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March 3, 2024





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The Democrats utilize the concept of PROJECTION constantly. When they tell lies, they brazenly project the blame on others, usually MAGA Conservatives, for doing precisely what it is they are doing.

When Tucker Carlson of Fox News started showing here-to-for unseen videos of the Jan 06 21 protests revealing the Democrat narrative that the protest was an armed insurrection that had to be dealt with harshly, the videos told another completely different story, one that exposed a level of anti-American corruption and bias in both the mainstream media and the Deep State.

What we once suspected is now confirmed. It is no longer a “conspiracy theory.” The media, including the social justice sites, have been explicitly involved in hiding the truth from the American people because the Deep State ordered it! Consider the FBI’s role in it!

Senator Chuck Schumer is a case in point. He went ballistic, publicly decrying the fact that Tucker Carlson was damaging our democracy, demanding his cancellation, even his arrest. Despite Schumer’s mournful cries, the footage proves their lies as Capitol Police are seen escorting protesters through the opened doors and down the hallways of the Halls of Congress.

Even that poor sod in the Buffalo hat, the infamous “QAnon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, was personally conducted on a tour throughout the building. Undeniably, this footage directly challenges the narrative that’s been pushed by the mainstream media and the Democrats that the Capitol riots were an armed insurrection by violent MAGA supporters with evil intent. The video evidence reveals Democrat claims to be complete lies. Nancy Pelosi’s narrative doesn’t even remotely reflect the reality of what happened. Facts matter.

The videos raise questions about the Capitol police’s handling of the situation. We’ve heard the official narrative and heard unscripted comments by police officers on the scene that “they had been had.” If they were escorting Chansley and not arresting him, why was he allowed to roam freely throughout the building?

Why isn’t Ray Epps in custody if he lied to whoever was charged with the post-incident investigation? Think FBI, and you’ll have an answer. Pelosi’s Jan 06 committee members are all liars trying to cover up the truth in fear of Donald Trump. They saw the same video footage that Carlson is showing us, but they still insist on pushing their political agenda to obfuscate the truth about what happened. The Capitol riots weren’t riots at all and definitely weren’t an armed insurrection.

It’s time to take names and arrest people. Take note of every politician who is trashing Speaker McCarthy for giving Tucker Carlson the videos, especially Republicans. They represent the Deep State in its death throes. They are not true Americans but Trojan horses determined to bring America to its knees on behalf of the New World Order. We can only hope that behind the closed doors of Washington DC’s elites, there is a rendering of garments, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and searching for good lawyers as well.

It’s the guilty who want the tapes suppressed. The tomfoolery that was Pelosi’s Jan 6 Committee was an expensive show trial based on the few videos shown to the public by the mainstream media to generate outrage. Their intentions were never about searching for truth, but twisting, lying, and obfuscating to neutralize any future attempt by Donald Trump to return to the Presidential office.

Trump struck a chord with Americans because he told the truth, and they didn’t.

The loudest of complainers fear the actual facts coming out. Others, like Whoopi Goldberg, are just plain denying real facts or just plain stupid. Hopefully, the fear the Deep Staters are feeling of what’s coming to them will, in fact, be realized if weak Republicans can get some starch in their backbones. A swift conservative response that’s so massive is what is required right now.

Wait until the outrage subsides and the GOP is doomed. The MAGA goal should be to restore our American Republic, not just cling to the idea of a damaged democracy.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Image: NBC News


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Ann Basbas
Ann Basbas
11 months ago

where can we see these videos? Are they accessible for us to see anywhere?

11 months ago

Cuckservatives have no will to actually fight or bring justice to the bolshevik pedocrat filth. Their wives won’t give them back their balls, they don’t want to risk discomfort.

DemoKKKrats will keep stealing elections and no one will ever stop them.
I said this in 2020, 21 and 22. No one did anything to stop them, duh!
No one will. Watch and see, AGAIN.

Al Pastor
Al Pastor
11 months ago

Others, like Whoopi Goldberg, are just plain denying real facts or just plain stupid.

I’d lay odds that it’s the latter, not the former for Whoopi.

11 months ago

It was Orchestrated to stop the ongoing investigation into voter fraud. The committee was stopped mid talks and rushed out “for their own safety” of coarse. When they returned, ALL talk was off and they were forced to vote to approve the selections. It has ALWAYS been about voter suppression to WIN selections. You only get TWO choices and THEY will choose which choices YOU get.

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