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April 22, 2024





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Last week a shooting broke out at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade celebration. In the violent aftermath, one person was killed and over twenty injured, with many of the injured being young children. Immediately, emotional reactions poured out over social media. Government officials and special interest groups began posting about the need for “common-sense” gun reform. Quickly those posts began to become fewer as details of the shooting started to show that gun reform would have done little to prevent what happened at the parade.

The guns used were likely covered by laws and those who chose to open fire after a heated exchange were criminals who were never going to abide by the restrictions a political ideology would like to impose on Americans. Reflecting on the media response provides vital information we should reflect on.

Why is it that Kyle Rittenhouse is named immediately by the media, but the juveniles arrested remain anonymous?

What emotional biases are clouding the judgment of those wishing to enact restrictions on Second Amendment rights? Where are these same people when gang members violently extinguish teenage lives throughout the country each week?

The headlines often require careful reflection on what is not being said to better understand what is stated. Our society is quick to label critical thinking as a conspiracy theory. This cognitive bias clouds the ability to see common sense as the practical and sound judgment it is meant to be against authority and tradition.

Last week we discovered the FBI had an informant who lied about Joe Biden and Burisma. Informant Alexander Smirnov lied on the FD-1023 form, stating that Biden received $5 million and Hunter was also complicit. In the impeachment inquiry, Republicans cited this report as part of their evidence. Common sense must ask both political parties, can the FBI be trusted to investigate any political candidate?

In a jaw-dropping moment, the WHO confirmed that after 99 million cases were studied and over 13 billion doses, yes, the COVID-19 vaccine likely caused millions to die and millions more to be injured. While many were parroting the “safe and effective” tagline, others tried to sound the alarms at the risk of losing all. Common sense prevailed once again.

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  • Greg Boulden

    Greg Boulden is an objective critical thinker, licensed school teacher, and recipient of multiple awards in both industry and his personal life. Greg is the host and managing editor of the podcast, “America Emboldened with Greg Boulden,” which is a part of the America Out Loud network. His podcast focuses on understanding individual sovereignty and critically thinking in an immersive news cycle full of slant and distraction. For almost 25 years, Boulden has worked extensively in the industries of TV/Film, Music, Photography, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Youth Ministry. He currently works at Thomas McKean High School in Wilmington, DE, where he runs a career technology education pathway to help teens build skills and find jobs in Audio, Radio, and Video Broadcasting. He was a sound designer for Dorian Gray the Musical, which was awarded Best New Show at the New York Music Festival.
 Boulden is a graduate of DeSales University. He is annually recognized as a highly effective teacher, and students seem to think he’s a good dude. And don’t get him started on his affinity for Mrs. Robino’s Restaurant. 
 Distinguished Graduate Award from the Diocese of Wilmington. Best New Show Award at the New York Music Festival for Sound Design And many awards and acknowledgments for his volunteer efforts with Habitat for Humanity, working in community outreach efforts, and offering his time to build a better future for our youth.


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