Public Health Officials Turned a Treatable Pandemic into a Pandumbic

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Why are our leaders, including our so-called public health leaders, censoring sound science? Why are they taking steps to prevent you — and all Americans from knowing anything that can help protect themselves against COVID and other respiratory diseases — unless it is a Big Pharma drug?

Concerning the last three years, who thinks our public health leaders have done (1) a great job of protecting Americans? (2) a good or even ACCEPTABLE job of protecting Americans? (3) a phenomenal job at protecting and promoting the interests of big pharma?

From where I stand, the answer is obvious: C — which really is an F when it comes to protecting us, the American citizens.

This winter, we are facing a Tripledemic. As part of that, COVID cases are once again on the way up. Except now, the majority of new cases aren’t among the unvaccinated. Most new COVID cases are vaccinated people. We have paid billions for these jabs because our public health leaders promised that they were the way out of this madness, but these jabs now increasingly offer less and less protection. The new vaccines were approved based on data from 8 lab mice — no clinical testing at all. And the new variants are not only vaccine resistant, but now they are resistant to the antivirals and therapeutics we have.

This isn’t the fault of the American people. The American people have, on the whole, followed the advice of our public health officials:

Almost 70 percent of Americans got the gene therapy jab — the first set at least, which was supposed to protect us, except it didn’t. Americans took the jab believing it was going to “get things back to normal,” or even worse, they were forced by their school or job to take the jab?

To be honest, I was following it as it was being developed, and I was planning on getting it myself, as soon as it was made available. However, as soon as I heard them claiming that it was “proven to be safe and effective,” I knew there was no way I was going to get it. Without a time machine, it would be impossible to have been proven safe or effective.

If they will lie to us about it being safe and effective, what else were they lying about?

In many places, schools were shut down off and on for two years. We wore masks — many people even disinfected their groceries, oddly given this is an airborne bug. I watched Sanjay Gupta, who claims to be an educated doctor. Still, even my 8 and 10-year-old daughters were laughing at him as they watched him discuss disinfecting your grocery bags before taking them into the house.

People are still getting sick, not because they haven’t listened to our public health leaders — it seems people are still getting sick because they DID listen, except the public health leaders weren’t straight with them. These leaders only told people what they wanted them to hear: gene therapy jabs and expensive drugs.

We can’t call this a pandemic anymore. I think it’s a pandumbic — something we are doing to ourselves.

A few years ago, I read Mark Honigsbaum’s book, ”pandemic century, 100 yrs of panic, hysteria, and hubris.” He points out we have had an epidemic – pandemic on average every 10 years…Spanish, flu, Philly killer (Legionnaires), HIV/Aids, the great parrot fever epidemic, etc.

Of all these pandemics and epidemics, how many were solved by vaccines? How many were solved by big pharma? NONE of them… I am not saying that vaccines don’t have value…I am just saying that historically, they have never added any value during an epidemic.

What stopped all of them: was hygiene and sanitation measures.

And here’s what really should give us all pause: COVID is no different, and our public health leaders have known it the whole time.

In March 2020, an article by a group of physicians in the New England Journal of Medicine pointed out that 90% of the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 was in the nose. If the virus is in the nose, isn’t that where you should attack it? In June, an article in JAMA by a group of physicians called on doctors to tell patients to wash their noses to fight COVID. In this article, the authors pointed out that washing the nose may not stop the disease, but it would “lessen the severity of symptoms and prevent person-to-person contact.” That’s the New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA — arguably two of the most prestigious medical journals. Public health leaders most certainly saw it and ignored it.

In June 2020, a team of researchers from Vanderbilt conducted a random clinical trial, RCT, on using nasal hygiene to treat patients who were already infected with COVID. The Vanderbilt study found that using plain salt water to rinse out the nasal passages of covid patients — all with symptoms, testing positive, and over 65 — reduced the number of hospitalizations to ZERO. And it significantly reduced their symptoms and shortened the illness and precisely what the physicians had written about in JAMA — surprise, surprise.

