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June 17, 2024





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A trash pickup needs to be done for everyone involved in fabricating, forwarding and fibbing about the Russia collusion hoax. That would start with Obama, Biden, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the complicit others, including media.
OK, I admit it, let’s get it on the table so you know what to expect. I am in a bad mood. I don’t go there very often, but there is a garbage overload going on and it’s hard to ignore the stench.
For a hoax like this to be perpetrated on a gullible America is treasonous. For these criminals to attempt an overthrow of a duly elected American President is third world dictator type of high crimes.

To ruin peoples lives and future, to undo an American Presidency cannot go without serious and long-lasting consequences. Yet, the media Trump haters still have their head in the sand and are in denial, and it is infuriating.

Is there such a thing as an honest person in the media anywhere?
Look at Obama, Biden and all their handpicked teams and the crimes they committed and the insults to American citizens, the loose play with the rules, the profiteering from their offices; all of them. They thought they were above the law, and above the voters of America. They intended to force their agenda, instead of listening to ‘we the people.’
Moving on through the garbage dump of our political system, is the hypocrisy of the sexual impropriety of Joe Biden and the “me too” movers and shakers who are now silent. Another ruse perpetrated on the American public in the form of one Christine Blasey Ford, who claimed sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh with no one at all to back her⏤made up, calculated and malicious story. Again, the rotting media scavengers could not air the allegations enough and claim them to be true, and left-wing politicians claimed ALL women should be heard and believed. Yet when an allegation is made against Biden, with confirming stories by a number of people of being told at the time, with documents that no one will search for, and with all these same politicians and media saying it isn’t true⏤where is the “me too” movement?
Have you seen the creepy videos of Biden touching women and children that are obviously seriously uncomfortable with it? No one in their right mind thought Brett Kavanaugh guilty, but it was another ploy to say it enough and heap enough trash onto Brett Kavanaugh, that he may not be approved to sit on the high court.
It is more wag the dog by duping the American public. The silence is deafening.
Now to add injury to insult, our judges and politicians are pulling a dangerous, and deadly fast one, on the unsuspecting American men, women, and most of all children, by using the Coronavirus pandemic to advance their far left agenda and release serious criminals and sexual predators from jails and prisons. Here is a newsflash for them; they can get Coronavirus among the masses as well as in prison. They have medical care the same or better than most. They committed crimes against humans that put them there, so where is the justice and common sense to let sexual predators out to prey on our children so they don’t get Coronavirus in prison? Why is America not enraged about this?

A Texas judge jails a woman working in her salon, as felons are freed from jails across America. Do I understand this correctly; people are being freed for committing crimes and jailed for working?

Rather than me writing a novel to tell you about the sexual predators and felons released due to Coronavirus, you can Google how many of them immediately committed crimes as soon as they were released. 
In 5 days, a California sex offender reoffended. California is releasing these predators even though jails have 45% more capacity, they are not overcrowded. This is legislating from the bench at the cost of our children’s futures and lives to advance a far-left criminal agenda.
What sense does it make to send these criminals back out to the street? Does anyone think they will go quarantine themselves? Many have nowhere to go and no money and a history of criminal activity, yet they are released into our communities to cause fear in the best-case scenario, and injury and death in the worst case.
To what end?
The dishonesty of our politicians at every level of government is so counterproductive to moving this country forward and has indeed bogged it down with false charges against the President time after time, and against anyone in his inner circle. We have wasted so much valuable time with false investigation after false investigation, with a complicit left-wing media, with the dollars lost paying these actors like Mueller in the Russia hoax. Lying should not be tolerated by any of us. Corruption should not be tolerated, nor fake “holier than thou” “me too” frauds.
It’s a foul garbage heap and we seriously need to look at who has been for America every step of the way, and who has lied, who lined their pockets from Ukraine and China, and who broke America’s trust, who perpetrated frauds on the American people and who was complicit in forwarding the lies. 
Watch for the next installment⏤where governors use Coronavirus to raise our taxes to pay for this fiasco, after forcing Americans to stop working. It will be a lose lose for the average working American, a double whammy. Listen to the lies from Ocasio-Cortez, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, Comey, Biden, Hillary, Obama. Is there any truth anymore? 
It’s a heap of trash, let’s get mad enough to clean house and move America forward with values and integrity.


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