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April 22, 2024





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Rush Limbaugh’s announcement that he has advanced lung cancer hit like a bombshell to many Americans. Love him or hate him, he has been a powerful media force for America. Conservative, yes. Patriotic, yes. Blatantly honest, yes. The first thing I said to my husband after expressing shock and dismay, was that libs would have a field day with that news, and they did not disappoint.
The tolerant libs are spewing the most vile and gleeful responses to this devastating news for another human being. I cannot imagine what is in the hearts and souls of people like this that such hatred is within them. My heart hurts for America each time I see the hatred toward any conservative, on the news, on twitter, on social media. 
Rush Limbaugh is a legend. He has been a voice for conservatives, for patriots, for unborn babies, for the Constitution, for capitalism and for freedom. He has been on the radio for as long as I can remember and has steadfastly supported the America our forefathers fought for and sought to create. He is a supporter of our military, our veterans, our police and first responders. He is against corruption and political dishonesty, and against the liberals who would limit our freedoms and turn us toward socialism.

Radio is one of the last bastions for conservative voices. No voice has been bigger and stronger than Rush’s. The buzzards are circling already and it is despicable.

Whenever that day comes and Rush goes off the air, there will be a void and some very big shoes to fill⏤but they will be filled. Conservatives are out here in mass and another will step up. Conservative radio and podcasts are on the rise. Conservative television is on the rise. Conservatives will continue to support the Constitution and our freedoms and the American Dream as our forefathers envisioned it.
To those that are posting and commenting with such hatred and ugliness, you are a puzzle missing a piece of your souls. My mother always taught me that what goes around comes around and that adage seems to be true.

To think that anyone would wish ill upon a man because of his political views⏤is so disgusting to me and speaks to the hole in their own character and soul.

How did Americans in the greatest country on earth become so hateful, so divided, so intolerant and so blind to life and its beauty and treasures. How do you wish to silence others and indeed wish death to them? Look hard America, if you are one of the people gleeful about this news that is devastating for another human being, when your turn comes you may get the same. 
It’s such a bigger picture to me, about the hearts and souls of America and the way we treat each other. We all receive what we give in life and every day I am wondering if we are not losing a huge piece of the soul of our great Nation.
Rush Limbaugh, I wish you many more happy years of life and many more years of fighting for the America I believe in as you have done for so many years. I thank you for being the patriot and the voice you have been for America and for all conservatives, and wish you a speedy and complete recovery and May God Bless You.


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