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May 19, 2024





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I’m frankly a little bored since the Dark Ages of Medicine began. The focus of the masses seems only to be on staving off the latest mutant virus. (Or so they’d have us believe.) No more do we discuss new ways of improving lives through better technology, new medical treatments, and better ways of generating anything good for the human body or soul. Everything now focuses on keeping the Covid beast at bay. Covid this, Covid that. And, by golly, we need all the government bureaucrats to guide us through the jungle. This is the line we’re fed day after day.

The adventure of true science is now lost among the cobwebs. The propaganda is too obvious. Scientific conclusions are so ludicrous as to defy any and all hints of reality and common sense. Con science leaves no room for the imagination. The pure joy of new discovery is destroyed. The only amusement to be had is watching how many victims and insipid followers these dark “scientists” will claim. The best I can envision after reading new medical journal articles is a dunce cap resting squarely on the daft heads of each author, and on all who follow the new science of evil and stupidity. 

Which is the greater offense — evil or stupid? I can’t make up my mind. Take the article published in Biomedicine Taipei on September 1, 2022, titled, Covid-19 vaccines and the misinterpretation of perceived side effects clarity on the safety of vaccines. Its author, Raymond D. Palmer, isn’t exactly a nobody; he is the Chief Science Officer of Full Spectrum Biologics, an Australian fake biomedical firm. He claims to focus primarily on anti-aging quackery; only he calls it research. I found myself sympathetically embarrassed for this guy as I read his lame propaganda. Did he forget his audience might include honest doctors? Or did he just assume he’s in good company among the majority of physicians and scientists who have forsaken all sound medicine? This article ranks at the level of a C-minus high-school composition paper.

The saddest part of this story is that our taxpayer-financed National Institute of Health actually endorses and promotes the article on its website ( All who venerate good science should be outraged since we are forced to promote this nonsense through involuntary taxation without representation.

I’ll spare readers much agony by only quoting a single tell-all sentence from this pseudoscience proselyte. Palmer concludes in his abstract, “This paper does not aim to rule in or out every side effect seen, but it is highly likely that many apparent side effects seen shortly after a subject has received a vaccine could be the result of restricted or congested blood flow from blood vessels or arterial constriction caused by emotional distress or placebo based on fear around the vaccines.” Such a statement proves only one thing: idiocy is a self-inflicted wound. In other words, the author claims these infants, young children, and healthy young adults, along with all the rest, are so mindfully aware of the highly-censored fearmongers who cite scientific facts that the fear is killing them. This readily highlights the absurdity of such propaganda.

Now let’s focus on the evil. Gene technology has the potential to both cure cancer and cause cancer, to heal and to kill. Man decides how it’s used. Messenger-RNA or DNA gene “therapy” is itself a brave new world of technology that has been forced upon us. With a globalist regime in power abroad and within the U.S., we have witnessed the ruthless unleashing of a murderous ploy via gain-of-function research and bio-weaponry. Millions of humans have already been sentenced either to death or borderless torture chambers by the dark side of genetic engineering. The resultant population control is a highly desired outcome for the eugenics originators. The money paid for murder and mayhem is a double win, and it guarantees that such research will continue to put the brakes on cancer cures while simultaneously promoting future illness and death factories.

Killing entrepreneurship is enormously profitable. Ask any hematologist/oncologist who prescribes anti-cancer drugs that break the bank but virtually always fail to cure cancer. Ultimately, the unprecedented rise in cancer cases resulting from Covid-shot immunosuppression means billions of dollars for Pharma and its political/medical clientele. Such cozy bedfellows they are. In the end, death comes to all “benefactors,” but the booty justifies the carnage. “Isn’t this self-defeating?” you ask. Not at all. Porous borders promise a ready supply of living future corpses to fill the void. The future of synthetic biology is bright. For that reason, the message from the eugenics elites should be heeded: the next pandemic is surely on its way! But will vigilance matter? Observe how the saga continues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now monitoring a new Covid-19 variant called XBB that is presently estimated to represent only about 3.1 percent of new infections in the U.S. So what’s the problem? The XBB variant, an Omicron subvariant mix, is supposedly “the most vaccine-resistant ever.” Perfect strategy. Let’s get the fear and confusion going again.

The CDC’s Ian Williams has the honors this time. He states, “[T]here’s a lot of worries that a new variant could emerge again and start us all over again. So there’s a lot of work focusing on making sure we’re prepared and thinking about that and watching if it emerges around the world so that we can be prepared” (italics mine). A lot of worry, a lot of work. So says the CDC spokesman for the agency that got it all wrong intentionally the first time. Are you afraid? Are you confused about what’s coming? Good! That’s precisely where they want you. It’s how they control you.

Are we ready for a grand deja vu? Call me optimistic, but I don’t think so. Too much of the world has tasted of the evil. When the light shines on evil long enough, people eventually see it. Isn’t seeing believing? But all the believing in the world will not fix this problem. Even after living through the pandemic, people are still prone to living in fear and confusion. Perhaps they cherish their God-given delusion. Indeed, the CDC just delivered the Plandemic Phase II advertisement, along with their pseudo-justification for their existence (“there’s a lot of work [to be done].”) When you fail to comply with the second wave of tyranny and “suddenly die,” they’ll blame it on your resistance, and on the “misinformers” who labored tirelessly to expose their Neo-Nazi’s protocols.

Are we fated to a future of doom and gloom? Of course not! We can end this assault against humanity very easily. All we have to do is destroy the Biolabs that generate these dangerous bugs, and shut down all the government propaganda factories. Put a lid on the few elitist individuals who threaten us. (If you need advice on how to get the job done, talk to Crooked Hillary.) If we take all the energy, we expend on worrying and “prepping” and direct it toward taking out the bad guys, we as a people could end our misery in no time.

No, I’m not naive. Therein lies our greatest problem. Only the genuinely righteous, courageous, intelligent, truthful individuals can create an army of effective combatants. They must join forces, and that will take the unifying power of God to make us one. The only way we will end the Dark Age of Medicine that debuted with the Covid-19 “planned-demic” is to actively fight and conquer the enemy. This will happen when we stop valuing life over liberty. And that can transpire only when unselfish individuals understand God’s words, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13). Faith requires such love in action. Yes, love still makes the world go around.

But we cannot ignore the flip side of that coin. Destroying evil is still necessary for the preservation of any free nation whose liberty is challenged by imposters. When evil presents itself in the form of biowarfare, destroying the death labs is a common sense first-step countermeasure. (Is Boston University still standing?) Then interdict those who fund the labs, and make them history. And as soon as possible, behead the snake! Each action requires some degree of laying down one’s life for his friends, if there be any love at all for one’s friends. That’s the test of fellowship with God.

Hypocrisy with one’s asserted relationship with God is the worst kind since it betrays the very soul God intended to save. Ask Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5). When we put an end to the globalist demons and rescue medicine from the hands of our treasonous government, then we will put an end to the death and destruction that now consumes us. For certain, their end will come. But if we obey God and do as we ought, we’ll undoubtedly spare ourselves a heap of pain and suffering in the long run. Incidentally, that’s when the worrying stops — when the work of God begins.


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Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
1 year ago

This will not be easy, but truth will win… but may not see it soon

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