Taking Back Control of Your Life: Week 2 Food Allergies – Don’t Guess When You Can Know!

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99% of Americans have delayed food allergies…98% don’t even know it.

The Difference Between Immediate Food Allergies & Delayed Food Allergies

  • Your cellular immune system is very simple. Immune cells constantly look at the things floating around under your skin and ask one question. Is this ‘Self’ or ‘Not Self’?
  • If it’s ‘Self’ or ’Can Help Self’ – Immune cells leave it alone
  • If it’s ‘Not Self’ or ‘Can Hurt Self’ – Immune cells attack and attempt to destroy it
  • B-Cells attack ‘Not Self’ or ‘Can Hurt Self’ using antibodies
  • The allergic attack can be immediate using IgE Antibodies
  • The allergic attack can be delayed using IgG Antibodies
  • The allergic attack can be both immediate and then delayed as well

Every Friday, in the months of Sept and Oct, Dr. Henry Ealy and Malcolm will provide you with the steps and process of Taking Back Control of Your Life on The Voice of a Nation, 6 pm & 11 pm each Friday. Each episode can be found on podcast networks the following day. This special series is dedicated to assisting all of us in a post-COVID world. There are those who are struggling with Long COVID, people who have been impacted by vaccine injuries, and finally, those who want a healthy immune system after COVID.

Immediate Allergic Attacks Are Easy For People To Figure Out…

If a person is allergic to peanuts or shellfish, for example, the throat closes in seconds. 

But what about delayed allergic attacks?

Delayed allergic attacks show up in other ways…any food can cause an attack, and the problematic foods are unique for each person.

The delayed allergic attack can show up as chronic conditions like eczema, asthma, ear infections, fatigue, dark circle under the eyes, always getting sick, swollen tonsils, acid reflux, joint pain, migraines, appendicitis, and weird digestive pains & symptoms even though all testing looks normal.

Delayed allergic attacks typically start anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days after eating an offending food, and the symptoms can last for up to 56 days from the last time a person eats the offending food.

Imagine eating a food on Tuesday, but your Immune System didn’t start reacting to it until Thursday…would you be able to tell which food was causing the chronic health problems you’re experiencing?

That’s EXACTLY why it’s important not to guess when you can know.

  • Remember our teaching concept from Episode 1
  • What Your Body Needs Each Day

(1) Purification
(2) Movement
(3) Nourishment
(4) Rest

  • Eliminating All Delayed Food Allergies Helps ALL Four Categories Above

Fun Facts About Your Amazing Body

  • Mitochondria and Immune cells that help you purify your body, rely on proton pumps to be effective. Mitochondria are essential for energy production. Immune cells are essential for overall health by attacking ‘Not Self’ and ‘Can Hurt Self’ things like infections, cancer cells, and chemical pollution in your body.
  • Taking a Nexium, Protonix, Prevacid, or Prilosec is what’s known as a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).
  • So while you may be attempting to slow down acid reflux, what can also happen is the inhibition of proton pumps in Mitochondria and Immune Cells.
  • This means that when you take a PPI for heartburn, you could also be inhibiting energy production and weakening your immune system too. 
  • Remember, Acid Reflux is typically a result of delayed food allergies, or, more simply, eating a diet your immune system doesn’t like. That’s often the root cause.
  • Top 4 Most Common Delayed Food Allergens?
    • Dairy
    • Gluten
    • Eggs
    • Yeast

In This Episode:

Listen in to what the harmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know and reclaim your health & freedom in this simple step.

  • Three unique groups now (1) Vaxxed & Injured, (2) Long Haulers, (3) Unvaxxed
  • Evidence is overwhelming that the Vaxxed are suffering from immune system dysregulation and long haulers from severe nutrient deficiency
  • Even still, all 3 groups need to know whether or not the foods they are eating are helping or hurting them.
  • Are you dealing with something not related to COVID…well, you need to know which foods your immune system likes and which foods it doesn’t too.

Interested In Getting A Delayed Food Allergy Panel AND Having A Certified Holistic Nutritionist Develop A Personalized Dietary Plan Just For You?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle:

If you are injured? Not feeling great? Been diagnosed with a disease?

“Where there is space, there is movement…Where there is movement, there is energy…and where there is energy, disease cannot exist.” – Dr. H

Great Thoughts From This Episode:

In your own health history, how can you know where your body likely still needs a helping hand in order to fully recover and realize Energetic Health?

Finish the following thought.

“I haven’t felt good since…[you fill in the blank].”

This will point you back to when things started to go wrong healthwise and what natural medicine can help you overcome.

Listen to this episode for Malcolm’s story about an injury that changed his life.

Take 1 Step Forward This Week With Malcolm & Dr. H

In each episode, you’ll have the opportunity to do what Malcolm & Dr. H are doing each week so you can feel what Energetic Health can do for you. Always make sure you check in with a licensed and qualified healthcare professional before attempting anything we talk about on air. Safe & Smart is always the best approach to getting healthy.


  • Start Teaching Your Body To Poop As Soon As You Wake Up
  • When You Wake Up, Sit On The Pot & Give Yourself At Least 15 Minutes
  • Always Make Sure Your Knees Are Above Your Hips
  • If At First You Don’t Succeed…Do It Again Tomorrow
  • Your Body Will Figure It Out 


  • Commit to at least 5 days of exercise
  • The Key is to keep moving for at least 30 minutes after you begin to perspire
  • Cycling, Running, Walking, Yoga, Gym Workouts…all good 


  • Start taking a multivitamin every day to boost cellular energy production
  • Always take with food
  • Keep track of your moods and how you feel
  • Keep track of the color of your pee too 


  • Commit to a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night
  • Keep track of your moods and how you feel when you wake up


  • Get a head start on Intermittent Fasting
  • Go 16 consecutive hours with zero calories
  • Eat calories in an 8-hour window each day
  • Water & Unsweetened Herbal Tea are great while fasting
  • For example, if you finish eating at 8 pm on a Monday, then you wouldn’t eat again until 12noon on Tuesday. Then on Tuesday, you could eat calories from 12noon until 8 pm again
  • If you feel light-headed, drink more water
  • If you still feel light-headed, eat something even if it hasn’t been 16 hours 

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Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 after an extensive career in broadcasting and business marketing. He has been a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves bringing some of the world's leading newsmakers and informed discussions on the issues confronting our world and nation. For six years now, Malcolm has been a driving force behind America Out Loud's growth, including bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available today. America Out Loud provides an outlet for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analysis without the usual Progressive Globalist media spin.

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