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April 16, 2024





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Wars and rumors of wars have millennials panicking as the talk on the streets and social media echo the possibility of a dreaded draft, sending shockwaves to naive fresh young minds.

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command released a message as follows: We have received multiple calls and emails about these fake text messages and want to ensure Americans understand these texts are false and were not initiated by this command or the U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army advised Americans that the military will not be drafting any man or woman by any means, especially through text messages.

According to the USAREC Public Affairs, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Fraud Alert, FORT KNOX, Ky., Jan. 7, 2020 —

A number of fraudulent text messages informing individuals they have been selected for a military draft have circulated throughout the country this week.

The decision to enact a draft is not made at or by U.S. Army Recruiting Command. The Selective Service System, a separate agency outside of the Department of Defense, is the organization that manages registration for the Selective Service.

“The Selective Service System is conducting business as usual,” according to the Selective Service System’s official Facebook page. “In the event that a national emergency necessitates a draft, Congress and the President would need to pass official legislation to authorize a draft.”

The draft has not been in effect since 1973. The military has been an all-volunteer force since that time. Registering for the Selective Service does not enlist a person into the military.

Army recruiting operations are proceeding as normal.

First of all, we’ve not been in good graces with Iran for a least 41 years. Where is your knowledge of history? And 2nd, if there was a draft, only 1% of you’d make the grade because most of you are too lazy, spoiled, and overweight⏤every day is a vacation from life, you want what you want and want it now, and your fingers are constantly glued to your cell phones and electronic devices, you most definitely lack self-discipline and need a kick-ass boot camp to knock the “impersonal-misfit” out of you.

So, I know you’re inexperienced at life, and totally unaware that Iran is a terrorist nation, they actually created many of the weapons used against our men and women in uniform during the Afghanistan war. How do you ask?

Through the military-industrial complex and major corporations, lobbyists, corrupt governors and mayors, congress and senate. Did you know we are operating with a fractional government?

Many of you are clueless and don’t give a dam about the corrupted politics of the last decade belonging to the Obama administration, it was as if Satan himself ruled the White House.

America was blessed the day Donald J. Trump was elected President, he truly cares about all Americans and works diligently to protect us against the threats of foreign and domestic terrorists, especially those waging tyranny against us from the offices of a convoluted Congress and a corrupted criminal military justice system.

Trump is NOTHING like the former, radical, treasonous, seditious, #44 administration who sent pallets of U.S. Tax paying dollars to Iran in the amount of about 1.7 billion dollars in cash that was flown in during the middle of the night and freed up with another 150 billion that was in holding!

Through his entrenched henchman, Secretary of State, John Kerry, who served from 2013-2017 under the criminal #44 administration had confessed during a television interview with CNBC that a portion of the money that Iran received from sanctions relief, did indeed go to groups that were designated as a potential terrorist or in fact terrorists.

He further elaborated, there was nothing the U.S. could do to prevent that from happening as it would potentially end up in the hands of the IRGC or other proxy forces.

Wow, there are no words for all the injustices that occurred during the Obama administration as well as the other three administrations prior. The alleged Sleeper Cell President #44, also granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians as part of Securing Nuclear Deal, and it’s no coincidence that his Senior Advisor and personal handler, Valerie Jarrett is Iranian.

How did the 44th President of the United States get away with these crimes? His bases were loaded⏤that’s for sure, deep state all the way, every department of government was infiltrated.

Yet, Kool-Aid drinking liberals with their blazing audacity, continue chastising a “Real American President, Trump, for doing all the right things for our country.

Let me remind you this President never takes a red cent of his earnings, every penny is donated to humanitarian causes, quarterly, not to mention the only racks up about four hours of sleep on a good night, yes I would say the man’s a true blue patriot.

So getting back to you⏤my weary millennials, you need to relax and know your baby booming 1 % percenters got your back, on this one, BUT, you’re going to have to pay some blood, sweat, and tears forward yourself one day in some way, you’re going to have to save your generation from the clutches of tyranny after we’re all gone, you see, because it’s a 24/7 job or should I say, an American way of life.

We know you’re running scared, it was only fake text messages. As baby boomers, we realize we are the generation of “people relators” and most of you, not all of you but most of you, 99%ers, let your thoughts and feelings be reflected through text messages. Pardon our intrusion on your cyberculture ways but dudes and dude-ette’s, you are seriously lacking in street smarts and moxie, and oh, by the way, you can use a little vitamin D, cause your skin is needing to be kissed by the sun and hugged by the outdoors.

Parade rest for now my knuckle-dragging keyboard warriors, save your strategic minds for your world of gaming, while the generations before and after you participate in real life, we don’t want to upset the daily routine and finger exercises that get you more mileage than a Marine or Army soldier in a pair of combat boots out for a five-mile run, your gonna need to develop the skillsets of your fantasy world and transform them into reality one day soon.

Better hope President Trump and my baby booming generation clean up this deep-state government before you have children, or you won’t have to worry about being drafted, the war will be at your door.

For information about volunteering to serve in the U.S. Army, please contact a local Army recruiting office.

Media outlets with questions about Army Recruiting can contact Army Recruiting Public Affairs via email at [email protected].

Image: U.S. Army / Matthew Moeller via MGN


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