The Vanderbilt RCT was overseen and paid for by the NIH. The study was published on the NIH’s website when the RCT was over. In other words, they knew.

Not too long after, another study using saline nasal cleansing with already infected COVID patients, this time done at the University of Georgia Medical College — found that just rinsing the nose reduced hospitalization by 8x…not 8%…but by a factor of 8.

8X is much greater efficacy than you see with any of the Big Pharma COVID-19 treatments — all of which have now failed; you know what has still not failed…washing your nose.

At the same time, a team of doctors at Larken Hospital in Florida did a case study using our product, Xlear nasal spray with xylitol, with already COVID-infected people with moderately high co-morbidities. That study found that using Xlear cut the illness’s duration in half. And, once again, not one of the patients who used nasal hygiene needed to be hospitalized just by washing their noses.

And there have been other studies as well — and in every case, not one COVID victim who used nasal hygiene ever needed to be hospitalized or died.

That is a ton of RCT, human clinical trials, and data. Recall what I said a minute ago: the new vaccines have never been clinically tested. They were approved based on an 8 mice study.

But wait, there’s more. On top of these clinical trials, there is a significant amount of data that shows certain nasal cleansing products are also virucidial — they kill and/or deactivate the COVID-19 virus — and antiviral — they block the COVID-19 virus from adhering to human nasal tissue, which is where, why and how the vast majority of COVID victims get sick in the first place. Some studies show that xylitol blocks the ability of SARS-CoV-2, RSV, and H1N1 to adhere to human airway tissue.

These nasal sprays and washes are extremely safe. Xlear, for example, has been used in the US for 20-plus years without a single adverse effect report. They are cheap, easy, and not a political hot-button.

However, they are not the two things our public health leaders only seem to care about: They aren’t vaccines.

And they don’t come from Big Pharma.

Nevertheless, given all this data showing nasal hygiene can help protect people, you might expect that our public health leaders would be telling people to wash their noses — just like they tell us to wear masks and wash our hands.

No, the opposite. Our public health leaders have censored this science. They have censored the science because it doesn’t fit their vaccine-focused, Big Pharma pushing failed COVID-19 response strategy.

It got so bad that in 2020 a group of doctors, researchers, and other health care professionals — along with about 7000 other Americans submitted a citizens petition to the CDC calling on the CDC to issue guidance that people should use nasal hygiene to fight COVID and doctors should have people infected with COVID wash their noses. The CDC denied it without ever reading the studies.

At about this time, Xlear submitted an Emergency Use Authorization pre-EUA to the FDA to allow us to talk about the science. The same FDA which approved the vaccines based on an 8 mice study told us we needed time-consuming and expensive Phase I safety and Phase III clinical trial with lots of people for a product that has been used safely for almost a quarter of a century. Xlear contains a trace of natural grapefruit seed extract. We buy it in bulk. The FDA went so far as to ask us what time of day and from what field our grapefruit seed extract was harvested if that sounds like a double standard — it’s because it is.

Rather than promote nasal hygiene as one more accessible, safe, and cheap tool for fighting this pandumbic, the Government sent warning letters to all the companies who had data showing their products work. Xlear got one — as did every company with data. These warning letters threatened massive penalties if any of the companies talked publicly about their COVID data.

Every other company went along to get along.

We, Xlear, refused to be censored. We believe that if the government won’t inform people to protect themselves and their families, we citizens have a responsibility to do so. As a result, we continued to share published research studies done with nasal hygiene products, not just our products but any hygiene products that helped.

What did we do? We posted links to the NIH webpages and these studies on our website and social media — yes, we directed people to read studies that the NIH published.

And, in return, the Government sued us. As we speak, the Department of Justice has singled out Xlear and is suing us to stop us from discussing the science behind nasal hygiene and COVID. They’ve threatened millions of dollars in fines. The legal bills are already costing millions.

All to censor science.

