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May 26, 2024





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One size fits all doesn’t really work, does it? Stockings, for example, are ambidextrous while shoes are not, but you couldn’t wear either if they didn’t approximately fit your foot size. While most have an adjustable strap, baseball caps make the wearer with a smaller head look goofy. Examples are abundant when it comes to clothing, but when the government issues clothing like in prisons or military basic training, they at least resort to large, medium, or small to get as close to an okay fit as possible. The problem is, all government-issued clothing looks precisely the same. One is involuntary in those two captive categories, and the other isn’t!

Remember the Mao suits in China years ago? That was one size fits all, and the governments’ application of that ‘one size’ principle, is the visible essence of socialism. Top-down control through choked distribution channels allows government the excuse to deny citizens the right to self-choice or any choice at all in what clothing to wear, what car to drive, where to live, and what our children will be taught in government schools. Can you see that?

One size fits all describe Obamacare, aka the Unaffordable Health Care Act. It was specifically designed to lure Americans into the sticky tar of socialist control because Big Pharma and Hospitals were charging exorbitant fees. One size fits all denies Capitalism.

Today, it’s still rigged with Big Pharma raking in millions of dollars in excess of normal earnings, paying creatures like Fauci to demand government vaccine mandates to “Save the People,” from that awful virus. He’s making money too. The problem is, Fauci’s lies about these vaccines have ensnared us into enriching Big Pharma, which is now proving no defense from Covid infections or reinfections.

They blame it all on the unvaccinated because Socialists would rather people die a few years down the road from implanted myocardia heart disease injected by mandated vac’s into all Americans today.

The pushback has caused the government to turn to bureaucratic bureaus (OSHA) to mandate that all American citizens submit to unproven one-size-fits-all vaccinations and constantly wear face coverings that are useless in stopping the spread of the virus, and carry vaccination passports to prove it. Mandates deny us our constitutional rights of free choice to submit to their deadly vaccination or, not submit at all! 

Democrats always counter with: “It’s for the greater good,” or worse, “it’s for the children.” To them, public safety overrides our individual rights to make decisions about what’s best for us and for our children. As long as Democrats stay in power, they will continue to promote these fallacious arguments in the nature of continuing crisis’ with mandated responses against our Constitutional rights of free choice just to maintain that total power and control. 

Biden’s Build Back Better debacle was his attempt to redistribute four trillion of our dollars to the Blue States and socialist unions. That it narrowly failed in the Senate begs the question, what is the need to spend four trillion dollars when America enjoyed the lowest unemployment numbers in history just one year ago without using taxpayers’ money?

Don’t ask a democrat that question. They’ll call you a racist because they don’t have an answer. The answer is, it wasn’t really a Build Back Better scheme; it was a Buy Back Better scheme, to pay American’s to abandon the workforce for easy free money from government. Jobs are available, and businesses are begging for workers, but few seem willing to make the change.

What’s the next priority crisis on the horizon from the incompetent Democrats? For America, it should be Taiwan and the CCP but no, its war against those rascally Russians over who can cross the borders of another state? Never mind, our southern border has been invaded by millions of unvetted third-world denizens looking for work while our citizens have been bought off by Biden’s redistributed money scheme in the middle of a viral pandemic for which there is really no cure except the passage of time. That’s where we are right now, folks!

Biden’s handlers are taking us into the “New World Order” whether we can see it or not. But that’s how it is. Every government crisis is geared to achieve one goal, our dependence on them!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.


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