found within every ethnic group. Contrary to what some people try to promote, racism isn’t an exclusively white people’s problem nowadays.

But the bottom line is that America is NOT a racist country, and perpetuating that lie only creates a bigger divide in our country that had nearly been closed until Barack Hussein Obama came along.

Barack Obama and his senior advisors were determined to reawaken the racial divide, exploit it, and politically capitalize on it as they pursued his “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.

#44 Former President Barack Obama

I recall vividly in 2008 hearing Barack Obama call America “the greatest country on earth,” as he then called for its’ “fundamental transformation.” That has always struck me as a curious statement. If America was “the greatest country on Earth,” why in heaven’s name would it need to be “fundamentally transformed”? Transformed into what? Only Barack Obama can answer that. But considering his communist upbringing, I have my suspicions.

Indeed Barack Obama has been the most divisive political figure in American politics in the modern era. But he’s certainly not alone in his efforts to sow racial division in this country. Democrats have long used racial division as a tactic to try to maintain their grasp on power. And unfortunately, it continues to work, which is why they keep going back to the well, so to speak.

Sadly far too many minorities continue to fall for the lies perpetrated by the Democrats, the empty promises that they constantly spew, especially during election years. For decades Democrats have promised minorities prosperity and an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream.

Yet Democrats do little to actually help minorities achieve the American dream. Why? Because once a minority achieves their dreams they very often recognize that the Democrats had nothing to do with it. It was Republican policies that opened the doors for them to prosper.

Democrats can’t have that; it would cost them votes. Better to keep minorities captive in the bondage of low expectations and limited opportunities. With nothing to really offer, the Democrats’ only option that they can see is to create racial strife in the country.

Fortunately, more and more minorities are now starting to see through the Democrat lies of “systemic racism.” And that scares the living crap out of Democrats.


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