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May 29, 2024





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A perennial GOP wanna-be presidential hopeful, John Kasich tells us: “Every day there is chaos coming out of Washington and the Trump White House. It’s diminishing our American values, threatening our international alliances and resulting in few policy accomplishments for the American people. Enough is enough. It’s time for us all – as Americans to put aside the party politics and work together to face our greatest challenges.”
I want to try to decipher what the estimable John Kasich thinks he means: First, “chaos” is a word which, in its negative connotation, basically describes the violent collapse of societies. Now, only the Democrats are in a state of violent hysterical collapse. But, once started, lurking within its violence, old scores are settled, revenge meted out, hatreds revealed and destruction of property becomes the rule of the day. Actually, Chaos is anarchy as Kasich sees it but we’re not there yet, except Portland and Baltimore.
Chaos is part of the necessary cleansing feature when societies attempt to reestablish order and authority. I didn’t say ‘lawful order’ because as we learned from Lenin’s Bolshevik revolution that overthrew Czarist Russia and the National Socialists that suborned then lawfully displace the decrepit Weirder Republic of post WW1 Germany, we see two examples of Socialism’s chaotic roadmap to achieve leadership by tyranny. Excuses for these revolutions will vary.
Kasich say’s the “chaos” comes out of Washington and the White House. Washington is a broad brush word that covers a multitude of sins but, by saying ‘White House,’ he directly means president Trump. Kasich hates President Trump because of Trumps accomplishes and, he’s mean. By Trumps frontal attacks against the open enemies of American, the socialist embedded within the Democrat party and the their policies that fail the test of Constitutionalism, reveals the real chaos Kasich talks about. Trump has been a huge success. John Kasich, nor any other Republican, could never do that. Kasich is part of the problem, a uni-party deep-state advocate.
John K. believes the ‘chaos’ he mentions is “diminishing our American values.” Well, what are those  American values he envisions? I don’t know but, clearly the voters who put Trump in office wanted a restoration of our liberties, and a reduction of Obama’s onerous and economically regulation state that nearly crushed American progress under the heels of totalitarian incompetency where nothing works but government. Trump has done that!  
John also said: Trump “was threatening our international alliances resulting in few policy accomplishments by the American people.”  First, what foreign policy accomplishment did Obama make? Actually, there’s not enough space left here to list Trumps accomplishments. In only two years he has eliminated NAFTA and the TPP, challenged China’s economic espionage, confronted our disjointed immigration polices, and did so by using means that remain mysteries to the likes of politicians like John Kasich. John wants us to “put aside party politics (and) work together to face our greatest challenges.” That’s an easy one. As I see it, we have two competing policies, one of good and one of evil. What John means here is “bipartisanship” by which definition Democrats means we capitulate to them, always. 
What are our “greatest challenges?” Well, people like Kasich is a good example of a pitiful challenge, but restoring America constitutionalism, the rule of law, removing the corruptive issues of big money, re-establishing trust in the election process and cleansing out the RiNO’s still sucking the life blood out of the party is really our biggest challenge, John doesn’t think so. He wants to save it.
Locally, here in my county in Georgia’s 9th congressional district, my sources tell me of troubles in our once solid Republican party. “The recent meetings of the local GOP, he said, reflect the disunity of the Republican party nationally, with internal accusations of who’s doing the most to support our elections, etc.  They’re the same few folks at the party meeting (locally)…maybe 10 of the old guard…while the local Democratic party is growing and seems enthusiastic. I have no doubt that Georgia will be “blue” after the next state-wide elections, even without the current vote maneuvering.” Continuing, he said: “Someone mentioned a while back that the Republican lawmakers really don’t care who controls the legislative branches of government; they each have their funding sources and will play to those interests to keep their positions….or if they have enough time in service, will retire and become a lobbyist.”  And that my friends highlights our biggest problem. We have too many professional politicians, citizens who made promises to get elected, then succumbed to the corrupted call of easy money to join the ranks of the disciples of the “deep state.” 
Politics should not be a career profession and John Kasich, in his pleading diatribe against Donald Trump should realize that and go run a lawn and garden center somewhere where manure speak is understood and acceptable. In the end, John Kasich is a “squabbler” not a fighter. He can’t compare with Trump in real competition with Americas enemies or match Trump’s accomplishments.
Finally, this from a fan in Nevada: “Damn Republicans want to be known as “gentlemen” and have no balls. When ignorant idiots like Crooked Hillary, Pelosi, Chuckie, and of course, Maxine Waters make stupid statements the RNC should run commercials non-stop showing how truly ignorant and out of touch with reality they are. But the RNC, which is always chaired by a spineless jerk will never do so as they have no guts to do so. Fight fire with fire I say. Will never happen.”  
President Harry Truman said: “Give it to them hard and straight and they’ll remember you!”
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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