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February 22, 2024





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Throughout the 2020 Presidential campaigns and over the past 15 months, President Joe Biden, a President still under a dark cloud of inauthenticity, has troubled the American people with his frequent verbal gaffes, episodic brain freezes, and genuinely incoherent public statements.

No other President in living memory has appeared so brain-addled, cognitively challenged, and patently stubborn-headed, choosing the wrong solution to every national challenge. Over the past 15 months of Mr. Biden’s Presidency, every crisis is a crisis he has created. Yet, curiously, as each crisis intensifies, instead of recognizing he’s on the decidedly wrong path, he pushes down even harder on the accelerator of government, speeding us toward yet another catastrophic endpoint.

Remember how the hoards of illegal aliens crossing our Southern Border from January through April of 2021 were purportedly a seasonal aberration? Or that his troop withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a smooth and orderly process. Who can forget Mr. Biden’s proclamation that inflation was temporary and had nothing to do with his government’s social spending. Or that the tragic death of George Floyd was evidence of systemic racism and discriminatory police brutality. And perhaps the most dissonant disconnect has been the claim that all the hundreds of violent and destructive racial riots of the Summer of 2020 were all justified, while the riot of January 6th, 2021, was the worst civil disturbance in American history.

All these happenings are just a few of Mr. Biden’s immoral lowlights over the past 15 months. But unfortunately, none of these policy blunders can be assigned to beginners’ incompetence. After 36 years in the Senate and eight more pathetic years as the nation’s Vice President, Mr. Biden is no beginner at leadership ineptitude.

You could say Mr. Biden has the reverse Midas touch. What’s the evidence for this indictment? Mr. Biden has yet to touch on domestic or foreign policy decisions that he’s turned to gold or good fortune. Woefully, Mr. Biden’s leadership outcomes are all to the contrary.

This brings us to the current, unspeakable mass murder and civil destruction in Ukraine. We watch as Mr. Biden occasionally shuffles to the Whitehouse lectern as if he’s on the world stage proclaiming he’s singlehandedly gathered the free world in an alliance against Vladimir Putin.

Instead of acting in unison to stop the carnage in Ukraine, Mr. Biden has decided to punish Mr. Putin by attacking everyday Russians. While claiming to help the Ukrainians, Mr. Biden and NATO nations have served devastating economic sanctions on the Russian people. People who have no actual electoral ability or other authority to disempower Mr. Putin or curb his ruthless colonial quest to reconstitute the Soviet Union.

The Ukrainians don’t need Mr. Biden and NATO to punish Vladimir Putin. They need them to stop Vladimir Putin!

Join me as I talk through how we got to this point of moral failure and utter shame as we watch more fellow human beings obliterated on the altar of Biden’s policy derelictions. Then, join me for “Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Deliver Us from Evil.”

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