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June 25, 2024





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It is beyond rational thinking and comprehension, how most of the major Christian denominations in the USA and Europe, are more concerned about the rights and fate of the so called Palestinians, than they are about the rights, fate, welfare and survival of Christians, under the Muslims of Hamas in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
I mentioned ‘so called’, because no human being can actually find, a state called Palestine, or a people Palestinians, anywhere in the last 6,000 years of recorded history. In fact, no one can even name a single king, or leader of such a mythical entity.
The concoction of such a state and people, started in 1964 by the Soviet KGB who supported Yasser Arafat, the leader of the terrorist PLO. They were able to succeed in creating such an invention, based entirely on the most easily demonstrable lies in the annals of history.
Unfortunately, true to what Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi Minister of Propaganda – asserted:
“If you tell a Lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The Lie can be maintained only, for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the Lie”
In the case of the Arab/Israeli conflict, the State mentioned above should be replaced by the Media.
Thus, the conglomerate of Arabs from different Arab and Muslim countries, who resided in British Mandated Palestine, were successfully metamorphosed into the fairy-tale Palestinian People.
Let me share the following historical facts with those readers, who do not have the time to go in depth investigations:

  1. The foremost thinkers regarding Arab nationalism after the end of WWI and the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, were Christian not Muslim Arabs
  2. Most of the Arab lands were under the boot of the Ottoman Turks from 1517 till 1918
  3. During these 400 years, not a single Arab leader conducted an Arab uprising against the Ottoman Empire while different Arab tribes fought against each other
  4. It was the Europeans (British and French) and Americans, who liberated the Arabs from 400 years of subservience and oppression by the Ottoman Turks
  5. The so called Great Arab Revolt was initiated, bribed and supported by the British
  6. It was the British and French in 1916, under the Sykes Picot agreement, who created the states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Mandated British Palestine
  7. It was in 1917, that the Balfour Declaration was made regarding the establishment of a Jewish State in British Mandated Palestine
  8. Not once, before 1964 did any Arab call himself/ herself a Palestinian while the Jews had the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra. The Arabs of Mandated Palestine were only proud declaring their nationality as Arabs
  9. In 1947, UN Resolution 181 was passed to create TWO states in British Mandated Palestine; one Arab and one Jewish
  10. The Jews accepted the resolution. All the Arabs (including all the Arab leaders of British Mandated Palestine) refused the resolution and declared a Jihad War of Extermination against the Jews, starting in 1948
  11. Before the war of aggression by six Arab countries against the new State of Israel, there were no Arab refugees
  12. By the time of the 1949 Armistice, there were allegedly 700,000 Arab refugees who fled a few miles in each direction to the neighbouring Arab states of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iraq
  13. These refugees, were the result of a war of aggression, and the UN declared them Arab refugees; NOT Palestinian refugees
  14. While the Arabs allowed their ‘brothers and sisters’ to continue being on the welfare of the UN for the last 72 years, Israel absorbed 950,00 Jewish refugees from Arab and Muslim lands (not because of war, but because of discrimination against Jews) as well as over one million from the former Soviet Union and hundreds of thousands more from 70 other countries around the globe
  15. The absolute majority of Christian Arab refugees, refused to remain in refugee camps but dispersed to countries in the Western world
  16. 150,000 Arabs of Palestine decided not to run away, and became citizens of the new State of Israel. They are among the most educated and free Muslims, anywhere in the Arab and Muslim world, numbering over 2,000,000
  17. As I am writing this article, more and more young Christians and Muslims are joining the Israeli Defence Force declaring publicly that since they are in a state that treats them as equal citizens, they too, like the Israeli Jews should defend the state

The Christians and Jews under Islam, are treated by Islamic Sharia as Dhimmies (subject peoples; in their own lands of nativity). That means, they have no rights whatsoever except, whatever the current Muslim leader(s) deems fit to give them.
For example, Lebanon used to have a 70% Christian majority. Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East. The Christians today, are less than 30%, and many are leaving the dysfunctional Hezbollah controlled Islamic state
Bethlehem 70% and Nazareth 60% were majority Christian cities; they are now minorities under Muslims.
In my country of Iraq, there were 1,300,000 of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Because of Islamic Sharia and ISIS, they are now less than 220,000 and leaving. The same with the Christians of Syria.
In Muslim Egypt, the Coptic Christians (actually the indigenous Egyptians, 10%) suffer death, destruction, kidnapping, terror and forced conversion, almost daily at the hands of the Muslim occupiers.
Bethlehem was at its peak in 1994. The predominately Christian city (Over 70 percent of the population) was enjoying an economic boom. Tourism was at an all-time high. Its proximity to Jerusalem and the close relations with Israel, were thought very propitious for the Christians in Bethlehem.
It was in 1994 after all, that an era of hope and promise was supposed to come to the Middle East, with the Oslo “Peace” Accords. In the following year, Israel was to transfer control over Bethlehem to the PLO, who were to self-govern the area for the first time.
Although Bethlehem was packed with tourists from all over the world and Israel, and the Christmas spirit filled the atmosphere, there was great concern and reluctance among the Arab Christians to have their city fall under the leadership of Yasser Arafat’s PLO.

