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May 18, 2024





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It is extremely important that our readers be made aware of the obscene lopsidedness Israel is treated with regarding any action it takes or does not, compared to any other nation on Earth. Israel does not have a single true friend among the 194 states in the UN, including the current Biden administration.

While Muslim entities such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Houthis, and all others deliberately target civilians in Israel and the West, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is the only military in the history of the world that warns enemy civilians of impending disaster so that they can save themselves.

Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza has a 1:1 proportionality of death between military and civilians. It is unheard of in any urban warfare, especially since Muslims deliberately use their own civilians as Human Shields. In WWII, for example, the ratio of dead was 9:1 civilians to combatants. Therefore, by any standard of fairness, Israel’s armed forces are among the most moral in the history of warfare.

The terrorist Ayatollah’s regime in Iran falsely and deliberately accused Israel of attacking their consulate in Tehran. In fact, the building that Israel targeted was adjacent to the consulate and not part of the embassy. They accused her, therefore, of an Act of War according to International Law.

What is not surprising is that all the fake anti-Israel media in the USA and Europe never pointed out the irony that these are the very same bastards who, in 1979, invaded the US Embassy and took 52 American hostages, and kept them in humiliation for over one year, because the spineless and clueless President Carter, did not declare a state of war against Iran at that time.

It is vital that you should comprehend the mindset of Sharia-compliant Muslims. Muslims do not need any excuse to attack and or slaughter non-Muslims/kuffar/infidels. The fact that we non-Muslims exist is reason enough since their dissolute mentor Muhammad, 1400 years ago, split humanity forever into two irreconcilable entities in his Quran:

  1. Dar al Islam: territory of Muslims or territory of Peace
  2. Dar al Harb: territory of WAR; the lands of non-Muslims/kuffar; that Muslims have every right – as sanctified by Allah’s Sharia – to conquer, plunder, subjugate, enslave or exterminate them, unless they submit to Allah’s Sharia.

The terrorist regime had to save face among the other Muslims as well as among their terrorist proxies. Declaring publicly when they were going to attack was to show the Biden administration that they were being ‘reasonable’ while they sent over 350 missiles, suicide drones, and ballistic missiles targeting civilian centers such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

This was the most massive single missile attack in the 21st century, dwarfing, by far, Russia’s attacks against Ukraine. According to on-site reporters, the night sky was lit like a Star Wars film, with missiles, missiles, and airplanes filling the sky.

By any measure, this was NOT a symbolic attack designed to fail. This was a terror attack that could have caused enormous civilian casualties. Had it been a figurative attack, they needed to launch only a few drones and missiles to satisfy their ‘honor.’

The only reason this unprecedented attack failed completely was because of Israel’s air force and her missile defenses, as well as help from the USA and others in the region. The total result of this massive bombardment was the severe wounding of an Arab child and minor damage to an IDF air base.

From a military point of view, this was a colossal failure for Iran. The fact that the terrorists failed at their attempt to cause enormous death and destruction to Israelis is not a reason for Israel not to retaliate, with at least similar numbers of missiles. It is, therefore, incumbent upon Israel to respond to Iran’s attack as if it had succeeded.

For example, if someone shoots at you while attempting a robbery but fails to harm you, either because he missed you or because you were wearing a bulletproof vest, it does not preclude that you should back and terminate the assailant whose intention is obviously to harm you.

Yet, almost all Western leaders, including Biden, are telling Israel to consider the fact that it survived unscathed, should be looked at as a WIN, and therefore, no need for retaliation.

Did Biden call Zelenskyy of Ukraine not to respond to Russian missile attacks on his territory? But Biden has the audacity to tell Bibi just that. It is precisely because of the spinelessness, stupidity, and duplicity of Biden and his administration in its dealings with the terrorist Ayatollahs’ regime in Iran that allowed all the enemies of the USA to cause the humiliating evacuation of Afghanistan, the aggression by Putin of Russia, the Hamas war against Israel, the attacks by Houthis on the freedom of international shipping and the threats by China against Taiwan.

Every single step in foreign affairs by Biden shows appeasement as its modus operandi. Biden has failed in every foreign affairs case in the last 50 years and continuing. The reason should be blatantly clear, he is most definitely not a proud and patriotic American. He has not learned an iota from history that weak leaders bring about wars. The USA now has several of them, both internally and externally.

Tragically, because Israel needs the support of the USA more than any other nation on Earth, Bibi has had to calibrate his response to Iran’s massive aggression by sending a few missiles only to Isfahan, where there are nuclear and military installations to prove to them that Israel can reach its targets.

I have absolutely no doubt that very soon, before Iran goes fully nuclear, Israel, for its own survival, will have no choice but to attack Iran. Whether her leaders will do so remains to be seen. When I say attack Iran, this has absolutely nothing to do with targeting civilians, only military and industrial assets. Iran’s petroleum and oil resources would be the easiest and most vulnerable for destruction, as very well the Ayatollahs know and fear.

Of course, this will not change an iota of the fact that the Ayatollahs are still surviving and Hamas is safe in Rafah – and actually winning since they are still alive – because of Biden’s treachery and spinelessness. The Muslim proxy terrorists will continue attacking Americans, Europeans, Israelis, shipping, and other places all around the globe until and unless the theocratic regime is removed permanently.


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Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
24 days ago

Is it any wonder the God of Abraham/Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 has intervened by revealing the Convergence Matrix? Have faith…God is fully engaged and will soon make His presence known in no uncertain terms. 

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