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June 13, 2024





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Talbert Swan says there is no such thing as blue lives. I have a message for you Mr. Swan:
Mr. Swan,
You are as wrong as you could be. As the NAACP chapter president in Springfield, you deliver exactly the wrong message and as such you sir are part of the problem. After the shooting of two officers in Compton who were just sitting in their police car doing their job, I have had enough. You are saying that we are comparing THEIR jobs with YOUR life and their jobs are a CHOICE but your BLACKNESS isn’t.

NAACP chapter president Talbert Swan

How about your humanity? That seems to be a choice you are derelict in making. Then you want to compare the attempted assassination of two completely innocent officers, with Kyle Rittenhouse killing two protesters in Kenosha. That is a completely different situation. Mr. Rittenhouse was attacked during fast moving incidents during a riot in a place where people had guns, were looting and were violent. You just continue to spread false narratives. 
The difference is, Blue Lives are being snuffed out in anger, with malice and hate, purposely and randomly. The black lives that have been lost at the hands of police have never been lost as a result of a police officer sneaking up and shooting innocent citizens. They are lost as a result of police being called to a scene in which said person is doing something criminal, threatening to others, dangerous or violent. It is in RESPONSE to bad behavior that threatens others.
The subsequent behavior choices made by that suspect dictates what response officers have to make. Pretty big difference there Talbert. I would suggest you and the NAACP teach people how they must respond to a police encounter to avoid escalating the situation they have already created.
That is a far cry from sitting quietly in a vehicle and being targeted for murder by ambush.
I am a white woman Mr. Swan. Working as an officer in a nearly all black, high crime community, I never once saw officers mistreat citizens. I never once saw excessive force used. What I saw were officers of all races do their best for people of color that quite frankly weren’t doing the best for themselves or one another. I cared for black children left alone and locked in rooms by their parents, with little food and soiled diapers, while some parents worked and others went to get drunk or high. 
I interviewed white teens raped by black teens after being driven to their home while the parent was home and gave tacit approval. I held a woman as she died, stabbed in the neck by a man whose hat she teasingly stole. I held the hands of victims shot because someone lost a card game.
I watched officers do their best to help with family disputes, neglected and abused children and animals, gunfights and murders over insignificant acts or slights. Unlike the narrative you and Black Lives Matter want people to believe, the people in that community wanted us there, needed us there, and appreciated us there. We knew them, and when given the tools to do our jobs, we could protect them. We didn’t relate to them by the color of their skin, but by their humanity.
I dealt too many times with people with any number of drugs on board that were too intoxicated to know right from wrong. I knew those people in the community who wanted more in their lives, wanted better lives and they were good people. I also knew the drug dealers and the gang members, the sexual predators and sex workers. Not all people are good people Mr Swan. For you to say Blue Lives don’t matter because they made a CHOICE to go into these communities and each day risk their lives to protect the people of these communities; to deliver babies, to save choking children, to notice and rescue children being abused in a hundred ways by family members, to take the criminals out of the community so the people can have better lives, is just wrong. Police have hundreds of thousands of contacts with people of color every day, and the percentage that turns into any kind of use of force is less than 2%.
Here are some facts for you so you can correct the misinformation you are spreading. Blacks comprise 13.5% of the total United States population. Black males comprise 7.5% of the total black population. Approximately 4% are black males between the ages of 16 and 60. That percentage commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the United States.
Last year in the United States 600,000 field officers killed 1004 suspects. Police killed twice as many whites than blacks. However black suspects killed NINE TIMES more police offices than officers killed blacks
For you to say Blue Lives don’t matter because your Blackness is not a choice is ludicrous. You promote Black Lives Matter, a Marxist and racist organization in itself, that would destroy all income and educational opportunities for people of color. Your priorities are completely out of whack here. Every officer serving the black community I worked in, worked with honor and with care and with fairness.
You, sir, are out of line and ignorant of the truth. You contribute to officers being maliciously murdered by your false narrative. You harm those you purport to help.
To do better for people of color, who are people as equal as people of all other colors and races, stop holding them back and making them victims, and encourage them to stay away from drugs and gangs, encourage fathers to remain in the family unit, encourage education and religion and teach them how to interact with police. Creating victims helps no one.
I am angry and ashamed of your statements Mr. Swan. You can do better. You can be better. You can uplift people of color. What you cannot do is continue to excuse the murder of police officers. Blue Lives Matter.


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