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May 22, 2024





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This past May, I had to walk away from The Frankly Daniel Show, my weekly radio spot, on this marvelous Network, the juggernaut known as America Out Loud!

My reason for abruptly leaving was compelling. On top of battling Leukemia for the second time, I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Breast Cancer in early May. So yes, I, a male of 73 years, had Breast Cancer added to my Leukemia diagnosis. And needless to say, life got seriously complicated.

Breast Cancer strikes approximately 2,400 males each year. This number, of course, is dwarfed by the number of women, 264,000, who are newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year, and of these, about 42,000 women and 500 men in the U.S. die each year from Breast Cancer. 

Nonetheless, Breast Cancer is serious regardless of one’s sex, and physicians use all the same interventions in treating it. These include invasive and often disfiguring surgery followed by time-ladened radiation therapy and chemotherapy. And while the science of treating Breast Cancer advances daily, none of the current surgical interventions and follow-up treatments happens quickly. 

My wife and I went through a series of detailed and time-intensive consultations and hours of home research about this disease and its treatment outcomes. I can tell you that the initial information overload, understanding of the surgical options, and post-operative treatments were stressful from start to finish. You see, men aren’t supposed to get Breast Cancer.

So, when my oncologist confronted me with this diagnosis, I immediately knew there was no way I could continue the Frankly Daniel Show and battle this beast simultaneously. If there’s anything I’ve learned while living with cancer these past eight years, life is finite and fragile and can end at any time.

Unquestionably, stepping down was disheartening; frankly, it hurt. But, you see, leaving wasn’t really about the damage to my ego. I’m 73 years old, and my ego isn’t what it used to be at 35 or even 50. At this point in my life, I’d gladly accept living an additional year in trade for leaving a national radio show. After all, I love my family, and they will always be my top priority.

So here’s the rub about the loss of the show. I positively and thoroughly enjoyed doing the show. I derived a personal sense of purpose from researching my stories and opinions and then taking to the microphone to tell you what I found and why I thought it was important to share with you. My current problem is how will I regain this sense of purpose now that I’m on the other side of cancer.

Yes, that’s right! I received some exciting news this week. First, I’m thrilled and thankful that I’m currently Breast Cancer free, and God willing, I will remain so. Second, my Leukemia is also presently in remission. And importantly, I’m delighted to announce that I’m returning to The Frankly Daniel Show, on America Out Loud Talk Radio, on January 14, 2023.

For this rebirth, I owe immense gratitude to a dear friend and mentor, Malcolm Out Loud, the brilliant creative founder, CEO, and the life spirit of America Out Loud Network, who has encouraged and guided me through every aspect of the original Frankly Daniel Show.

I’m uplifted and grateful for Malcolm’s friendship and stewardship of my small contribution to his vision for America Out Loud. And above all, I celebrate Malcolm’s ironclad defense of our Constitution’s First Amendment, brilliantly captured in his concept of “America Out Loud.” 

Let me share something about Malcolm that few people know. When I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Malcolm’s only concern was my health. Throughout these past six months, a week would not pass without Malcolm’s text message or phone call to ask about my progress and if there was anything he could do for me. Malcolm did not expect that I would or could ever return to the Network. His only goal was lifting my spirits and demanding I keep the faith.

I find Malcolm this way with all those he calls friends. And Malcolm’s world is packed with friends. But, unfortunately, in today’s world of ridiculous time demands and attention deficits, there are only one in a million people like Malcolm. Find me a thousand people who care about people like Malcolm does, and we could change the direction of this nation for good. 

I believe this is the overarching mission statement of the America Out Loud Network. The goal, corral the highjacked direction of this nation and return its path to the spectacular, ever-evolving, and improving Constitutional Republic so ably launched by our Founding Fathers. 

I believe conservative voices are in demand more than ever before, so I’m delighted to be returning to the Network this coming January. The American people deserve well-thought-through conservative ideas as critical alternatives to the progressive-driven media flood of Left-wing propaganda, propaganda meant to indoctrinate, not inform, or improve one’s understanding of the issues confronting our nation. People want authenticity in their news and commentary, not xeroxed slogans and regurgitated tag lines issued by the Democrat National Committee.

In closing, let me say that America Out Loud is more than the flagship for conservative analyses and commentary. America Out Loud has become the Voice of the Nation, and I’m thankful for a part to play in this future-critical endeavor.

Thank you for graciously allowing me to bend your ear for these several paragraphs. I look forward to returning to America Out Loud on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Until then, Merry Christmas, and I wish you a very healthy and prosperous New Year.


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