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May 23, 2024





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Yes, President Trump is most definitely an unconventional politician. And yes, he can certainly drive his critics as well as many of his supporters crazy at times. But unlike Joe Biden, his opponent in this presidential contest who has been in Washington for over forty-seven years, President Trump is basically a novice when it comes to playing the political game.
He pursues his own pathway which often enrages the Democrats and baffles his Republican supporters, as well as stirring up the ‘Never Trumpers’ and other political elites who have been left out of the game.
President Trump achieved a very high level of success during his career in business prior to running for president and winning the election against Hillary Clinton, the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the highest office in the land.
Whereas Joe Biden, a career politician has never held a real job in his adult life, and who has run for President three times but hasn’t won yet. Though not a success in business, Biden certainly has enriched himself and his family though through his forty-seven year political career.

Biden has struck out the previous times he’s run for president, and has managed to last nearly half a century in Washington where pandering and back room deals determine one’s political success, and where talent and accomplishments aren’t necessarily a prerequisite.

Last night’s debate was certainly a raucous affair with both candidates stepping all over each other’s comments repeatedly. Most concerning was the debate moderator Chris Wallace barely concealing his personal dislike for President Trump and his bias towards the Socialist-Democrat Joe Biden.
Because of all of the interruptions and moderator Wallace’s lack of control of the debate, not a lot of substance was revealed during the ninety minutes. Just a lot of personal attacks and insults coming from both candidates. Since the debate really didn’t reveal a lot, here’s my take on what voters need to consider when deciding whom to vote for on November 3rd.
The differences between President Trump and Joe Biden are stark. President Trump is not one of the ‘good ole boys of Washington’. He’s an outsider. Whereas Joe Biden has spent nearly half a century in elected office and is most definitely a Washington insider.
Whether Biden’s actually well respected by his Senate colleagues is another matter. Joe Biden is pretty much looked upon as someone to slap on the back and share a risqué story or joke with out of view of the public, but certainly not someone of substance. As Bob Gates is quoted as saying, “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”.  That comment from a well-respected former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director with decades of experience serving this country.
Joe Biden’s party and as the party leader himself, Joe Biden stands for full transgender rights as part of their support for the LGBTQ agenda. In other words they support anatomically intact boys competing in girl’s athletic events in high schools and colleges. AND using the same locker room and showers as well as bathroom facilities. Not to mention the fact that any transgender teachers would be able to use the same school restroom facilities used by elementary school children as well.
There could possibly be two more Supreme Court nominees over the next four years since Associate Justice Stephen Breyer is in his eighties, and Justice Clarence Thomas has previously expressed an interest in possibly retiring at some point. That on top of Joe Biden and the Socialist-Democrats threats to stack the Supreme Court creating more openings if Biden is elected.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism is on the brink of collapse as a result of the U.S. sanctions and withdrawal from the nuclear deal agreed upon during the Obama Administration. Not much more is going to be needed to bring this terrorist regime crashing down and making the world a much safer place. Joe Biden has already indicated he would re-implement and commit the United States to this one-sided agreement, which would breathe new life into this terrorist regime.
Antifa and Black Lives Matter – both terroristic organizations – continue to create havoc on the streets of American cities. These anarchistic entities are certainly aligned with the Socialist-Democrat Party, and there is abundant evidence that their efforts are well-coordinated and logistically supported. President Trump is determined to return law and order to America.
The Veteran’s Administration was in a mess under the Obama-Biden Administration, and has been greatly improved under President Trump. Ask any veteran and they’ll tell you that while there’s still room for improvement, the VA has been much more responsive and accountable since President Trump took office.

The investigations under Attorney General William Barr into the corruption of the Socialist-Democrat Party will come to a screeching halt if Joe Biden is elected. The Clintons and others will never be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

Our nation’s economic boom which is on the mend from COVID will also come to a halt once the hard core Socialists take control under a Biden Administration. There’s no doubt that taxes will increase significantly for all people, not just the wealthy. Job creation will simply stop, or move back overseas to other countries where there are more favorable tax laws.
Middle East peace which appears to be within reach will likely become derailed under Biden, and all the progress made by President Trump will come to an end.  
These are just a few of the challenges facing the country which show the stark differences between Joe Biden and President Trump that were overshadowed by last night’s contentious debate. And they merit strong consideration by all voters, including those who simply don’t like President Trump personally. Americans must re-elect President Trump, this is not a personality contest, it’s a contest of survival. The alternative is potentially too damaging to our country.


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