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April 23, 2024





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On February 26, 1848 the Communist Manifesto was published in London by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. One of the main premises of the Manifesto was the elimination of class distinctions in society. Certainly at face value a goal that could be considered a reasonable, maybe even a noble endeavor. Though I’m not sure the Hollywood and academic leftist elites in this country would be in favor of that quite so much.

Marx and Engels believed that the goal of Communism is a stateless and classless society which would be achieved by the workers taking control of the means of production from the ruling class. Unfortunately as was the case in the former Soviet empire the ruling class lived quite well under communism, only the great unwashed – the common people suffered. As has always been the case under communist-socialist policies.

I think all Americans would agree that everyone should be treated equally without regard to their level of wealth or their position in government or in society.

That ideal forms the basis for what the United States of America was founded upon, equal opportunity for all. Equal opportunity, not equal results.

In recent years we often have heard from politicians in the American Socialist Party – formerly the Democrat Party – that the deck is stacked against the common man, and that everyone deserves “a fair shake”. Barack Obama used that phrase often during his eight years in office. And though the Democrat Party was already moving towards the left philosophically and politically for years, the race towards Socialism was speeded up under Obama.

After Obama’s eight years of marching towards Socialism I think it’s time we lift the veil off of what has been happening politically in this country for decades. It’s time to put on display for all to see exactly what the Socialist agenda has been up to.

The appearance on the national political scene of Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a prime example of what our colleges and universities have been producing now for decades. Though I haven’t seen her college grades I’m betting that she was a star pupil in college, likely graduating with honors. Just the kind of student that her leftist-Communist professor-propagandists were hoping to create through their indoctrination of American youth. And obviously in her case they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. She appears to have bought into their baloney hook, line, and sinker.

I’ve tried to avoid writing about AOC too much, I think she unfairly gets more than her share of publicity – to use a Socialist analogy.  But one can’t help but point out how ludicrous most of her claims and suggestions truly are.

Most recently she has questioned whether or not people should even reproduce because of the threat of climate change. In other words we shouldn’t propagate the species anymore, but we’ll save the world ! “I mean, like, really, after all the world is going to end in twelve years anyway”. Somehow Communist China’s ‘one child’ policy comes to mind.

It would seem that AOC might be setting a record for how quickly one can wear out their welcome in Washington. Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders seem to be losing patience with her, and as a neophyte in the rough and tumble game of national politics, poor AOC could find herself in a heap of political trouble – if not legal trouble – very soon.

The American Socialist Party is now completely in the grip of the extreme left, with all of the so far announced candidates for president trying to out-left each other during their campaign appearances by promising government giveaways they’ll never be able to deliver on. And by offering pie-in-the-sky programs that will never be paid for or ever really solve a problem facing the country. They sound good in a campaign speech to the uneducated, low information crowd, but those of us who live in the real world understand the difference between a campaign promise, and the ability to deliver on a promise. Something a non-politician like Donald Trump has shown the ability to do quite well so far.

All the American Socialist Party knows how to do is to control a population by destroying their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, and make people dependent on the government for their very survival. Promise them everything by playing on Marxist-Socialist slogans like “tax the rich”.

My guess is that Marx and Engels would be very proud of AOC and the direction the formerly Democrat, now American Socialist Party has been headed for years. And they’d be slapping each other on the back over the success they have thus far achieved on this the 171st anniversary of their Communist Manifesto.


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