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April 18, 2024





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Close and lock the doors and hide the womenfolk and the children! When he’s not hanging around playgrounds looking for youngsters or their mothers to lay his hands upon, Joe Biden goes to foreign countries and just like Barack Obama, the guy who held his leash for eight years, he dishonors his country and insults Americans by calling the United States an embarrassment.

Well Joe I’m proud to tell you that America has never been an embarrassment, even during the eight years you and Barack Obama attempted to complete a “fundamental transformation” of the greatest nation in the history of the world. We have always held our heads high and will continue to do so, regardless of how hard you and your party try to tear us down.

The truth is that you and Barack Obama were a huge embarrassment, but then again you never represented real Americans anyway, so no reflection on us. And you apparently have forgotten that the American people voted the Democrats out of control of the Congress in just two years after you and Barack took office, once they realized what you were both up to.

No Joe, before you start insulting Americans and apologizing for The United States like your former boss did, maybe it’s time to take a walk down Memory Lane and be reminded of what’s actually something to be embarrassed about.

Let’s see, what was the average real GDP during the Obama-Biden Administration? One point eight percent would be the correct answer. Eight years of economic stagnation, lost jobs and wages, and being taken advantage of around the world by our friends and adversaries alike.

Speaking of our adversaries you certainly don’t see Russia’s Vladimir Putin disrespecting, belittling, and dismissing President Donald Trump the way he did Barack Obama. The disdain in which he held Barack Obama was barely concealed. And Putin wasn’t the only world leader who looked at Obama as weak and ineffectual, a lightweight on the world stage. Truly a national embarrassment.

What about that ObamaCare thing? The day of the official rollout was complete chaos and truly embarrassing, things just didn’t work, remember? And how about that promise that we could “keep our doctor”, and “keep our plan”? I would call those lies told to the American people embarrassing, but your party has never been embarrassed about lying to the American people before.

What’s truly embarrassing is the Democrat candidates that have already announced their run for President, and those anticipated to announce in the near future, including yourself. Let’s see, we have Cory Booker who presided over the deteriorating city of Newark, New Jersey, before coming to the Senate and proclaiming a “Spartacus moment”. Add to that Kamala Harris whose claim to fame before joining the Senate and deciding to run for president was that she engaged in an affair with the married mayor of San Francisco, and apparently smoked enough marijuana when she was younger that she could ‘hear’ into the future and listen to as yet unheard of rap artists.

Then there’s ‘Woman With High Cheekbones Who Spreads Buffalo Chips’, Elizabeth Warren’s tribal name, who claims to have Native American ancestry and used that false claim to open up doors and opportunities for herself throughout her life, but who actually hasn’t enough Native American blood in her to fill a thimble.

The list doesn’t end with those ‘Three Stooges’, as more and more Democrats seem compelled to announce their candidacy for an office none of them are qualified for or capable of performing. They simply hope to benefit from the progress created by the Trump Presidency, and try to ride his coattails. The problem is they’ll just screw everything up like they always do.

To put it plainly Joe, as a real American I’m downright pissed that you would go overseas to another country and insult the American people as you just did. You’ve been nothing but the punchline to a joke for your entire political career. And just like your former boss Barack Obama – you’re the only thing that America has ever had any reason to be embarrassed about.


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