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February 26, 2024





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If you are above a certain age, you certainly have witnessed this 16-second clip of one of the most epic sports disasters ever captured on camera, even if you are not a sports fan. Many of the young are also familiar with this iconic clip. The man in question was one Vinko Bogataj, a Yugoslavian ski jumper… who had a very short career (as you might imagine!) after a mistake only slightly less disastrous than the one the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau just made. For those unfamiliar with this alpine mishap, a slightly longer version of this epic calamity, providing some context, can be viewed here. In fact, Bogataj became so famous for his haplessness, that when he was invited to the Wide World of Sports 20-year anniversary, even Muhammad Ali, at the height of his popularity, raced over to get his autograph.

Ski Jumper Vinko Bogataj

And if you watch the Bogataj clip closely, you will notice one of the observing Olympic officials almost get his head taken off as the skier flies past, barely missing his head… just as we need to duck while feckless Trudeau hoists himself up on his own petard, before he takes our heads off with his Brobdignigian incompetence. “Hoisting up one’s own petard,” of course, means where one is ruined, or defeated, by one’s own action or plot that was intended to harm another, or having fallen victim to one’s own schemes.

And make no mistake – watching white, male, blackface wearing Mr. Trudeau accuse, for example, a woman with Metis (aboriginal) blood of misogynism and racism is almost as rich as him accusing Melissa Lantsman – a Jewish MP – of standing with Nazis this week. As comedic writer, Dave Barry used to say, “you can’t make this stuff up.” 

Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake

One of the most famous strategists of all time, Napoleon, might have described our response to the ever-bungling PM’s ham-handing of the trucker protest best: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Which, of course, he just compounded by arresting some of the popular movement’s leaders and forcefully closing down the protest. Is this North Korea now?

Mr. Trudeau, and his WEF trained henchwoman Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, are, like their fascist forebears (please note that I do not use “fascist” as a slur here; rather fascism, as originally defined by Mussolini – and later adopted by Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party – is the merger of the socialist state with co-opted, crony big business. Can you say “Amazon” or “Google?”, Or perhaps “Blackrock” or “Goldman Sachs?” Also, note that Freeland’s grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was an actual Nazi collaborator, which even the Ottawa Citizen admits). Freeland may well be the WEF brains behind drama teacher-turned-PM Trudeau; see here for the barely trustable Wikipedia entry on Freeland, but a better explanation of who she is is here at the National Post article by Rupa Subramanya. And since Subramanya is East Indian and a woman, may I politely suggest that if you disagree with her, you are a misogynist racist? Certainly, Mr. Trudeau wouldn’t hesitate to use that gambit were the tables turned. 

The Subramanya article subtitle says it all: There’s no need to invent conspiracy theories. The attempt by global elites to subvert local democracy is fully on and in plain view. And our tousle-haired soy boy Trudeau is her, as well as the WEF’s, Pinocchio… complete with the nose that grows longer with each lie. Only this puppet is tangling up all the WEF strings in his frantic jig to shut down some poor, unwashed masses in the form of rough bearded truckers and others from the working set. 

So…. what is the Napoleonic mistake by Trudeau and his Davos trained Geppettos? The same mistake Hitler made in Operation Barbarossa – arrogance and overconfidence. Or, as the Greeks said, those whom the gods would destroy, they first make drunk with power. The mistake is that the WEF was forced to show its hand for all to see, and also that they have not yet duped enough sheeple so that they can actually get these gullible lambs to vote for their own demise. The truckers exposed all of this to the world, and then to add insult to injury, Trudeau tripped over his tongue, as well as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while moving to quash the protest. Trudeau and his puppet masters simply do not have the will of the people. Or, as US Senator James Kennedy said recently, if you are going to be a smartass, you had better be smart, as otherwise, you are just an ass. And to that point, Mr. Trudeau sure ain’t exactly Einstein. 

How do you, dear reader, sitting thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, or perhaps London or Sydney, know this mistake of totally misreading the people has been made? Simple. Look yourself. I have strongly suggested the Ottawalks channel on Youtube, where the videographer, an Ottawa native who knows the area well, simply walks around the city with a good camera, and films events as they happen, with minimal comment. No need to listen to the Quislings on CNN is Canada’s CBC to tell you what to think. How else can you know an egregious mistake has been made? Look at the backdrop events. Here’s just one headline giving you a hint: Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant Resigns From Position Today (see also a similar report from a trucker supporter here.) Senior NCOs, says the article, are the core of any police force, and enforcing anything without their leadership is extremely difficult. 

It appears people inside the Ottawa police are not happy with the directions they are getting to oppress their fellow citizens, and are also taking unusually high rates of stress leave, vacation days, etc. The Chief of Police, Peter Sloly, also just resigned, though who knows what is behind that. But no matter… they now have brought in the cavalry… or, in this case, the Mounties and other modern-day paid mercenaries.

But better, the goal is to turn protesters into Soviet-style financial non-persons with the recent Emergency Decree (really? A bunch of people dancing in the street, honking horns, and giving out free food is tantamount to a national invasion?

If so, might we assume it is the Serbian army led by our dear Vinko Bogataj?) That is, our Deep State masters go after the money. With the left, it is ALWAYS about the money. Of course, this makes sense, since for them, this godless life is all there is, so they must necessarily squeeze every last drop out of this life before their end, just as an evil, dying Weston told Ransom in CS Lewis’s Perelandra. Besides, as Dostoyevski wrote, If there is no God… everything is permissible. (And yes, he did write that – see page 160 of the Brothers Karamozov – which I have read twice – here.) 

