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March 5, 2024





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The She-Witch of Congress appears to be up to her old tricks again, a focused determination to remove or discredit President Trump by seizing the opportunity provided by the China Virus to ruin Trump’s economic miracle. That should do it! Trump pleads that periods of national or regional disasters, times of war, floods and fires or pandemics is not a time for politicians to be obstructive, except that the plea falls on the ears of deaf Democrats. They won’t listen, let alone don’t listen!
For Democrats, being political conforms to their creed: “never let a crisis go to waste” so long as it advances their divisive agenda at the expense of the US Constitution, Conservatism and especially, the American people. Americans can’t be happy until a benevolent government is allowed to provide for their happiness. That would be the Democrat Party, or so they want to think, wouldn’t it?

Pelosi is making the rounds of cable TV to claim, in a misprision of her Office, the failed conduct of the Trump administration in handling the pandemic that is the China Virus.

But, it was she, wasn’t it, who violated her oath to the American people; it was she who pursued Trump by an endless exercise in Congressional misconduct with her phony, time wasting impeachment hearings at exactly the time the real threat of the China Virus was manifesting itself to Trump’s administration and the world. 
By 02 January, 2020, Trump’s NSC was made aware of the Wuhan China problem by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who reported the Center was reviewing urgent, unconfirmed information that a new version of a coronavirus was loose in China’s Wuhan, that had the potential of becoming a world wide pandemic. As it turns out, it wasn’t until 11 January that China officially reported its first deaths from the virus and China has propagandized their dead and dying problem ever since.
Immediately, a policy committee within the NSC began conducting daily meetings from mid-January to early March. A Coronavirus task force was formed and more than fifty such meetings between the NSC committee and the task force were held. Democrats were apparently absent or didn’t care!
Pelosi’s urgent Impeachment hearing having concluded, she sat on the report for three full weeks before sending it on to the Senate for trial. Another couple weeks were lost before the Democrats impeachment trial attempt mercifully died the death of a thousand laughs, and only then did the China-virus business come to National Attention but, by then the disease was flooding across the American continent.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ak) was the first to sound the alarm to the Senate Chamber, unable to hear because Pelosi’s feckless impeachment trial was struggling on and he couldn’t be heard over the shouting.

Today’s political atmosphere is beyond partisan. Trump can expect no cooperating from Democrats. In response to their shenanigans, he ‘tweets’ and writes letters and mocks the media revealing their weaknesses and they can’t stand it. They’ll leave no stone unturned to destroy Trump.
In continued pursuit of her treachery, Pelosi has now formed a new House Select Committee to oversee Trump’s mishandling of the China virus threat. This is a ruse, another Pelosi scheme to keep the airways filled with accusations, denials and counter-denials, her motive, to protect the trillion dollars of pork money she looted by design, from the taxpayers.  
Expect a portion of that cunningly looted taxpayer money to go to Democrat groups, programs and organizations who will donate much of those taxpayer funds back into the Democrat Party’s coffers as campaign contributions unless it can be intercepted by the President. 
Democrats will ignore all pleas to work together to solve this urgent American health problem unless it promotes their own socialistic agenda.
That’s why the Democrat Party must be destroyed at the ballot box. For a prosperous, Capitalistic America, to succeed, socialism in all its manifestations, must be destroyed. Now is the time, don’t you think?
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!
Image: Reuters


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