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June 16, 2024





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The media has a mob mentality, and though it is not new, it is out of control. According to Merriam Webster:
“It might be news to you that the term fourth estate has been around for centuries. In Europe, going back to medieval times, the people who participated in the political life of a country were generally divided into three classes or estates. In England they were the three groups with representation in Parliament, namely, the nobility, the clergy, and the common people. Some other group, like the mob or the public press, that had an unofficial but often great influence on public affairs, was called the fourth estate. In the 19th century, fourth estate came to refer exclusively to the press, and now it’s applied to all branches of the news media.”
The media indeed has great influence on public affairs today, just as they have had in the past. The difference today is they no longer follow journalistic ethics in reporting news. They use mob mentality to impose their leftist beliefs, biases and opinions on the public. With no semblance of impartiality and vast sins of omission, they seek to influence Americans to their personal views rather than assuming that people can make their own decisions when presented with facts from all sides.
The far left leaning networks and news outlets neglect to report real news and under report news that is not forwarding their narratives, especially in politics. The news reported is almost exclusively against the President. No matter the tremendous good President Trump and his administration has done for our economy and our citizens, they report all negative. They hyped Russiagate as though it were fact, they hyped the attempted destruction of Justice Kavanaugh, they gleefully report any Republican foible while covering up for Democrat misdeeds. They basked in the glow of possible impeachment. They barely mention Joe Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comment.

The press has gone so far left as to be in socialist territory⏤my question is to what end? How does moving left and undermining America and Americans serve them, or anyone else?

The further left they move, history shows, the less power they will have. Our media is so egotistical as to hate anyone who challenges them, no matter how off the wall and wrong they can be. The disrespect shown by media to the President of the United States, duly elected by the people, is so far out of line, such a bad example to our children and biased, that it is reprehensible.
The media has become like crack addicts needing a fix who can’t stop themselves⏤even though America no longer believes what they’re saying and despises what they’re doing. Where does this behavior get these people? Though most of America cannot stomach Anderson Cooper, Jim Acosta, Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow, they persist in lying, persist in trying to bring down a President and persist in obfuscating truth in reporting. We as Americans are taken for fools by pompous “journalists” who seek to impose their biases, their socialist leanings and their lies into our minds to affect their views into our voting ballots.
Should they eventually get their Obama loving ways and turn the country toward socialism⏤their freedom to say what they choose will be the first thing to disappear. Every communist, Marxist and socialist regime controls what the media can say first and foremost. Are they blind to that reality? The media is committing a slow suicide. Once in power all socialist governments quash the media and turn it into a propaganda machine to further the socialist agenda. I would think that media would choose to follow that journalistic oath they took, and report truth, and forward the America of our forefathers and forward freedom for all, with respect for all, with integrity, with equality in reporting facts, not fiction and not omissions.
They are shooting themselves in the foot here. If they get what they want, they will cease to exist. We as Americans need to be trusted to make our own decisions based on facts. I can hear many opinions, but I do not want to be manipulated by a media that only disseminates one side of a story, one side of an opinion, and almost no facts.

I am appalled at the disrespect in the media, I am angry at the lies being told by the media, the fake news and their bias. We are being manipulated to provide their outcome, not our outcome. The media has been weaponized against conservatives nationwide.

There is an agenda by most of the media outlets to get rid of President Trump, and anyone who speaks truth to identify their hypocrisy and their social agenda manipulation. These are angry people with so much vitriol and hatred, not journalists doing their job for the betterment of America.
Chris Wallace, speaking to Dr. Birx, questions her as if they misread the data on COVID-19, in a way as to imply blame. It’s always a gotcha question with the press. It is a question designed to assess blame and the answer is unimportant, the seed is planted. Reporting is reporting, not making it up. Journalism is asking the questions and listening to the answer and asking follow-up questions, and this applies to everyone, not just one political party. Fairness and ethics in reporting is what we are looking for. Instead, we get dishonest reporting, and if the answer doesn’t match the social agenda of the interviewer, the interviewee is criticized or worse. Reporters have transitioned from being journalists to becoming media celebrities and in the process truth in reporting has been eliminated.
The garbage we get on the View; the disrespect we see in the White House Press corps; the dishonesty on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post are frustrating to so many Americans. The media needs to clean their own house even as they seek to tell the Trump Administration what to do in theirs. This is leftist social advocacy, not reporting. We want honesty and integrity and fairness in our news and from our media. The code of ethics in journalism espouses truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. They have gone the way of the dinosaur and we need to bring those principles of ethics back.
To what end media members? Where does your lean to the far left benefit you, or any American? I suggest you read history, if you can find a true history book, and see what happens to media in leftist societies. Then re-read your journalistic oath and do the job that journalism is meant to do, inform the people and trust that we can use your unbiased information to make our own decisions to keep America Great.


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