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June 25, 2024





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We have been reporting the failure of America’s government schools for decades. Did you know that all schools now follow UNESCO’s worldwide Common Core. You read that right: Common Core is a UNESCO program, and is supported by Microsoft. In 2004, Bill Gates entered into an agreement with UNESCO to provide software for World Wide Common Core. I call it Communist Core.

As a result of this failed program, American government schools are failing our students. Fifty percent of American graduates cannot read, write and do simple math. Bill Gates admitted its failure. More money is his answer. We all know that the only thing that will affect change is a return of the curricula back to traditional education, WHICH WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. Choice is not the answer for it matters not what location if a child is trained in globalism/communism. 

Why are we not using successful programs that put America in the top 10 (40 years ago) not in the bottom 27 (2017)? Phonics helps students sound out letters which when put together make words. Singapore Math curriculum is mostly focused on the deep understanding of the problem rather than just learning it. American history, civics and government, provides the student with an understanding of their rights and how the American government works. Example: AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.

OK, so the schools are failing, who cares? What does that mean to me? Why should I care? Due to the extreme push for diversity, positions are filled following a racial quota, not ability.

Our government positions are filled by diversity using racial lines not ability; therefore, the high standards and pride in work ethic are no longer important. Maxine Waters just announced she will investigate the banks to make sure there are enough women and minorities on their boards. Is this the way to choose executives? Or should banks look for the most qualified? 

Functionally illiterate people (people taught to be illiterate) are below average and make HUGE mistakes. The constant flow of illiterate refugees overloads the schools who in turn overload the classes making personal attention difficult at best. Not requiring English to be learned further convolutes the problem by making simple conversations impossible. Of course that is the goal. We can’t have simple conversations or Globalists will not be able to lie and divide us. We might learn that we (Americans) agree on more topics than we realize. What happens when below average students become below average adults?

Standard requirements for jobs are also lowered. Employers are finding workers are not qualified. HS students enter college and must take remediation.  College standards are lowered. Too often, ignorant people make costly mistakes which could pose safety hazards or damaged products. Instead of addressing the real issue, poor quality education, employers are forced to lower standards to meet population quotas often imposed by government through grants, subsidies or directives. Too often lowered standards pose a danger to the people they serve. The Parkland massacre is a perfect example of a grant program, The Promise Grant, favoring race over behavior.   

Remember when Eric Holder, AG lowered the standards of the police force.

Tucker Carlson reported that the Obama administration put diversity over safety in hiring for air traffic controllers. How enthusiastic will you be to travel by air?

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to lower the standards for NYC’s elite high schools. Will they still be elite after quotas have changed their academic rating?

Today the Globalists have fooled enough people into believing that a fetus is not a baby and abortion (especially late term abortion) is not the same as murder. We give criminals a life sentence rather than subject them to a death sentence because that is considered too cruel and inhumane but think nothing of murdering a baby. What is wrong with adoption? Are Globalist liberals afraid that American conservatives will adopt? Or are they just interested in depopulation? 

These are just a few examples of the dangers of making choices by race not ability. What we don’t see is what goes on in the actual office where common sense (no longer taught in school) does not exist. So porn now shown on government computers during work hours is acceptable. Lying is acceptable, social media during work is acceptable. All of this amounts to billions of dollars lost due to incompetence.

According to the CDC, American suicide is up 25% since 1999. Instead of asking why more meds are given to depressed people—often causing more depression, the root causes are ignored. 

Depression has multiple causes. Some are:

  • an individual forced into a controlled environment
  • not being able to express themselves as individuals
  • anti-depressants
  • ignoring natural psychological and physical needs
  • not belonging
  • loneliness (devices replacing friends)
  • lack of responsibility
  • lack of morality
  • life without meaning or purpose
  • lack of common sense
  • inability to logically draw conclusions in problem solving
  • inability to reason (thus drawing wrong solutions)
  • frustration having no future or destiny.

All of these are key triggers often leading to anxiety and depression. 

Depression can lead to violence and or suicide. Sadly all of these key needs have been eliminated from schools. Today schools train our children what to think, not how to think.

Common Core forces a child to think in a box with little hope for a future not in line with the predetermined government goal. Common Core is based on the premise that people are stupid and the “smart academics know best”. To rise against a desired response often causes a child to be bullied or act out just to make their ideas known. This is turned into a feeling of hopelessness. Drugs, massive piercing, drinking, murder, terrorism, suicide are often the result of feeling hopeless. Common Core manipulates emotion and eliminates individualism, forcing a child into groupthink, not innovation and creation. Emotion become dominant with no logic reason balance. A person can only think of one thought at a time. By forcing overuse of right brain function (emotion) the left brain (logic and reason)  become dormant from lack of use. Today, aside from being functionally illiterate, too many people are motivated by a trigger word that unleashes unbridled emotion too often resulting in violence or suicide.  Here is a link to Johann Hari full one-on-one interview with Tucker Carlson

Continuing to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results, is insane, as we have heard over and over. Common Core, Whole Word Reading, Eureka Math, Evolution, Secular humanism, all assist in diminishing the capacity of America’s future. Yet we ignore the facts and continue to push these horrid programs filled with errors, omissions and bias. Have we learned nothing from years of failing grades?

Why are we forcing America’s children to follow a failed program? Education based on collectivism not individualism, training not education and values not facts, according to the brilliant educator Shirley McCune, is to change and alter the society. This is not education. It is indoctrination. She promotes outcome based education. Our children’s destiny will now be chosen by a computer. How many more generations of Americans will we lose to this indoctrination called education? Link to Governors Conference on Education.

According to Heather McDonald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, colleges are now forced to select students on the basis of Diversity. This does not produce the best and brightest. The danger in science she states is escalating as students study irrelevant subjects like diversity, race and minority affects on a variety of issues NOT SCIENCE. If STEM students are selected by diversity not ability who will invent the next Widget, or cure? Link to Heather Mac Donald with Tucker Carlson on Identity Politics in STEM.

I have a challenge for you. Go and look at your school’s scores as shown in the US News and World Report. Since Common Core was thrown at us without proper vetting (no test run) and violates many educational codes and statutes, why are we forcing our students to become ignorant? You will be shocked at the results. How much money did you spend to get these horrid results? Since we are bombarded from the Global communists running the schools about equality and diversity, is not time to take them up on their words. Go to your school board and thank them for brining equality and diversity to the schools. Then tell them that based on their own ideas you want equality and diversity for Phonics, Singapore math, and traditional American history, government and civics. Teaching only one program, Common Core is not equal or diversified. Don’t argue but be firm. If one program is not working, equal time for another is called for. You get the picture. The only way to beat them is to use their words and plan.

If nothing is done, how many more agencies and businesses will fail putting the public at risk? How may bridges and buildings will fall? How many cars will crash? Do we now get to choose our doctor, mechanic, air traffic controller, police based on color of skin or ability to do the job? The choice is ours.

Just as I finished this article, I was informed by Florida Citizens Alliance, that our hard work and efforts have paid off. Gov Ron DeSantis, has just issued an Executive Order directing the Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran, to create a new curricula eliminating Common Core. We all know that this is just a first step but at least it was made.  Thank you all for your tireless effort to save Florida’s children from the horrors of communism through Common Core. Thank you Gov DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran.

Is America worth saving? If we continue to allow our schools to fail, America’s future will fail as well. Will you act? What’s in your school? Will you Join  Will you check your school? Your child’s work? Correct mistakes challenge texts for bias? errors? omissions? Join Us.  America’s future is in our hands. I will not comply, will you? 


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