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April 22, 2024





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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, more than 250,000 people die every year in the United States as a result of medical errors.

After heart disease and cancer, medical malpractice accounts for the third leading cause of death in our country. This sobering statistic is rarely acknowledged in official health databases.

Navigating the medical system alone can be confusing and scary for the average American. The technical details of medications, medical terms or procedures, and billing can quickly become overwhelming.

But who can you turn to for help?

In this episode of Energetic Health Radio, Dr. H hosts special guest, Priscilla Romans, founder and CEO of Graith Care. Priscilla launched Graith Care four years ago as an experienced nurse with expertise in various specialties. It was her hope to advocate for patient’s rights while navigating the complex healthcare system so that they could be empowered to take control of their health.

With over 3,000 clients served and around 20 patient advocates with varying professional backgrounds on staff all over the world, Graith Care is here for you wherever you may be.

Want to learn more about Graith Care? Visit their website,, and use promo code EHI to learn how their patient advocates can help you take control of your health

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20 days ago

It’s not the third leading cause it’s likely the leading cause. Many of the people who fall into the first two categories wouldn’t be there were it not for medical malpractice. Missed diagnoses, especially regarding cancers. In fact the 300% rise in cancers as a result of the covid vaccine are all the result of medical malpractice and medical malfeasance. The numbers are staggering because our elected officials don’t care and the big corporations that now run nearly all of healthcare put profit above all else and at any expense.

Hospitals intentionally understaff nurses and essential workers to the point where they are burnt out and dangerous then scapegoat them when mistakes are made. Doctors no longer stand up to the corporations to practice medicine but rather just follow the agendas pushed on them by government oversight agencies who are shilling for the pharmaceutical companies.

The list goes on and on and the most disturbing part is med errors which contribute greatly to these numbers as well as most of the other things that fall into this category are completely preventable. Nearly all of it. Then you have agencies like the Joint Commission that are empowered essentially by the government to survey hospitals if they want to get paid. However they are as corrupt as the politicians and will slap a gold standard sticker on any poorly run or dangerous organization for a cashed check. I saw it first hand. Then when you try to hold them accountable you find out they are accountable to nobody. The system is set up in place to protect the bureaucrats and the crooks at the expense of patient safety.

This goes on because we allow it.

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