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March 5, 2024





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It is probably safe to say that the CDC fiasco unraveling before our very eyes is really another manifestation of the total incompetence of Biden’s government by committee. It all started under the Obama Administration but, their it is in Joe’s hands now. Here we are, hundred-plus days into his administration, and I’d bet he wished he were somewhere else.

Here is the newsflash: Joe Biden will be the fall guy for the Marxists. He’s been set up for this fall, guaranteed!

I have said before that senators should never be presidents. I’ll add to that, list scientists, like Dr. Fauci, should never be allowed to stand on a public platform as an “expert” longer than ten minutes to dictate to a country reeling in fear how their citizens must behave in the face of an unknown pandemic. That scenario opened the flood gates for many little warlord governors to become dictators in their own states and collectively, almost, bring America to its knees economically and socially. Add cries of racism to the mix, and the dirty deed is done.

The China Wuhan Virus is a case in point. It’s a virus and more local MD’s who daily treat their patients for minor ills, treated the CV-19, like they always have, for what it was, a virus like the flu and defeated the virus, first with simple cold and flu remedies, proper vitamins, and bed rest. The worst thing to do was order an infected person into quarantine before any treatment at all⏤, thus allowing the virus the time needed to invade the entire body’s immune system. When that happens, death is a sure companion to incompetence, and vaccines are useless. But doctors can bury their mistakes, never mind a dictator governor who can’t.

Tucker Carlson wonders why Dr. Fauci hasn’t been indicted yet. He’s the guy in charge of America’s response to the Covid infestation, isn’t he; and it appears he’s the guy who funded the NIAID’s Wuhan research lab that he denies as all Democrats do. Remember, They will “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.”.

Why one may wonder if does Dr. Fauci’s portfolio included pharmaceutical companies, holding ownership patents, and earning percentages of income on those CDC-made patents? Just wondering. Here, another serious question raises its ugly head. Why does Dr. Fauci deny the NIH contributed funds to the virus research project then underway in China’s Wuhan and other places when they did? These are serious questions, and the American people want to know. Rascals are dictating our lives today as a result. 

As to prosecution, he might get in line behind Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and the other FBI and CIA hoodlums who are waiting for their turns but, don’t hold your breath. When Senator Susan Collins tells him in an open Senate hearing that the CDC no longer holds her trust, then I should guess we’re in real trouble. I don’t see Dr. Fauci ever indicted, but they could take away his beloved title of “Expert” on Infectious diseases. No Nobel Prize trinket for him either.

On what violation of the law could Dr. Fauci be charged one may ask? Well, he did approve the Federal NIAID Grant to the Wuhan Labs, in explicit contravention of Federal Law banning US funding of “Gain of Function” experiments. He did it by signing off on a loophole in the law, like Democrats are want to do, and it is now coming back to bite him.

No Essay on the subject of Fauci’s involvement in this year’s plus-long sordid affair of protecting Americans can proceed without talking about masks and vaccines. Masks are best saved for Halloween. They leak air while breathing in and exhaling, and while they might filter out some solid airborne particulates like dust and pollen, they also retain sufficient exhaled CO2 to cause a person wearing a mask in a sports activity to faint. Dead away. Children, mandated to be masked on school sports fields, have been particularly hard hit by such folly. Its stupidity runs amok! Never to miss an opportunity when a crisis arises, Dr. Fauci has delivered frightened America’s (snowflakes) into Democrat’s hands as mind-numbed automaton’s who, like good Comrades should do: hear and obey their masters. Hmm? Maybe we can scratch Joe Biden’s name from that Master’s list.  

Donald Trump worked feverously (pun intended) to overcome the years-long FDA-required testing regimen for workable medicines and vaccines before approving a product safe for public use. Joe Biden rushed to claim the credit. But, we know, he’s a robot himself. 

The basic problem with the vaccine(s) is whether to take one or not. They’re free, after all.

Trump’s government of economic success that met the challenge of a Chinese Bio-attack head-on has, with cunning and ruse, fallen into wicked and untrustworthy hands. Dr. Fauci started under Donald Trump simply because of his position in the NIH and CDC. While there, he lurked below the horizon line, unseen and rarely heard. Above the horizon line, he’s exposed, confused, and like John Kerry, a flip-flopper on his prognostications. 

With his Federal Government experience behind him, he was naturally considered an “Expert” on communicable diseases. The press drooled over him; he was in front of cameras every day pontificating on every nuisance of protection against that dreadful Chinese virus. Finally, running out of words, ideas, or practical solutions, he finds himself being challenged by US Senators literally calling him a liar. His responses prove it. Protection from the media isn’t helping because concerned medico’s who actually practice the art of healing are coming forth with their own ideas and solutions. They don’t match Dr. Fauci’s. 

Do you trust the CDC anymore? Can you be made to at least empathize with their lot? Do you trust your government in Democrats’ hands anymore at all? Just asking. You should be too!  

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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