And it isn’t just the national leaders in public health. I live in Utah…in 2020, we reached out to our state epidemiologist Angela Dunn, and we shared these articles with her…her response was beyond idiotic; to me, it was criminal. We shared all the studies, and she asked…is it FDA approved? When we told her that it wasn’t a drug…it was a hygiene product, she simply said to us that if it isn’t approved by the FDA, then she didn’t have the courage to talk about it. If she can’t read scientific articles and understand them herself, why in the hell are we paying her to stand up there and be a parrot for the federal government? I believe that her inaction caused the death of hundreds of people in the state of Utah.

However, it’s not just nasal hygiene.

As far back as 2020, our Government knew that people with periodontal disease were more likely to be hospitalized and die from COVID. In other words, an excellent way to protect yourself from COVID is to brush your teeth, use a mouthwash, and see your dentist. It’s not 100 percent protection, but it helps. Have you heard a single public health official discuss the need to practice better dental hygiene to fight COVID? I didn’t, and I was listening for them to discuss it.

At the same time, researchers found that another leading co-morbidity for COVID is obesity. Public health leaders should have encouraged us to get active, lose weight and get in shape — to fight COVID. I haven’t heard that. Instead, they told us to stay home, lay on the couch, and order lots of take-out food.

You want to go further back… in 2000, Surgeon General David Satcher wrote an article about the declining state of oral care in the US. We sent them a whole host of articles about using xylitol to improve oral care… there are thousands of studies showing how xylitol helps prevent tooth decay; of course, they were ignored. In March of this year, our current Surgeon General and Francis Collins wrote an article in the NEJM where they said the same thing, no progress has been made as the state of our oral health has continued to decline. They didn’t ask for money to implement hygiene education programs; they didn’t ask for money to implement programs that we knew would work… they asked for millions of dollars for research to find more ways to do what we already knew how to do, but they choose not to. We know that for about $25 a child per year, we can virtually eradicate tooth decay in children and, according to published research studies, reduce upper respiratory infections in those children by 42%. Public health chooses not to implement these programs.

See a trend here?

Because these simple hygiene actions don’t fit the government’s big pharma-only strategy, the government refuses to inform the American people.

Because the government refuses to deviate from a failing gene therapy jab-focused strategy; people are still getting sick and dying.

Our government talks a big game about science but refuses to allow anyone to share real science with the public. That is unless the science is government-approved. Dare I say, Mr. “I AM THE SCIENCE,” Tony Fauci approved.

The thing is, anyone who has taken a high school science class knows that it isn’t science. That’s called dogma. And dogma is always bad public policy.

This is a problem I honestly don’t know how to solve. I’m talking about the bureaucrats behind all this:

  • The lawyers at the FTC and DOJ who sue companies for educating Americans about science.
  • The so-called public health officials who refuse to consider time-proven, data-backed ways to help fight a pandemic. Many of these same leaders are getting royalty checks from the Big Pharma companies whose drugs they have been telling the government to buy with our taxpayer dollars.

These individuals are unaccountable for their actions. And it is my view, one increasingly shared by experts in healthcare, that these bureaucrats are responsible for millions of deaths worldwide and trillions of dollars wasted during the last three years.

What do they care if they bleed small family-owned businesses dry with legal bills just because they tried to get people to read studies published on the NIH’s own website? Fauci’s own website, in fact.

The concept of washing your nose as part of a layered defense against an upper respiratory disease isn’t rocket science. It is basic kindergarten health:

  • Wash your hands, so you don’t spread disease,
  • Brush your teeth, so you don’t get cavities,
  • Wash your nose to clean it of bacteria, viruses, and other junk we breathe.

The bureaucrats have either got to have other interests in mind, are stupid, or to busy writing fantasy novels — that’s an inside joke, but no, I’m not kidding about the fantasy novels.

As I look at my children, I am reminded of who is paying the price of all this.

On the one hand, my company is — we’ve paid millions of dollars in legal fees to defend the right of free speech and to defend science.

But then again, we are all paying the price.

