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April 24, 2024





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While tens of millions of Americans were in lockdown due to the virus, many have gone into deep reflection regarding the status of their lifestyle breakdowns due to political bureaucrats and economic thievery.
Threatening our security with the uncertainty of this out of the blue tragedy, but in reality, it was a strange kind of breakthrough allowing people to spend more time with their families and getting in touch with their thought processes. This reality check inspired and questioned many of us to hunger for a more harmonic and quality filled future.
Many conversations of relocation were hot topics, call it coincidence, but the six states first to re-open from the COVID-19 virus, are also among those most favorable to keep real estate agents busy, these states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, all to open on or before April 30th.
What a wild ride the year of 2020 has been already. A year of transparency and clarity, the emergence of truths and all the players involved. Like it or not, the entire planet is in this quarantine and internal transformation process together.
Alabama’s Gov. Kay Ivey is giving the green light for business back to normal on May 1, with restaurants, and small retailers and businesses who will operate putting the new protective guidelines in place.
Florida’s Gov Ron DeSantis recently opened the state’s beaches on April 17, but with the clause of social distancing, and is now opening his state’s businesses under the same procedures as Alabama. DeSantis stated “Florida is due to get 100,000 additional rapid coronavirus tests this week”.
Georgia is the earliest state to reopen its businesses due to favorable date & testing as Gov. Brian Kemp stated by Friday, April 24th, under the direction of basic operations for bowling alleys, fitness centers, gyms, hair and nail salons, barbers, massage therapists, estheticians and training schools, body art studios. The conditions will fall under the “Minimum Basic Operations which includes, but not limited to, screening workers for fever and respiratory illness, enhancing workplace sanitation, wearing masks & gloves if appropriate, separating workspaces by six feet, teleworking if possible & implementing staggered shifts,” Kemp tweeted.
Gov Kemp stated that on April 27th, he would allow under the social distancing and sanitation mandates, the re-opening of private and social clubs, movie theaters, restaurants with dine-in-services, however, he noted that nightclubs, bars, live performance venues, and amusement park rides will remain closed. The shelter in place mandate for most Georgians is set to expire on April 30th.
Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Lee had one month under his belt with the passing of the tornado when COVID 19 struck. He has had his hands full, but with the help of his people has overcome many obstacles. Gov. Lee expressed he desire to re-open some businesses around the state by next week, he has not made clear which businesses as of yet, but states his stay at home order will not extend past April 30th. He also would like to start testing citizens before they enter back to work.
Days ago the great state of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced state parks would reopen for day use only and on April 20th he would re-open “retail to go” by April 24th, following the guidelines of nationally recognized medical experts and private and public leadership on safety. The Texas Gov added, “The Lone Star State has shown that we can continue our efforts to contain #COVID 19 while also adopting safe standards that will allow us to begin to open Texas to overcome this pandemic.”

The Governors of all six states are Republicans and seem to have the best interests of their citizens at heart as well as their support of President Trump, however, there are some qualms surrounding the Gov. of South Carolina, Henry McMaster.

South Carolina’s Gov Henry McMaster allowed the discretionary measures of its beach access to local citizens followed by astringent social distancing measures, he states his shelter in place order will expire on April 27th and is allowing some retailers to resume business.
In an interview with a SC conservative Attorney who is very invested within their community, it’s reported that “this once very conservative state has been globalized by liberals who have over run it, dictating and disregarding the Constitution, he has failed to take into consideration the law of unintended consequences and devastation to SC economy, education and social well being, and he is high on power and swayed by others using the narrative of, he has to ‘protect the health of all South Carolinians.’
The governors overreach is unacceptable, since we shut down the legislature doesn’t have assembly until after June (they apparently can’t do zoom meetings like the rest of us had to) and the Federal Courts have continued all civil and criminal jury trials until after July 5th with the state courts only operating in a limited capacity and have not re-opened for hearings. Basically all branches of government are at a standstill, making decisions that are placing public health above the SC constitution. In fact, the legislature when voting to give out DHEC, 45 million dollars voted to table the defense of the S.C. Constitution, while our hospitals are going to the legislature asking for 100 million dollars to cover losses for not having businesses in the hospital. The taxpayers cannot afford this debt and the inability to swifly get back to work.
We really thought we would have a swift inspirational reopening of South Carolina, however, the weak governor continues to try to please the left and is forsaking his base and is forsaking his common sense. I pray the Lord gives this man some wisdom and some backbone to stand up for what is right and reopen the state.
Georgia’s governor is opening up much of his state and they had 818 deaths attributed to the COVID-19 virus and SC has 135 deaths. We expected our governor in SC to act more like South Dakota, Georgia, Texas or Florida, instead Henry McMasters is holding on to his power and random executive orders promising to add new orders next week. The arbitrary and nanny state of the manner in which he has held the press conferences and is leading SC back to business is what one would expect from a nanny state governor. He is doing things that are confusing and getting conflicting Attorney General opinions, causing chaos in the Palmetto State and within the counties, pubic beaches and public parks.
On Monday in a press conference, Governor Henry McMaster did something sneaky – he set up a 29 person voluntary commission made up of businessmen and representatives of state agencies to review all areas of business in SC., none are experts, just business people, agency reps and lawyers. None are elected. My understanding is that now he has appointed this group he wants them to meet for 30 days and then “report” to him what their findings are concerning business in SC. My friends this is not what Henry was elected to do – delegate his job to unelected volunteer boards – this will prolong getting free markets back on track and will create more “red tape” and arbitrary regulation! Stand against this overreach! Go To the Statehouse on Friday, April 24 at 11:30. Gervais Street Columbia, SC.”

As resilient Americans we will progress forward and heal from this attack on our health, economy and constitutional rights.

All eyes will be open wide monitoring any and all state representatives and their agendas. We the people will hold them accountable for any rogue activities or slick coups and the militia groups are standing by.
No matter what state we decide to call home, I think it’s fair to say we’ve had a crash course on learning who in government works for “we the people” and who works against us, what elite individuals are connected to rogue enterprises and foreign countries while plotting and pushing agenda 21/30 against the masses. Most of all, we’ve witnessed the American patriots spirit is strong, unwavering and the most powerful force against tyranny.
“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
― Ronald Reagan


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