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February 28, 2024





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Once again, the American public and the rest of the world are going to be duped into giving up more rights to answer this new plandemic called monkeypox., A scheme that was thought up in March 2021.

For those of you who still believe that Covid was a horrific deadly disease that had to be stopped at any cost, and you are still of that mindset, please go and read Karen Bracken’s Substack. As a matter of fact, everyone should read Karen Bracken’s Substack. Karen has done incredible research.

Do your homework. And you will come to the only real decision that all of these diseases and vaccines are caused by the people who benefit from selling the medication to eradicate the disease. Those people are the same Globalists, Democrats and RINOs, and global economists who think that they should be in control of managing your life. You should give your hard-earned money to them so that they can give you back a little with an inferior product. All they care about is Money, Power, and Control.

Don’t have enough blacks or browns; they lower the standards. They need people who “are just following orders.” Thinkers need not apply because they have AI. Humans, useless eaters, are becoming obsolete. Instead, we complain when the police can’t make snap, common-sense decisions. They have no concept; they are inadequately taught by a system that is set up to breed inferior people. Get your kids out of the government indoctrination clinics, AKA public schools, immediately.

These so-called globalist philanthropists are nothing more than a group of grifters who are living off of our hard work. Isn’t the time to stop? They desire nothing more than to turn America into the armpit of society, making billions of dollars off of the demise, destruction, and suicide of America.

Is America worth saving? Our guests today offer solutions.

Sam Sorbo is an education freedom advocate and the host of the Underground Education community. She is an award-winning actress, author, and host of Schools Out with Sam Sorbo on Epoch TV. She has home-educated her three children for over a decade. Her books They’re YOUR Kids (Reveille Press, 2017), Teach from Love: A School Year Devotional for Families (Broadstreet, 2019), and Words for Warriors (Humanix, 2021) are available at the Website: 

Chad Davidson is an Author | Producer | Host | Speaker – Former Atheist, and host of The Good Fight Radio Show. Host of popular weekly podcast show: The 5:11 News. Producer on Good Fight’s new documentary series titled “Marvel & DC’s War on God. Good Fight Ministries is located in Simi Valley, CA, and headed up by Pastor Joe Schimmel. The ministry has been providing solid biblical content, critically acclaimed documentaries, and video exposés since 1987. Website:

Pastor Sean Teis grew up fatherless, he had a single mom, and his grandparents helped raise him. Despite his situation, he became an ordained minister and has given his life to helping other fatherless families succeed. Sean is a national speaker and an author, and he has held various ministry roles but all with a continual focus on fatherless family ministry. For over a decade, Sean has been evangelizing & working with fatherless families through speaking, creating unique resources, and partnering with local churches through Life Factors Fatherless Ministries. Website:

Pastor Rick Stevens has served churches from Oklahoma to New Brunswick, Canada. He has been a pastor, youth pastor, and church music director. Since January 1997, he has been the pastor of Diplomat Wesleyan Church in Cape Coral, Florida. Radio Host:  Faith Is… with Pastor Rick Stevens can be heard every weekend at 8 am ET on the America Out Loud Network. Founding member of Florida Citizens Alliance – Website:

The Prism of America’s Education can be heard on weekends at 1 pm ET, with an encore at 9 pm ET. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa. All episodes can be found on podcast networks worldwide the day after airing on talk radio.


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