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May 23, 2024





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Everything we see happening right now, in the nine months since Democrats removed President Donald Trump and installed the mentally diminished village idiot Joe Biden⏤the disintegration of a once-great America is not the mere incompetence of a silly, doddering old man.

This is a highly orchestrated attack to eliminate the middle class by bankrupting the country with schemes for redistributing the wealth of the producers to the non-producers, importing more non-producers as voters, and apart from mandates, doing this by now creating a shortage crisis in what has become the essentials of the American middle class, i.e., life, food, fuel, independence, and property ownership. It’s the “Plan” at work, and nothing else matters.

It’s time to reintroduce readers to the odious Marxist plan that Joe Biden and his masters are forcing on America now that they are rid of Trump, the usurper. It’s the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the radical political blueprint for change the man and wife team of communist philosophers and college professors Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven published as a workbook known as the “Rules for Radicals.”

Simply put, the four primary steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy are specifically designed to overload and break the welfare system, to promote chaos among the non-producers, so they riot and burn to give a socialist government, like Pelosi’s, an excuse to control the chaos as the BLM and Antifa’s are doing, then quickly implement their plan to control and restore order using force as required so alarmed citizens can be made to feel safe again. 

The Democrats “never let a crisis go to waste” (especially a manufactured one). A  socialist government in waiting will quickly sweep away our Constitutional principles as ineffective and presume a mandate to clear the streets of violence, by force if necessary, and round up all dissenting Conservative activists.

Once imposed and a permanency sets in, and we already know that nothing is more permanent than a government program offered up as a solution, the tyranny will begin. While it might look like a ‘faith accompli,’ the constitutional authority of elected county sheriffs stands as a barrier to them by refusing to cooperate, taking their own control locally, and making arrests for unconstitutional crimes committed by the Marxists, hopefully stopping the second phase of the communist takeover. You need to ensure your Sheriff isn’t a “woke” putz! Remember, it’s all organized to remove our constitutional safeguards during their created chaos to impose Socialism. 

Consider how the Deep State has used the Patriot Act to protect itself from outraged conservative Americans. Because of the Patriot Act, the real insurrectionists, and anti-government coup plotters, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party, treacherously removed an effective president giving them the slim opportunity to change the definitions of who is a terrorist and who isn’t, basically, White Trump supporters.

Democrats also ignore immigration laws to allow the secret importing of Islamic terrorists, drug cartel gang members, and uncountable numbers of disease-ridden third world denizens. If they succeed, it will make it much easier for Democrats to fundamentally change America and keep them in charge, forever.

When government sets out to fix” a problem with a new program, that program never goes away. To protect their new programs, Democrat strategy has been to create social and economic victims with a climate of militancy,” such as they promoted after the George Floyd business. It’s to solidify the acceptance of being victims. Here’s where the Leftist media comes in.

As a crisis develops, Democrats will use the propaganda resources of the mass media to promote their victimization and blame “White Privilege” as the reason for the supposed inefficiencies and injustices that keep them always subservient to their welfare status. CRT is another attack on a functioning America. Democrats offer false hope to the underclass, most of whom, if they are not sports talented, find their solace growing up in gangs, committing crimes, and victimizing others, but rarely in education. We gotta turn this ship around and soon!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now go get ’em!


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