The Christian leaders implored the Israeli authorities to keep Bethlehem under Israeli control. Unfortunately, Arafat refused this and he took over full control in December the following year, 1995.

As always with Muslims, they are mandated by Sharia, to humiliate Christians and Jews by subjecting them to the Jizya (Onerous penalty for refusing to convert to Islam); the PLO imposed it on the Christians of Bethlehem and the surrounding areas. This was just a foretaste, of more harassments to follow.
As I have proven in several previous articles, the silence of the European and American leaders (Political, Academic, Clerical and Media) was and continues to be Deafening.
During the al Aqsa, Second Intifada of 2002, cowardly Muslim terrorists – who were escaping Israeli forces hunting them for murdering Israeli civilians – barricaded themselves in the Church of the Nativity; the holiest site in Christianity. They violated and desecrated the Church while holding hostage, 204 tourists and 46 priests.
As always, the Western Media and leaders criticised Israel’s reaction without a single condemnation of Yasser Arafat (whose terrorists were in the Church), nor a word from UNESCO or the UN.
All in all, very little is reported in the media on the systematic abuse and harassment of Christians in the city and in the areas controlled by the PLO and Hamas.
In 1950, Bethlehem and the surrounding villages were 86% Christian. But by 2016, the Christian population dipped to just 12%, according Bethlehem mayor Vera Baboun.

It is enough to note the dramatic decline in the number of Christians in Bethlehem and Nazareth, to realise that something sinister is going on, since the Muslims took control of the cities.

One of the most remarkable turn of events is the fact, that the foremost proponents and thinkers about Arab Nationalism and opponents of the creation of the Jewish state, were Christian Arabs. Yet, for their undoubted Arab nationalism, the Muslims treat them as Dhimmies, inferior citizens, no matter how several of them are the useful stooges for propaganda purposes.
Christian Arabs (like most Christians in the world) have not been able to accept the reality, that according to Islamic Sharia, the belief in the Trinity is the worst blasphemy possible.
It matters not, that Muhammad’s Quran speaks highly of Jesus and his mother. Neither Jesus, nor his mother, are considered divine in any way, shape or form, in Islam. The idea of connecting other divinities with Allah is Shirk (association), which is the worst of abominations under Sharia.
Al Ikhlas (Sincerity) 112: Say, “He Is Allah, [Who Is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither Begets nor Is Born. Nor is there to Him any equivalent” 
The whole belief system of Islam resides in the most monumental concept of the unity of Allah. He has no other associates such as a son, a wife or any other equal. Therefore, Muslims consider Christians as Kuffar/ Unbelievers/ Infidels.
For years thereafter, the crowds for Christmas Eve in Bethlehem have been slowly dwindling. The Christmas spirit is being stifled, not because of Israel’s “occupation” as the Western Fake News, the clueless European leaders, the spineless Democrats, the misguided academics and the virtue signalling college students have us believe, by focusing their vitriol only against Israel.
The true Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in the Middle East and all over the Muslim lands, is happening, not because of any political, economic, social or even territorial reasons, but is entirely caused by Islamic Sharia’s Intolerance against, and hate for any other belief system.
After all, every single Muslim terrorist organization (Hamas, ISIS, al Qaida, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, al Shabab, etc.), base all their despicable deeds – of mass murder, rape, enslavement, destruction and forced conversions – on hundreds of verses that they quote verbatim, from Muhammad’s Quran.
While Christian leaders and Christians in general, sleep at the helm, slowly but most definitely, the only Christians who will be left in Bethlehem, will be the priests of the Church of Nativity. At some time in the near future, Christianity will truly experience “Silent Night” in Bethlehem, without the joy or holiness associated with it.
Image: Reuters


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