This pandumbic has placed a heavy price on us — whether we got sick or not. We lost weddings, birthdays, and bridal showers. We lost seeing our grandparents and grandchildren. We lost proms and graduations. Many of us have lost our businesses, our savings, and our jobs. We’ve lost the most precious thing — our time.

However, do you know who is going to pay the actual price? It’s the younger generation.

The trillions of dollars taken from our economy and the lost opportunities — the price of that will be felt for years to come, decades down the road. The long-term health effects of long COVID — heart disease, lung disease, anxiety disorders — will be felt most by them over time. Education and socialization are lost — as they sit in endless, mind-numbing Zoom classes instead of being in school and out with friends. By adopting and enforcing dogma instead of embracing science and possibility, our leaders, particularly public health leaders, are pillaging our public money and foisting the cost of this pandumbic on the younger generation.

I have spent time in the swamp…very few of our representatives have been willing to speak up and ask these questions. We are not asking them to say anything controversial; we just want them to ask why our public health officials are pushing big pharma, not hygiene solutions. So far, we have not had a lot of takers. Representative Mace from South Carolina sent a letter asking why….our public health officials still haven’t responded, and it’s been almost a year. We couldn’t get anybody from our home state of Utah to do anything.

If you want to fight this…reach out to your congressional representatives. If they have not been bought and paid for by pharma, ask them to speak up. Ask our public health officials why they are ignoring simple hygiene options and effective early treatment. Ask them why they’re allowing government agencies to sue companies and people who are simply sharing published research with the public.

Image: WSJ/AP/Reuters/Bloomberg News Composite

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones, Founder, President, founded Xlear, Inc. in 2000 to improve lives promoting proactive health and oral and nasal hygiene as a tool for healthier lives. With over 22yrs now in the hygiene space, focused on nasal and dental care, Mr. Jones is one of the leading experts in this arena. He is also globally regarded as an expert on the use of xylitol and other non-hexose sugars to help promote health. Under his leadership, Xlear has invested millions of dollars into research on oral and nasal hygiene, in particular the use xylitol, erythritol, and other non-hexose sugars to improve health. Among this Xlear-funded research are studies finding these sugars can block both bacterial and viral adhesion in the nose and upper airway with no adverse effects—research that Xlear hopes will open a new path to respiratory disease prevention and treatment.

Mr. Jones is also one of the leading advocates for the development of “beyond-vaccine” treatments and prophylaxis for COVID-19. As a result of his critiques of US Government COVID-19 policies that focus solely on “Big Pharma” vaccines, The Federal Trade Commission has sued Mr. Jones and Xlear seeking to censor the science, studies published in peer reviewed journals, supporting hygiene as an effective and proven tool in pandemic (COVID-19) response. Mr. Jones is focused on using this lawsuit to educate Americans about the science.

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9 months ago

There has NEVER been a “pandemic”.

9 months ago

As one who holds two science degrees and practiced applied science for three decades, the public health and medical response to the China bioweapon virus was oozing with pseudoscience. I contracted the virus early on with symptoms that were uncomfortable and prolonged, but not life threatening. I’ve avoided the jab and never felt compelled to subject myself to an experimental treatment. I’ve had recurring long COVID symptoms, but these have waned in intensity over time and time between episodes has continued to lengthen. At the time I manifested symptoms — Ides of March, 2020 — I was already taking high doses of vitamin D (5,000 IU/d) and zinc (50 mg/d), so that probably helped keep my symptoms rather mild.

Reply to  Pteronarcyd
9 months ago

No such thing as “COVID” exists. There is no “China bioweapon”, nobody would design and implement such a pathetic “weapon” that is so life-threatening you have to be tested to know if you “have it”. There is no such thing as “long covid”, if you have 2 science degrees, what are they in, exactly? The “science” of public relations? You’re probably suffering from radiation exposure from a nearby 5g tower installation or have a parasitic infection. There are NO “viruses”.

9 months ago

I watched Fauci for 20 seconds and decided I would do NOTHING he said. I still haven’t worn a mask. This was invented whole cloth and then magnified into the worlds greatest lie.

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