Here is one fellow, Shaun, from Manitoba, who previously had his wrist slapped for violating Manitoba lockdowns, and now had his bank account frozen for supporting the freedom protesters – listen to the bank telling him (which conversation he recorded) as much yourself.

Worse, as True North News reports, RCMP has given convoy donor info to banks, accounts frozen. Here’s the point: What government, ever, has survived long-term by weaponizing the citizen police against their fellow citizens? What exactly, do they think this will do to public attitudes? Are they that imbecilic? Here is the RCMP Code of Conduct. How long could you live with yourself, knowing for a fact you are violating the very spirit of what you took an oath to support? 

Are they imbecilic? The answer is, if you are one of the elite, whose ilk are polar opposites from the working class truckers representing all us multitudes of poor, unwashed masses – yes, they are that imbecilic. But not imbecilic in a standard IQ test; rather, it is that stupidity paired with high IQ that we saw in the Nazis. But what else could you expect from the privileged elite that the WEF’s Oberst-Gruppenführers? (And yes, Schwab’s father, while Swiss, was intimately involved with the Nazis, details easily available with a web search, one here; he along with Freeland and her Nazi family history make a great pair). And once again, Orwell’s dictum shows through: There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.

After the money, they come for the kids

Police also are, reportedly, planning to take the children away from the truckers “for their own safety” (yes, they apparently think these kids will be safer in some soulless, sterile, government camp, where hopefully the state can also administer Covid shots to 2-year olds while the parents aren’t around (shades of that mass vaccination in Sydney, Australia, where parents dropped their kids off to police custody at an auditorium, to pick them up later in the day after they were injected; no parents were allowed inside). Purportedly the authorities (whatever that means. Are these “authorities” like Fauci?) are concerned about carbon monoxide levels, noise levels, and sanitation of children. Unknown to the government ciphers, in case they haven’t looked, there’s NO TRAFFIC on Wellington Street in front of Parliament, and thus…. Ummm… almost no exhaust; also, many of the trucks have cab heaters that run on diesel; sanitation? I’ll bet these kids are more loved, clean, and cared for than 99%of other Canadian kids.

Listen to trucker “Clyde Do Something” discuss the whole “confiscate the kids” gambit here. But a simple point of logic for you, gentle reader: If Mr. Trudeau’s bureaucratic gnomes were so concerned about the kids, then why did they take truckers’ fuel in -20 C temps? (You didn’t expect the fake news to ask that, did you!) Why was Trudeau threatening truckers with a fine of $100,000 each, seizure of their trucks and licenses, and one year in prison? Will that “help the kids” once dad can’t make a living? But don’t worry… that question will also not be asked by the MSM. 

This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades, Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said during a press conference on Monday. We are today serving notice if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen. Perhaps Freeland might better “follow the money” to Pfizer, but that will be a cold day in H-E-double Maple Leaf’s hockey sticks before that happens. And as the last living author of the law of land, the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Rights has explicitly said, these protests are NOT illegal. But don’t believe me – watch Peckford say so himself here.

But, it is as you surmise, dear reader – Canada is no longer under rule of law, but tyrants. Nothing is now safe, your freedom, your children, and above all, that god of the left, money. To wit:  Bank accounts are being frozen under Justin Trudeau’s Emergency Economic Measures Order. Here is Trudeau’s “justice” minister stating so himself.

And local businesses being closed due to the protests? Trudeau is so very concerned about closed businesses? Does he mean the ones that survived his idiotic two-year lockdowns? Does he know that Sweden never locked down, and had no more, or less, Covid fatalities than any other country? I also know from personally speaking Feb,17th  to a business owner located directly on Queen St. in downtown Ottawa, that his observation is pedestrian traffic is roughly identical to what it was before the protest began, meaning they are simply lying about the local business impact (logic would dictate that the influx of protesters would more than offset any reduction of locals…, but the fact is, that a large percentage of locals support and are joining the protesters. And of course, as is typical of the Hate has No Home Here yard sign types, one woman who runs a business had to shut it down after another hate-filled leftist doxxed the GiveSendGo donor site, and she had to shut down due to death threats. Hate Has No Home Here… that is until it DOES. 

But let’s not be pikers when it comes to money. Think Justin Trudeau’s $19 mm dollar tidy little bolt hole in British Columbia; previously, he lived in West Point Grey area of Vancouver, outside the gates of the Univ. of British Columbia, one of the most expensive areas of one of the most expensive cities in North America. I lived there, too, while doing graduate work… only I lived in an unheated, dank basement, in which the marine biologist owner stored preserved fish heads in one of my closets; somehow, I don’t think Trudeau lived in a similar situation). 

So… d’ya feel lucky? Well… do ya!?

Canada is the world’s canary in the WEF’s poison-gas-filled coal mine. If this canary – admittedly a bird here “feathered” in a rough trucker red plaid jacket and sporting a beard – dies, you, gentle reader in the USA, will be next. America is the real goal. Canada is Czechoslovakia, Poland, or Austria in the late 1930s. If we lose the battle in Ottawa, the next battle may well be Götterdämmerung… or, if we acquit ourselves well, it could also be a time of great renewal, and the next generations will consider us also as a “greatest generation.”  

But I can tell you this, for sure: For those who think they can “sit this one out,” or “it can’t happen here,” you won’t, and it can. Canada is just a more advanced petri dish for the lethal WEF bacteria. And they have you and me, gentle – and “useless eater” – reader up next for a good shakedown of both our money and our lives. Think they won’t come for you next?

Let me ask you, per Dirty Harry: So, punk, do ya feel lucky? Well… do ya? And if our luck runs out, well, the next stop just might be Orwell’s  quote: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”


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Bob Filice
Bob Filice
2 years ago

Good insight and writing!

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