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June 19, 2024





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Numerous stories have emerged throughout the vaccination campaign of patients desperate for organ transplantation being pitted with mandated COVID-19 vaccination, which could end their lives with an immediate complication versus denial of the organ transplant they have worked so hard to receive and so desperately need. Transplant programs have presumed the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective without weighing each case’s risks and theoretical benefits.

Not in a single manuscript published on the topic have the transplant physicians recognized >18,000 American casualties after COVID-19 vaccination in VAERS, and >3400 peer-reviewed manuscripts describing vaccine injuries, disabilities, and deaths. Willfully blind to the FDA warnings on myocarditis, neurological injury, thrombosis, and blood disorders, Dr. Marc Kuczewski, Ph.D., from the Neiswanger Institute of Bioethics at Loyola University in Chicago published this “ethical” statement on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in transplant candidates.[i]

Dr. Alsunaid and coworkers from Montefiore in New York published three freshly vaccinated lung transplant recipients who developed acute antibody-mediated rejection of their transplanted lung(s), resulting in hypoxemic respiratory failure after transplantation.[ii] Because transplant programs are in big medical centers that mandate vaccination on the medical providers and their patients, most reports of poor outcomes will be suppressed. Manuscripts will not get institutional permission for publication.

Transplant rejection is a step closer to death. With vaccination, there are so many questions:

1) how long will COVID-19 vaccination remain in organ transplant programs? 

2) will ISHLT – International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation analyze the loss of life BEFORE and AFTER transplantation attributable to COVID-19 vaccination?

3)  will transplant directors ever reverse course and admit vaccination was a mistake? 

4) will doctors and pious ethicists who gave no consideration to safety, efficacy, or transplant outcomes ever apologize to the community of transplant patients?

For an area of medicine caring for the frailest group of patients and of utmost concern over post-surgery outcomes, the expected Spike protein damage and immunologic rejection after transplantation should be a show-stopper long before the novel vaccines rolled out. Yet the vaccines have become a point of agony for some transplant candidates and their families.

The world was horrified by the story of Garnet Harper, who died of kidney disease after he was denied a kidney transplant. “I said I’m not going to be participating in this program as long as people like my husband are not eligible to receive organs that are from the Trillium Network,” said Harper’s wife, Meghan, in an interview on Independent Journalism. “And I said, ‘Are you aware that unvaccinated people are not eligible to receive transplants in Ontario, and that’s a large part of why my husband is lying in this bed right now.’” To make matters worse, the organ-sharing program in Ontario asked if they could harvest his unvaccinated organs after he died for someone else! Meghan concluded by saying the fact that “they call you while you’re sitting next to your dying loved one, and they ask you if they can have his organs, while meanwhile, he wasn’t good enough to receive organs from them is, I can’t describe the feeling.” An obituary from Garnet’s family said he was fighting kidney disease when he passed away at 35 years old on May 22, 2023.

Meanwhile, across the province in Niagara Falls, another emotional case was playing out with Don Halbert, a middle-aged businessman with end-stage renal disease from longstanding insulin-dependent diabetes. I had a chance to sit down with Don and chronicle his story for the Report. He reached out to me and wanted to tell the world his story. Unlike Harper, Halbert is alive to tell us about his journey. He describes it from a patient’s point of view, pitted between the vital need for a good doctor-patient relationship and the potential harms of COVID-19 vaccination.

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  • Dr. Peter McCullough

    Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist managing the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine in Dallas, TX, USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection,” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has dozens of peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has extensively commented on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill, America Out Loud, NewsMax, One America News, Victory Channel, NTD, and FOX NEWS Channel. Dr. McCullough has testified on pandemic response multiple times in the US Senate, Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Arizona Senate, Colorado General Assembly, New Hampshire Senate, Pennsylvania Senate, and South Carolina Senate. On December 7, 2022, Dr. McCullough co-moderated a Senate Panel and concluded that all COVID-19 vaccines should be removed from the market for excess mortality. Dr. McCullough has reviewed thousands of reports, participated in scientific congresses, group discussions, and press releases, and has been considered among the world's top experts on COVID-19.


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