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April 22, 2024





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With the candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president in the last election, and now the current candidacy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the United States Congress, Socialism as a political philosophy has come front and center on the American political scene, and the American consciousness. Don’t be fooled by names though, Socialism is basically nothing more than ‘Communism-Light’. 
As a political concept Socialism has been around for many years, and unfortunately has been advocated and taught on American college campuses for decades. All those college graduates with a Liberal Arts degree who couldn’t find a real job stayed in the academic world where they didn’t ever really have to produce anything useful, they could just sit around and think deep thoughts.
And once they were tenured they didn’t even have to worry about their job anymore, so they could just preach the discredited ideology of Socialism to their heart’s content, doing their level best to indoctrinate the minds of young and impressionable American youth.
As of the 2018 fall semester there are roughly two hundred fifty chapters of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) on college campuses, with a couple of dozen chapters even found at American high schools. Since these young Socialists are apparently all about “economic justice” it’ll be interesting to see how many remain loyal to the YDSA once their paychecks start coming in after they graduate. After all, in this Trump economy their chances of getting a decent job to help pay off their massive college loan debt is a whole lot better than it will be under socialism.  
Maybe we should take a look at just what Socialism has achieved in the countries where it’s been tried. Sort of set the record straight for those American youths who are parading around nowadays claiming to be ‘Socialists’. And finally shedding light on what the true agenda of the Democratic Party has become after eight years of ‘Obamunism’.
As an ideology Socialism has never achieved the goals set out by its adherents. It has only caused the pain and suffering of the people forced to live under its banner – as in the case of the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, and now in Venezuela where people are starving and inflation has reach one million percent.
The people like Obama and the Democrat-Socialist Party that he now owns have never understood that Socialism simply won’t work, at any time, or any place. They have this misguided belief that they’ll be the ones to get it right this time. When the fact of the matter is that they will end up doing the same as has been done in the past. The people will suffer while only a ruling elite thrives.
As Democrats cross through the looking glass into another bizarre world, Republicans stand to reap the benefits of the Democrats self-destruction. But only if Republicans are smart enough to take advantage of the situation by actually achieving some of the promises they always make. Something they’ve not shown the ability to do up until now.
One would think that all that would be needed to achieve that ‘Red Wave’ everyone is talking about is for Republicans to run a video clip of the plight of Venezuela on a loop over and over from now until Election Day. Letting people see firsthand what Obamunism and the Democrats are offering America. What Democrats are really offering is the same suffering Venezuela is experiencing magnified one hundred fold.
With Socialism one thing is absolutely assured that Democrats will bring to the United States if they take control of government in November. The return to a stagnant economy we had under Barack Obama, maybe some more free Obama-Phones and programs like that, cash for clunkers, and the absolute right to use the bathroom of your choice.  
Image: PHOTO: CBS News


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