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July 13, 2024





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Contrary to all the false propaganda emanating from the mouths of Western leaders and their media stooges in both the USA and Europe, the reality today is that Putin has been able to ⏤ not because of his ingenuity, but as a by-product of the war with Ukraine ⏤ fracture the European Union as well as relations between the USA and the EU.

The Western leaders, in totality, were and continue to be complicit in this tragic war because not only did they not prepare militarily and economically for several months ⏤ while Putin was deploying hundreds of thousands of soldiers to invade Ukraine, but they subsequently used extreme rhetoric and emotion instead of sagacity vis a vis Putin and Russia.

Beyond their military support, which was very late, to say the least, and the economic sanctions against Russia, their hypocrisy and duplicity at every level have been and continues to be breathtaking.

Take, for example, how, on the 2nd of September 2022, the G7 leaders decided the insanely arrogant following declaration:

Finance ministers from the G7 grouping of leading democracies today, unilaterally decided to set a price cap on Russian oil exports in an effort to limit the Kremlin’s ability to finance its war in Ukraine.

The plan would rely on refusing Russia access to the vital London insurance market, which covers 95 percent of the global oil shipping industry if it does not respect the price cap.

The utter stupidity of such a ridiculous plan is mind-boggling because the Europeans are the buyers. Russia and all other oil-producing nations are the suppliers who decide what the price of an oil barrel should be, based entirely upon supply and demand and not on the dictates of European politicians, whose peoples will suffer catastrophically if they have no oil and gas to heat and run their homes and cars.

Despite all the efforts by the EU and US to limit Russian oil sales, Russia has been able to boost its exports to countries like India, China, and others. They are more interested in keeping their people in good shape instead of making utterly useless theatrical gestures and asinine statements.

Russia and all members of OPEC will not countenance such a ridiculous ⏤ putting a price cap ⏤ and commercially unacceptable proposition.

Biden and the EU leaders accuse Russia of being a ‘terrorist’ state for invading and slaughtering Ukrainians. They have implemented very severe economic sanctions against Russia and Russians.

Yet, these same leaders have been relentlessly negotiating with the blatant terrorist Ayatollah’s regime for several years and are continuing to do so. Yet, they ignore the fact that this regime has already destroyed the freedom, political and economic aspirations of four Arab nations (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen), using them as proxy terrorist states to expand Shia Iran’s economic and military attempted hegemony in the region.

In totality, Biden and the EU leaders are complicit in supporting the terrorist Ayatollah’s regime by lifting the sanctions to allow them to receive over 70 billion dollars of frozen assets.

The question every sane human being should ask these leaders is, why are the terrorist Ayatollahs more favored than Putin? Why are they imposing sanctions on Putin while lifting them from the Ayatollahs?

All the Sunni Arabs and Israel are asking these very questions. After all, the publicly and repeatedly declared intention of the Ayatollahs is the destruction not only of Israel but of all the Sunni Gulf states and the USA.

After all, the publicly declared intentions of the Ayatollah’s regime since 1979 have been and continue to be precisely the same: To spread Shia Islam not only in all the Arab and Muslim countries but to do so in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, using terror as the method of coercion, just as Muhammad successfully did in Arabia 1400 years ago.

As you are reading this article, not a single mainstream media outlet is bringing to the attention of Americans ⏤ the social, economic, and political upheavals starting to unravel in Europe.

On the 2nd of September 2022, over 70,000 people in the Czech Republic demonstrated in emulation of Trump’s MAGA ⏤ with banners and flags declaring “Czech Republic First” ⏤ because they are suffering from inflation, the high cost of fuel, 30% increase in food and all other daily necessities. They are not against the Ukrainians; they are for their own families and survival.

Supporting Ukraine should not be at the cost of diminishing the quality of life of ordinary Europeans, Americans, and the whole world, no matter how noble politically it may be.

Such rumblings are spreading all across Europe, forcing their politicians to act separately from the Union. The leaders of each country will have to listen to the voices of their people; otherwise, if ignored, the anger of “We the People” will continue brewing like magma inside a volcano, getting hotter and hotter until it explodes catastrophically and beyond the control of politicians.

Contrary to all their posturing, I predict that these arrogant and clueless EU leaders will demand Joe Biden open America’s oil and gas energy to replace those of Russia and others to save Europeans from freezing to death. Under such circumstances, how can Biden refuse their demands? Will he betray them just to please his unhinged Green supporters?

In fact, they should be demanding this immediately before the snow starts falling, because every week they delay this demand will be a nail in their political coffin.

How will he and Democrats square the circle of defending Ukraine while watching others die because of lack of heat and betraying them?

Will there be a NATO after this?

Will there even be an EU left?

Ultimately, when the chips are down, every leader will do their utmost to save their own hide.

Iamge: AP


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