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April 24, 2024





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As a regular columnist and voice at America Out Loud, the one from across the pond, an observer of the downwards flushing of the American Republic into the sewer of despair, I would like to inform those Americans who oppose Biden and the Communist Democrats NOT to take winning in 2022 November for granted. We see the decline economically, spiritually, militarily, socially, educationally, and legally under the most incompetent and treasonous ‘president’ in the 245-year history of this once great nation.

Complacency and arrogance always end up in defeat and disaster. This is the time to be brazenly angry at the dismantling of all that you hold dear.

It is absolutely false that US inflation is only in the single digits. These figures include all other items above and beyond food, fuel, and petrol, which are the most essential daily requirements for every American family.

Inflation, in real terms, is at a minimum of 20-25% and rising. If Dominos intends to reduce its items by 20%, then these are the actual inflationary figures. All other food, fuel, and energy suppliers must do the same to keep afloat.

As always, Democrats use their Fascist stooges in the mainstream media to distract the attention of the public by finding one or more scapegoats such as Russia & Ukraine; while they actually support the Russian gas line to Germany (thus allowing Putin incredible political and economic control over Europe and NATO) and contrary to the economic wellbeing of Ukraine.

Another diversion away from the freefalling economy are China & Taiwan. As important as they are geopolitically, the Democrats have gone against the Republicans in Congress who want to punish the CCP for the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

A third disruption is the unrelenting and useless talks with Iran about their nuclear ambitions while knowing full well, according to all the intelligence records in the last seven years; the terrorist Ayatollahs have absolutely no intention of NOT going nuclear.

Biden and the Democrats have no problem with an Iranian state whose leaders have been publicly and repeatedly declaring their intention to wipe off another UN member, Israel, from the map.

Biden is wilfully ignoring the malevolent terrorist roles committed by the Ayatollahs through their Shiite proxies in Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, not only against American assets but also against her foremost allies in the area.

Even after his ignominious retreat in Afghanistan, Biden is more than happy to give the Taliban over $750,000,000 in aid above and beyond the $80,000,000,000 worth of military assets he and his ‘woke’ generals left for them.

Furthermore, the sorely-addled American taxpayers also provide hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Hamas in Gaza, the corrupt UN, and the illegal immigrants flooding the US Southern border.

The Republicans have a significant number of issues to condemn this completely failed and clueless administration under its dementia ridden ‘president’; such as:

  1. Biden’s total dereliction of his duty as ‘president’ to secure America’s borders as so-called ‘Commander-in-Chief.’
  2. Stopping the Keystone pipeline, thus making the USA once more vulnerable to the oil OPEC cartel
  3. Allowing the Nord Russian pipeline to Germany, thus compromising the securities of Europe and NATO
  4. The obscene and cowardly retreat from Afghanistan
  5. The totally unnecessary and useless groveling to the Ayatollahs
  6. Biden’s absolute failure to control Covid 19 that he promised Americans would accomplish when elected
  7. His demonstrably unpatriotic actions belie his hatred for America and his total support of all her enemies within and without, especially illegals above and beyond the welfare of American citizens

In reality, each of the above warrants an impeachment, not only of Biden but also of the Democrat Party in general and even individuals such as Pelosi, Schumer, Ilhan Omar, and many others.

As important as all the above are, the most relevant item like the silver bullet to Dracula is the economic situation where it impacts the everyday life of every single American irrespective of race, color, or social standing.

The slogan going forward should most definitely be:

It is the Economy Stupid!

What ‘poetic justice’ and karma this would be since these words, “The economy, stupid,” was a phrase that James Carville coined in 1992. Carville was a strategist in Democrat Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent George H W Bush.

The Republicans must repeatedly, relentlessly, and incessantly bring up all the above disasters to the attention of Americans, so that come November 2022, very few of them would have any reason to vote Democrat and, hopefully, for the sake of saving what will be left of the Republic, from further destruction under the insanity of Radical Democrats.


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