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June 19, 2024





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The 28-year tradition of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) speaking at the annual Fancy Farms picnic didn’t go so well this year. The 81-year-old professional politician spoke his usual rhetoric at the event, stating, “I’m really excited to be back at Fancy Farms on behalf of the strongest Republican team we’ve ever run in our state.” He received no applause. People are fed up with the spittle from the mouths of politicians. Truth is what we want.

Mitch got a less-than-welcoming reception. “Retire!” Lost the Senate!” Shame on you!” The people were kind. They weren’t a lynch mob. They just wanted the geriatrician to know that they don’t buy his twaddle any longer. People have had enough of gaslighting and doublespeak. Nothing about the Republican team is strong. The large majority are but pathetic RINOs who participate equally with the New Democrats who support the globalist party line. This gibberish won’t do in a small west Kentucky town in Graves County, population 500.

Why is McConnell so offensive to people? Well, he has supported just about everything the Leftist Democrat Party has pushed to literally destroy our nation, including two impeachments of former President Donald Trump. Yet he now claims that impeachment is bad for our country, that it should be a very rare congressional action. His duplicity is broadcast by his own contradictory words. “We’re up against the folks who gave you record-high inflation,” the people who closed schools during the “Pandemic,” and who said teachers’ unions know best how to raise your children. Come on, Mitch. We know how greatly you profited from these assaults against the American people. You are a walking contradiction, no different than Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi.

Every good American patriot would have heckled this Uniparty loyalist. Trump rightly called out Mitch many times. A proper analysis of constitutional betrayal reveals that impeachment of not only Joe Biden, but also Alejandro Mayorkas and Christopher Wray, and a number of other “failures” who actively participate in the collapse of America, is highly warranted. But we ought not to stop there. These are all guilty of outright treason.

Yes, the days are evil. We are living in a period of liberal extremism — meaning that evil is pursued with vengeance. Surviving such an onslaught requires radical responses. We must get to the root of the problem. Evil must be uprooted if peace is ever to prevail again. The one man who dares to oppose this rogue state is Donald Trump. The list of offenses against this patriotic businessman, who happens to love America enough to suffer for it, is extensive. Impeached twice, and charged with insurrection, election interference, mishandling classified documents, and falsifying business records… what have they not charged him with? Nothing but what they themselves have violated for decades.

Did McConnell receive his just reward at Fancy Farms? Certainly, he and all other loser politicians who are derelict of their oath to support and defend the Constitution deserve much more than just impeachment. Justice demands retribution through God-ordained government channels. But you will not see it happen with this illegitimate regime.

The conservative silent majority is now speaking, and they’re very angry. The Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, and Bidens have awakened the American people. Our time for radical opposition — fixing the root problem — is at hand. We must not fail if we hope to awaken a new America, which is the old America. The nation on whom God once shed His grace. Yes, some things are worth fighting for. Stand up, or step aside. And do what you must!

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