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May 22, 2024





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When Tucker Carlson intimated that he intended to interview Vladimir Putin of Russia, I had absolutely no doubt it would be a blockbuster, especially since all the criminally negligent fake media, as always, ganged up to condemn him as a tool of the bloodthirsty maniac Putin, even before two words had exchanged between them.

Free speech and the ability to hear all points of view, even those that are 100% against mine, are the foundations of a free, informed, and civil society.

I watched the interview in full. I also examined Putin’s and Carlson’s facial expressions and body language.

Since history has always been one of my most favored subjects, I already had good knowledge of the history of the Russian people from which Russia is derived.

Without batting an eyelid, without a single written note, and without a teleprompter, Putin gave the world in about 30 minutes a summation of 1200 years of Russian history, backed up with dates and names.

The exchanges between Carlson and Putin were respectful, although direct to the point. Putin very much appreciates Carlson’s approach to questioning. He was neither asking softball questions nor aggressively, very much as if the two were friends exchanging ideas.

Putin never avoided answering any question as long as Carlson allowed him time to explain his answers without interruptions. I noticed how meticulous his answers were. He first absorbed the question, was silent for a few seconds to form his answers, and then flooded Carlson and all of us with information.

What struck me most was that Putin is as much a patriotic Russian leader as Trump is a patriotic American one. Both envision greatness for their people, unlike Biden.

Putin was respectful of all those who interacted with him all the time. He only pointed out his own experiences with them without adding opinions. He clarified that he would not divulge confidential information and left it to Carlson to interview Clinton and others to back his claims or refute them. I had the impression that he was always sincere, especially since he had no reason to deceive the audience that could easily sense insincerity.

As I had pointed out in several of my published articles and talk shows, Putin reiterated how, in his meeting with Bill Clinton in Moscow in 2000, he proposed Russia join NATO. Bill Clinton, at first thought it a good idea. Unfortunately, on the same evening, he told Putin that his advisors were against it.

Putin made it crystal clear that the eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea has a majority of Russians, and, therefore, Russia will not abandon them to Ukraine.

The most remarkable revelation – whether or not true, who knows? – was when Putin told Carlson about Russian troops surrounding Ukrainians and asked them to surrender or die; Putin said that the Ukrainians answered in perfect Russian, “Russians never surrender.”

Let me share with you why it was a very stupid and catastrophic decision:

  1. The reason Clinton’s advisors were against it was that if Russia joined NATO, the Military-Industrial Complex would lose hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in military expenditures.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of military jobs would be lost if there is no confrontation with Russia.
  3. Had Russia joined NATO, the world balance of power would have shifted into two polarities instead of three: United Europe and the Americas balancing the colossus of China in all fields.
  4. The probability of war in Europe would have become zero.
  5. NATO would have been able to get rid of Turkey’s troublemaking.
  6. It would have been a WIN-WIN all around.

It was the USA that tempted previous Russian republics to join NATO, contrary to all verbal or written agreements with Russia. Expanding NATO so that it borders Russia is most definitely an act of threat. Allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be part of NATO would most definitely be a precursor to an act of war.

Clinton, Bush, Obama, and demented Biden have been accusing Putin of aggression to recreate the Soviet Union version again. As Putin pointed out, these are rabid and false accusations, not based on iota of fact or logic. I fully agree with him because these are the same bastards who accused Trump – and continue to do so – of colluding with Russia.

The contrast between Putin and Biden is a comparison between a true leader and a compromised, deranged creature. To prove my point, Biden was unleashed by his utterly insane handlers, who allowed him to have a press conference; whoever thought of having Biden do a press conference after the Putin interview needs to be fired.

Biden was babbling incoherently about how President al Sisi of Egypt is actually the president of Mexico, saying, The Mexican president should open the border with Gaza.” Compounding his total lack of clear thinking and in an effort to prove he isn’t senile, Biden forgot the name of the church where his late son Beau got the rosary that he wears every day.

These two catastrophic interviews of Carlson/Putin and Biden/Press should seal Biden’s fate into the sewer where he belongs and catapult Trump’s into the stratosphere.

Everyone on Earth – accepting the 37% of braindead Americans who still support Biden knows that he is an embarrassment and an extremely dangerous American leader who has his finger on the nuclear button.

In conclusion, Tucker Carlson is a true reporter in both the Americas and Europe combined. Well done, and congratulations. He allowed us, “We the People, “to listen to Putin and watch him, and for us to decide if he is the greatest threat to NATO – as the fake media and the warmongers assure us – or maybe it is the other way round. By any standard of measurement, the number of viewers will exceed 150,000,000 in a short order.

Image: Tucker Carlson Network


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