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March 2, 2024





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On the 13th of January in the year 1898, French writer Emil Zola published a letter in the literary newspaper L’Aurore. It was an open letter to Mr. Félix Faure, President of the French Republic in which Zola accused the French government of railroading Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer whom they had conspired to falsely accuse of treason for supposedly selling military secrets to Germany. They sent him to prison on Devil’s Island, for a crime he did not commit. It was a scandal that Zola refused to ignore, although he did not hold the French President personally responsible for something that its military had done. He wrote:

France has this stain on its cheek, history will write that it was under your presidency that such a social crime could have been committed.”  

Today, in the year 2021, America faces a different kind of scandal, one that has been perpetrated by the new Biden administration and that has covered it with a heavy cloud of shame. Today, after less than three months in office, it is the American President himself who must be held responsible, not for a crime against a single person, but for a human disaster of major proportions that he has personally created. 

This is my “J’Accuse”.

I accuse this Administration of wanton disregard of the rule of law, of ignoring the national security requirements of the country you swore to protect and defend, and of perpetrating massive suffering on the hundreds of thousands of people who came here at your invitation.

You, Mr. President, and your administration have led a corrupt and dangerous attack against law and order on our southern border, an attack against the policies set by the Trump administration that were finally, after years of flagrant defiance of our immigration laws, keeping our border safe. 

Your intentional reversal of a successful border protection policy has led to a tsunami of people from countries around the world rushing across our border. You have brought back the rampant crime, suffering, and chaos that Trump’s policies had finally ended. What is happening today on our southern border is a crime against humanity, and a social, economic, and national security catastrophe of enormous proportions for our country. 

And the responsibility for this, President Biden, lies directly at the door of the Oval Office. 

In the very first days, you were in office, your Vice President, members of your new administration, and you yourself invited migrants to enter the United States through Mexico, and you opened our borders to a massive invasion of hundreds of thousands of migrants. And they came – not just from Central America, but from Turkey, and Yemen and they keep coming. In February 2021, more than 76,000 migrants entered the country, and in March that number swelled to 171,000. They come without proper documentation, they enter without effective screening, and they stay without accountability. 

We saw this happen in Europe a decade ago, and we saw these countries close their borders in response. And we saw it happen here during the Obama years when cages were built for the children who came here without their families. You called them ‘unaccompanied minors’ and you put them in cages. This is the very policy that the Trump administration ended. He ended the use of cages for children and built a wall to stop the massive illegal flow of humanity across our border. And everywhere that the wall was built, there was a return to safety at the border.  

But you clearly have not learned from history. And you betrayed our trust, Mr. President. With a stroke of your pen, you dismantled the protections that your predecessor had put in place – to prevent exactly what is happening now – the massive swarm of people rushing across the border in a tidal wave of human hope and suffering. 

As a direct result of your wanton disregard for their welfare, thousands of ‘unaccompanied minors’ are now being held in custody, some of whom are small children, who traveled alone under the sharp eyes of the coyotes, who abused and scarred them along the way. Not surprisingly, many of these children are teenage boys and young men claiming to be minors. And among them are the abusers, rapists, even though they claim to be children themselves.

And those who really are children suffer the most – not only because of the horrendous trip that they have taken from central America and scores of other countries around the world, and the abuse they are forced to take along the way but because of what you have set up for them once they get here – conditions that perpetuate their suffering and from which they are unable to escape. 

It took a long time for the photographs to come out from these so-called ‘holding cells’ and when they came, they showed the deplorable conditions which your administration had imposed on them. These, Mr. President, are the tiniest pawns of a cynical power play by the Democrat machine. This treatment is nothing less than child abuse, and the responsibility for all this lies at your feet. 

Your Administration says that you are committed to a safe, orderly, and humane immigration process, but instead you have unleashed a massive whirlwind of human tragedy – a tragedy at that Southern Border that is unequaled in American history. 

So eager was your Administration to begin the process of allowing undocumented migrants into the country that you didn’t take the time to set up the processing systems that would enable the provision of adequate housing, food, sanitary facilities, and security for them. As a result, there is no social distancing, not enough food and water, not enough toilets, and the children are not safe. 

The ‘humane’ conditions that your Administration swears are keeping the children safe are anything but humane. The facilities that you constructed are crowded beyond belief – some are as much a 700% overcapacity. Holding pens designed for only 500 are crammed full with as many as 7,000 young people. No room, no air, no sunlight, and for the Biden administration, no accountability. Just children and young adults, jammed into little rooms, sleeping on the floor, nearly on top of each other, in rooms that have clear plastic sheeting for walls. The children are supposed to be held no longer than 72 hours, but in reality, they are forced to stay in these horrible facilities for many days, some for over 15 days, because the system for processing them is broken. 

So the children wrap themselves in aluminum space blankets and are forced to sleep on the floor, dangerously close to each other. Sexual assaults against them are rampant, and, because there are insufficient testing and no safe distances between them, COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire throughout the facility. According to local sheriffs, as many as 50% have tested positive for COVID-19. 

The crisis has not been widely covered by the press, because, until very recently, reporters were not allowed to see the children. No cameras, no reporters, no information, and no honest reporting. The press was just told to take the government’s word for it that they’re okay. 

