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May 18, 2024





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We have traditionally viewed the world in terms of first-world countries, second-world countries, and third-world countries, with the first world being the most developed, the third world being undeveloped, and the second world being in the process of developing.

More recently, we have looked at the world through a more simplified lens of development and development.

If you go to a big city in America today, you’ll see elements of the third world in it. Crime is rampant, with goods illegally acquired and openly sold on our streets. Even in the suburbs, multi-national criminal gangs of professional thieves are breaking into houses on a scale our nation has never seen. With a nation that increasingly vilifies the police, our ability to combat crime is collapsing even as crime explodes.

I’ve traveled much of the world and recorded this episode after spending two weeks in Mexico, where I saw the contrast between ‘resort row’ in Cabo San Lucas and those areas outside of where tourists generally go. All one has to do on vacation is to sign up for an excursion some distance from their resort to see the absolute squalor many people in Mexico live in – and understand that Mexico is, depending on the metric used, somewhere between the 11th and the 13th richest nation on Earth.

I helped train the Albanian Army in peacekeeping operations during the Bosnian-Serbian War as a part of Peaceful Eagle 95. We were the first American military personnel to visit Albania since before WWI, and Albania, being the only European nation to follow the Chinese model of communism (rather than the Soviet), Albania was easily the poorest nation in Europe when I was there in 1995, and I saw examples of poverty that literally turned my stomach. I did so while knowing that Albania, as poor as it was, was not the poorest nation on Earth.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea what real poverty or real oppression is and are easy prey to politicians and international organizations whose goals include impoverishing and oppressing them – and make no mistake that a government seeking to take more and more of the wealth its populace earns to be spent by politicians, with the promise that some of it may trickle back down to those who earned it, will eventually impoverish its populace.

Make no mistake also that by quashing the Judeo-Christian ethical model without replacing it, our current government seeks to balkanize the public such that to prevent us from tearing one another apart, they will need to take totalitarian control over us.

All of this is by design.

In this episode of Cutting Through the Chaos, I compare and contrast different countries to show what true poverty and oppression look like. I show exactly what our government is doing under the Biden Administration (and through the bureaucratic state independently of who is President) to make us a third-world country, with the goal of impoverishing and oppressing us.

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