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February 29, 2024





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Imagine if every legislator had to read The American’s Creed!

“I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the People,
By the People, For the People,
Whose just powers are derived from the consent of the Governed.
A Democracy within a Republic, A Sovereign Nation of many Sovereign States:
A perfect Union, One and Inseparable;
Established upon those Principles of Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Humanity,
For which the American People sacrificed their Lives and Fortunes.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my Country, To Love It;
To Support Its Constitution; To Obey Its Laws: To Respect Its Flag;
And to Defend It against ALL Enemies.”

Can’t you hear the new Dems reciting that Creed? HA! I found this creed years ago and I don’t know where it came from.

Communist and Islamist ideology is in opposition to America and its constitution therefore by definition are they not the enemy? So how did the enemy get in our government. We The People allowed that to happen by not exposing them and their motives. Silence is not GOLDEN. What exactly do they want? One Nation under Global Governance or under Islam. In order to obtain their goal they will kill anyone standing in the way. Americans are their enemy.

What is this NEW WORLD ORDER?

In America, Rights are granted by G-D.

The New World Order is promoted by Globalists in both parties.  They want to turn America over to the UN. The UN is mostly made up of Islamist or Communist countries. Here 2 enemies work together in the UN to create New World Order

Communists – Rights Granted by Government


Islamists – Rights Granted by Allah

Therefore Communists and Islamists are America’s enemy.

They know that by using Mutually Assured Destruction-whereby economies are intertwined and Cloward and Piven’s theory to overload the system, the influx of unlimited immigration, puts the western culture at risk.

Never forget:

  • Everything is connected
  • Nothing is random
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Everything is based on a LIE

To these Globalists/Islamists everything must benefit the State/Islam.

There is no fact, there is no truth, there is nothing except the words of the State/Allah. Man is irrelevant except in his service to the State/Allah.

All Globalists care about is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. 

Divide and Conquer

A house divided will fall – failure to identify the enemy will cause division. We are replacing American values.

  • Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Class
  • Regionalism replaces Nationalism
  • Multiculturalism replaces Melting Pot
  • Propaganda replaces Truth
  • Consensus replaces Fact
  • Political correctness replace Truth
  • Doublespeak, Distortion, Lies replace Truth
  • Outcome based replaces Opportunity Based
  • Manipulation replaces Free Thought

As long as we the people comply, Globalists are happy. Any opposing view causes them to scream for our heads. We are Racist, Islamophobic, Misogynic, and any other adjective they can find. Yet we never ask for an example. We accept what they say. No push back, we comply. What are we afraid of? Have we learned nothing? Do we actually think if we are silent we will win, they will like us? Have we learned nothing? Or are we so weak that saving our rights is meaningless? Is America Worth Saving? President Trump thinks so. He is risking all to protect Americans.

Why America?

  • America as a land mass is the richest country in the world. America has it all: natural resources, energy, minerals, soil, water, great climate
  • Problem: America is owned by We the People
  • We the People can accumulate Personal Liberty, Personal Wealth

Private Property – Real or Intellectual is the basis of Power.

Simply put, Only the State or Allah may have power. You get whatever the state permits.

CONTROL: The plan of the communists is Agenda 21/2030 used to inventory and control every aspect of human activity in the name of saving the planet, aka Climate Change. 

POWER: You will give them POWER because you don’t want to destroy the planet or you don’t want to turn back those poor refugees.

The plan of Islam is Sharia. The purpose of Sharia is CONTROL. You will give them  POWER or they will kill you.

America must be transformed (destroyed) so the rest of the world’s population will not demand the same “rights” as Americans. Leveling the playing field means bring America into a third world status so everyone in the world will suffer the same poverty. In order for the public to accept this transformed America, the seeds of lies are set in school.

1989 Governor Association on Education – Gov Bill Clinton, Pres Bush 41

  • Students are HUMAN CAPITAL Education’s will train students to work. People are human capital only good to work for the state.
  • Education will Transform Society from individualism to collectivism.  Gone are exceptionalism, creativity, independent thought. Mediocrity and group think are in.
  • Fact Based Education is no longer the primary focus of education. We will  base training on emotion, opinion not fact.

Through psychological manipulation, behavior can be altered. Today we are living the results of 60 years of a socialist education. No wonder we now have a socialist party with members holding seats in Congress. By definition, these people are committing sedition. 

Just listen to the Globalists (in both parties) demand their crumbs back to fund their utopian fantasies. Their new plan is for a 70% tax. That should be fun. Since schools no longer teach economics, civics, government, math, reading and writing, we get ignorant legislators. 

The latest Globalists Dem Steve Cohen, submitted a bill to eliminate the Electoral College. Obviously no understanding of its consequences for in a democracy, he would not have a job as there is no need for elected officials. In a Democracy the public “votes” directly. No civics education.

Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, described an economy that will produce nothing but penalize anyone who produces. She is a graduate of Boston University’s with a degree in economics. Are you subsidizing BU?

Rep Hank Johnson thinks Guam will tip over if the Marines land. Good thing he studied law not geography.

Nancy, Maxine, Chuck and Hillary think MS13 are the Dreamers and Americans are deplorable. Each one of them has a Wall or fence around their property. Because they hate President Trump, these Globalists will scorch the earth of America just so “Trump” can’t have his way. Exactly who are they hurting?

Rep Rashida Tlaib, Islamist, wants to “Impeach the motherf…er”.  Her Islamic faith teaches her to hate the Jews and Americans. Yet she was elected by lying. Will Michigan re-elect her?

When did lying become acceptable? When we refused to call out their lies and became the silent majority. When we tolerated their values, accepted PC, boycotts, a communist education and complied.

I ask you again: Is America Worth Saving? What will you do?

Will you:

Call your Representatives and Senators and demand the Wall?

Go to your school board expose the texts and demand equality (their word) for an American curricula?

Correct their lies?

To comply and be silent means acceptance. I will not comply. Will you?


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