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February 21, 2024





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Healing, is a term always used by Democrats as an appeal to vote for them as opposed to those rascally Republicans who are destroying American cities, killing America’s black population and failing to use the power of government to lift poor people out of poverty. The term no longer has any serious appeal to most Americans, but, to Democrats, healing really means we should capitulate to their better social and economic ideals. In reality, we have tried this before and it has always failed on the altar of good intentions! 
Do we remember an early, former communications director of Trump’s White House named Anthony Scaramucci? He’s back! In anti-Trump attack on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, he predicted President Trump would “be in the ash heap of history” after November’s election. He further opined: “We have to heal this country and unify this country, and at some point, we’re going to have to rebuild the Republican party.”  There’s that word “heal” again. Well, I think its safe to add his name to the short list of Republican traitors like John Kasich, et al. 
On one point I heartedly agree. The Republican party must be rebuilt or it will be replaced. In fly over country the GOP is not lacking in capable people, like Trump, who could reorganize at the state and local levels where its most important. Most of our current elected “conservatives” are demonstrably inept, self-serving and have conservative voting record at 50% or less. They can’t heal either! 

Some GOP politicians are not totally in the bag for the One World Government scheme, but enough of them are to make grassroots conservatives, ie: the Republican base, seriously consider the future of the GOP, or reevaluate their role in it. 

Healing is not the word to use to describe a lasting remedy for a political schism that won’t heal. Cuts and abrasions heal, not damaged egos or thwarted ambitions drowned by trickery, lies and deceit. Stealing MAGA hats and signs from pro Trump demonstrators is not healing. The deep personal hurts inflicted by foul language screamed into peoples faces by brain dead morons, will not be healed by the pleas of politicians seeking re-election asking “can’t we just get along?” Well, no we can’t; not their way and we won’t capitulate any further! That’s why the riots continue.
The bigger picture here is the determination by the Progressive “Left,” to force Americans’ to accept their offensive political ideas as better for the World; but, alas, America, with its Trump driven nationalist idealism rudely stands in their way.
They still wonder, where did this man, Trump, come from? How have his ideas, not approved by the establishment, become so successful making headway against their vision of a One World utopia lead by them? 
How can we heal if Joe Biden won’t articulate any truth to the violence and rioting currently destroying Democrat run America’s cities?

How can we heal when Democrat politicians like incompetent mayors Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, refuse to acknowledge the chaos in the cities they govern? 

Lightfoot wants “economic empowerment,” exclusively for blacks of course, and agrees that violent looting is a remedy to get it. Just lIke socialist Joe Biden, Lightfoot believes, people are lifted out of poverty if they are given an opportunity to feel a stake in their own future by “peaceful protests.” OMG!
How many opportunities can government give? We’ve been doing it since LBJ’s Great Society fiasco. Now, her constituency has adopted the insane reasoning that the mass looting of the cities commercial outlets is “reparations” because stores have insurance. Healing for Chicago, like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco and LA, will come when all commercialism departs. That’s healing!
Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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