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June 19, 2024





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In an impressive display of state power, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made it clear that Texas is “doing everything we can to prevent illegal entry into our country.” He just backed up those words by vowing to sign into law Senate Bill (SB) 4 that makes illegal border crossings into Texas a state crime.

SB4 authorizes every law enforcement officer in Texas to arrest and detain illegal invaders and send them back to Mexico. Abbott’s interview with Maria Bartiromo was bold and displayed true leadership.

The law declares illegal entry a Class B misdemeanor (up to six months in jail) for a first offense. Repeat offenders would be slapped with a second-degree felony (two to twenty years of prison time). A judge is allowed to drop charges for migrants who agree to return to Mexico. The bill does allow safe harbor in public schools, places of worship, and health care facilities, but not on college/university campuses.

While Gov. Abbott has often been criticized on conservative issues and his seeming half-hearted attempts to secure the border, his recent efforts cannot be ignored. He has done more than any other governor on border security, fighting a rogue federal government all the way. Texas Senate Bill 3 provides funding for state troopers to police a large housing development near Houston called Colony Ridge, a complex labeled “a magnet” for incoming illegal invaders.

Abbott also has maintained the 1000 feet of river buoys at Eagle Pass that was deployed in June. He strongly opposed a 100-plus-year-old law that declares the Rio Grande a “navigable waterway.”

How can a shallow river that thousands of people cross daily on foot be navigable? But that’s the argument the Biden administration is using to keep the Texas border wide open. The feds also have cut razor wire that Gov. Abbott installed along the border, as well as reinforcing it with National Guard troops to prevent illegal entry.

The 1200 miles of the Texas-Mexico border make security a monumental challenge. But Abbott has risen to the task. As he points out, “We either have built or have under construction more border wall than what the Trump administration was able to put up.” But Texas can’t do it alone. A whopping 2.8 million criminal invaders have been met by border patrol personnel in 2023. This doesn’t take into account all those who evaded detection.

The border also is a massive crime scene: drugs, rape, murder, theft, child trafficking; you name it, it’s all there. And it’s all sponsored by our Globalist federal government.

If the power of the states has any substance at all, then Texas laws should set a precedent for other border states and for every other state in the union. But with Communist-minded governors like Katie Hobbs in Arizona (a criminal imposter) and Gavin Newsom in California, our border will remain fully open indefinitely. This is a problem that we all must confront. Communism simply doesn’t work in a free republic.

But will our freedom soon end? It all depends.

If every state got serious about enacting laws to defend their constitutional rights in the manner of Gov. Abbott, we might actually have a chance at preserving our sweet land of liberty. If we fold our arms and do nothing, we’ll soon become a sour land of slavery ⏤ much thanks to Gov. Greg Abbott for leading by example. Politicians take note!


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