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February 22, 2024





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The Democrats will soon be back in control of the House and they will continue to perpetrate the biggest fraud scam ever employed by the Democratic party, short of exculpating Hillary Clinton’s many high crimes and misdemeanors as yet to be adjudicated. America will never heal so long as the Clintons and their coterie of enablers continue to escape their just punishment.
This Mueller investigation should have never even started but some good will come out as it has shown us just how far corrupt people will go to keep themselves in power contrary to the Constitution and the rule of law. This corruption will continue so long as the Media supports it.
The Clinton/Obama eras of Progressive Socialism is responsible for the “deep state” corruption that is now slowly coming to light. Some Republicans are involved as well. The corrupted FBI and DoJ did all in their power to assuage Americans that there was nothing to see there, excuse Hillary Clintons treasonous behavior and all but ignore the Clinton Foundations pay for play corruption. The FBI’s tergiversation is a dark stain on the reputations of the Bureaus individual leadership and their cohorts in the DoJ. Some have already become “fall guys.” 
The Obamas following suite and took up the reins of a ‘crypto’ corrupted government. Their entire administration was unAmerican and their crimes almost too many to count. Mueller, a creature of the Clintons should be removed just for Hillary’s Uranium One scheme alone.
How does this work? The Democrats are constantly showing us how corrupt they are while the weak willed Republican Congress only permits a slow leak of the truth to come out, all denigrated or dismissed by the Leftist compliant media as lies. Are Republicans afraid of the media? Well, yes, except for Donald Trump. He’s turned the fourth estate, intent on fulfilling its evanescent duty, on its head making it hard pressed for them to keep their lies believable. 
Mueller’s inquiries focused on a fake report of collusion between Trump and the Russians that handed Trump the American presidency. So far, no go on that tale. Included in the story but ignored by the media, is the true tale of collision, that the Wikileaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s server revealed that the whole phony story was, is, and will forever be a failed stealth attack by Hillary Clinton et. al… The DNC all but opened the door of their computers to hackers.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that “this was a leak, not a hack.” He exposed the unfortunate Seth Rich as the leaker. Technical experts who examined the data said that the transfer was too fast to have been a hack so, it had to have been a leak. But, that’s not the Progressive narrative they think will saved Hillary because the lie is the entire basis for Mueller’s investigations, yet it seems that no one wants the truth to come out, even the Never Trumpers. 
Now we’re in another dimension. Trump still has the Presidency, AG Sessions is gone and his Chief of Staff, Mathew Whitaker has been appointed acting AG. The new Democrats will resist his appointment with the ferocity the Senate Democrats showed to Justice Kavanaugh. Why? Because they fear Whitaker; they know that he will actually provide real, un-recused oversight that might just limit Mueller to the limits of his charter, and that wouldn’t do, would it?  
Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional and should be subject to supervision of the executive branch. He was never confirmed by the Senate. It’s long past time for this farce to end. The witch hunt has exposed the real traitors in this nation and it wasn’t Donald Trump.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!
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