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March 3, 2024





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My show “Ruthless People” explores the purposeful chaos Progressive Democrats are ruthlessly inflicting on our entire system of government to create so much confusion, distress, and chaos that our Constitution fails, and Progressives proceed with their Marxist agenda.

No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s reality. Ruthless People, Progressive Democrats are creating and perpetuating widespread, seemingly uncontrolled chaos. The goal is to replace our Constitution with a new, centralized system of one-party rule government. But what are the sources of chaos available to ruthless progressives?

Just look at the chaos on our Southern border, and –

In our monetary and fiscal systems;
In our stock market;
In our food supply and food costs;
In our materials and products supply chains;
In our current and future energy supply;
In our increasing crime rates, especially violent and deadly crimes;
In our law and order and criminal justice systems;
In our primary, elementary, and secondary education systems;
In our public and private transportation systems;
In our public health advisories and systems;
In our foreign policy and our global financial commitments;
In our national and personal safety agencies, and
In our national defense and foreign military commitments;

To name just a few of the major areas already experiencing purposeful chaos.

I challenge you to find one, just one department or one major area of federal oversight that isn’t in turmoil and rampant chaos. But, more importantly, I believe the increasing chaos we’re experiencing across all areas of public well-being is intentional, purposeful, and ruthless.

From my perspective, “Ruthless People” are in charge of the Biden administration. Yes, I agree. Many of those in Biden’s administration are incompetent. But then again, incompetence has a role to play in creating chaos.

So you ask, to what end is all this ruthless chaos pointing. Suppose you can create enough distressing confusion, public disorientation, and hysterical fear that citizens are willing to give up Constitutional freedoms and liberties in exchange for calm, stability, and security.

In that case, you have a willing and highly motivated environment ready to accept a strong, dominant, centralized government prepared to suspend all civil and constitutional rights to achieve law and order.

The goal is to create such public angst that a free and liberty-loving population will voluntarily submit to a strong-armed government to reestablish security.

People don’t realize at the time of such unprecedented chaos that those suspended freedoms and liberties never return. Instead, a new, all-powerful, centralized, authoritarian government is now in charge of all aspects of civil, economic, and social life. Moreover, the central government strictly monitors and tailors information to serve its own goals of continued control. The new government decides what’s fair, what’s allowed, and what they will tolerate.

I’ve so much more to share with you about these Ruthless People. So please join me on this journey of discovering what “Ruthless People” are up to.

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John Sandhofner
John Sandhofner
1 year ago

“citizens are willing to give up Constitutional freedoms and liberties in exchange for calm, stability, and security.” The smart ones won’t go for this since we know it was their ineptness and intentional evil that created this chaos. We are not buying their brand of “fix it”.

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