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April 12, 2024





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The political debate in America is between two totally incompatible ideological forces, Fascist socialism with a Marxist tint and Representative constitutional Republicanism. The battle lines were drawn years ago and the fires that energize them are now coming to light. 
The media, predominately in the hands of the Leftist propagandists, have long held the controls of the bully pulpit from which Democrats could deliver their message of the vital need for big government, while condemning the Conservatives by tearing down America’s cultural, religious and moral heritage and attaching to them the odious motives that only Democrats employ. 
Today’s media spokesmen use the most vulgar terms to condemn conservative policies, politicians, officials and family members, and they’ve been getting away with it, while conservatives, using the same tactics if not the same language, are attacked, condemned and driven from the field, hopefully in shame for their temerity. Hypocrisy is its name but neither shame nor common decency matter.
On the Republican side comes a faint voice from the Ohio hinterlands, one John Kasich, demanding the Republican party return to the tried and failed policies of ‘bipartisanship’ with Democrats but, there can be no bipartisanship with Democrats because they are no longer an American political party, but a political party in America with totally different ideas about how Americans should live and work. It’s a struggle between Fascist socialism and Capitalism and the Marxist fascists won’t ever give up. Kasich’s “bipartisanship” is the code word for making a deal with the devil and the devil don’t make deals. They know our side always capitulates to their demands, and very easily under any pressure. 
However, the amazing spectacle of the rabid Democrat hysteria that has exploded since Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, has opened fissures of frothing controversy in the body politic that could lead to civil war. They no longer hide their total disdain for America and what it stands for but gleefully champion ideas that have always failed. Acolytes of the Leftist media, like Joy Reid, Samantha Bee, the humorless late night talk show clowns, and others, are no longer  entertainment venues, but platforms for spreading Democrat propaganda. Because of the silly Hillary Hoopla, they are losing their minds.
Joy Reid a known Obama and Hillary supporter, will never be fired even though she’s a classless halfwit and a nearly illiterate leftist hack. Why? Because she’s an affirmative action hire so she’s in tight. Rosanne Barr, an Obama and Hillary supporter, on the other hand, gave the network the excuse they needed to cancel her show, not because of her thoughtless ‘tweet’ but because she had the gall to cast her show as a pro-Trump vehicle aimed at entertaining popular America. Oh, the humanity!
Why are we having this tawdry discussion? Because Democrats still believe it’s their divine  right to rule and therefore they will not accept the results of the election that displaced Hillary. It means they don’t believe that the transfer of power in America is determined by elections, so therefore, all steps must be taken to correct the voters error, the Constitution be damned.
I’ve seen little measurement by polling, of how Americans are really reacting to the revelations that the FBI has been transformed into an eerie likeness of the KGB by Obama. Who are we to trust to protect us from our enemies foreign and domestic, if not the FBI? Is it to remain the new FBI version of the KGB or the old version of the FBI doing its job non-politically? 
Mistrust of the government has spread from the FBI, IRS and DoJ, to the Federal Courts filled with appointed judges that reject the Constitution, the principals of federalism and the rule of law. Decisions created out of thin air that fail the constitutionality test, are lauded by the Leftist media as fair and honest while defenders of the Constitution are attacked as hopeless losers.
We have some serious problems that need immediate attention because when the odious apparatus of a corrupted FBI, DoJ and IRS descend on the population to enforce made-up rules for social compliance created by judges and bureaucrats of the fascist state, then all is lost. 
When a fascist (socialist democracy) government is triumphant over our representative republic, then a USSA will have been born. We must cease viewing the Democrat party as an American political party but, consider them instead as fifth columnists intent on destroying America. It must be brought to an end and quickly. They are fighting for their survival. So must we. 
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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