But they’re not okay. And we knew this early on because some photographs and videos were smuggled out anyway. And it was clear that the children were not okay. Project Veritas was the first to release photographs of the conditions under which “Biden’s Babies in Cages” are now living. Senator Ted Cruz recently led a group of eighteen Republican senators to visit and record what they saw. And what they saw was that the children who are suffering in these vinyl prison cells are the ones who are paying the biggest price, as they have been since the beginning of their terrible journey.

The policy that has been implemented under your name, the human tragedy now playing out on our southern border, was a crisis engineered by you and your administration. And it will go down in history as one of the most cynical and cruel policies of any president in our history.

The crimes perpetrated by your administration at our border are not only about the tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, although that would be enough. Drug smugglers also have an open door into America and are now able to bring their fentanyl and heroin freely into our country in order to get rich as they poison our children. And the traffickers in human lives, who smuggle human beings into our country with the promise of work, and then sell them to the highest bidder once they get inside our country – for sex or slave labor – they too are free to enter. 

And with the migrants, who enter the country without proper documentation and health examinations, now, as a matter of policy, your administration allows disease to enter our country – unabated – without proper testing protocols and quarantine: COVID-19. Americans have worked so hard and suffered so much to protect themselves from; measles and smallpox; and even whooping cough and leprosy, diseases that we thought we got rid of long ago. 

This horrible situation did not exist before the Biden administration. President Trump eliminated the ‘children in cages’ that had been set up by Obama, and he deported more than 16,000 gang members back to Central America. By 2020, the massive rush to the border from Mexico was virtually halted. There was an effective wall and agreements with Central American countries that were aimed at stopping the wave of humanity that was racing to get into America. The tidal wave of migrants had ended.  

So this new crisis, and yes Mr. President it is a crisis, was created by your administration, not by President Trump as you like to claim – and it constitutes a crime against humanity and abuse against the helpless who were caught in your net. It is also a crime against the American people who will soon face the wave of violence and drugs that will be unleashed on them by the undocumented criminals who entered the country undetected. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have estimated that as many as a million people may have entered the country undetected. 

And there are also the terrorists from the Middle East and Africa, who now have free access to our country through your open border policies and whose ideology and hatred of democracy now threaten our national security. And we know that because they, too, are being caught, but not all of them. The two men from Yemen who were caught just last week, whose names appear on our terrorist watch list, may have been just the drop in the bucket because the CBP estimates that as many as a million people may have already evaded the authorities and disappeared into our country. 

This, Mr. President, is what you have supported and signed via your Executive Orders, this is the travesty, the great catastrophe that you have unleashed on our country, in open contradiction and disregard for the Constitution that you, Mr. President, swore on the Holy Bible to uphold and protect. We have yet to see the future tragedies that will come from such wanton disregard for the safety of the American people, Mr. President, the one you swore to defend and protect.

You and the administration that you chose have perpetrated a plague on our nation. It is worse than the COVID unleashed on us by China, because we will only see the painful consequences over the coming months and years, in the suffering and death of Americans who will become victims of the criminals, the drug smugglers, and the terrorists who are now crossing our borders and embedding themselves in our country. 

There is no excuse, Mr. President, no acceptable justification for what you have done on our southern border. Within days of your assuming office, you wiped away years of hard work by your predecessor to protect our country. You halted the completion of the wall that had virtually stopped all of the waves of humanity trying to enter our country illegally. On the contrary, you invited them to come, to rush our borders, overwhelm our defenders, and you labored to give them the vote so that millions of undocumented – illegal – immigrants would become Democrat voters. The suffering – past, current, and future – were all to support your efforts to increase the political power of your Party. It is cynical, mean-spirited, and despicable.

What you have unleashed on America this year will not be forgotten, and history will remember you, and your administration, and the tragedy that you brought onto the nation – without mercy. You have brought shame on your name and on the name of the Democrats who have helped you to create and perpetuate this travesty on the American people. 

The testimony to your actions will be in the lives that have and will be lost to the criminals who came into this country with malice aforethought. And it will be in the lives that have been and will be damaged and destroyed by your cynicism, and callousness, and by your lack of concern for the people whom you invited to come.  And it will be in the brutality of the coyotes and smugglers who shatter the dreams of their hostages in the reality of sexual assault and slavery. And it will be in the lives of those whose dreams are broken by the reality of life in America for the homeless and the destitute. And it will be in the broken lives of the Americans whose jobs were stolen by the illegal immigrants who work for less and are not subject to government oversight. 

123 years ago, Emile Zola ended his article with words that are no less true today than they were then. He wrote:

“As for the people I am accusing, I do not know them, I have never seen them, and I bear them neither ill will nor hatred. To me, they are mere entities, agents of harm to society. The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice.

“I have but one passion, the search for light, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul.”

And this cry of pain for the suffering people that you have brought to our border, invited into our country, and treated with such disregard for their welfare and safety – and ours – this cry needs to be heard. We are not a heartless people, yet you who sit in the seat of power seem to be deaf and don’t seem to care. 

Only you, Mr. President, can undo the inhuman policies that you and your administration have created. I am not hopeful that you will, though, even though the future of our nation depends on it. 

And if you do nothing to correct the damage, the tragedy that your Administration has brought upon this nation will become your lasting legacy. And history will not forgive.


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