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February 24, 2024





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Kill the Jews, Kill the Christians, Kill the American Whites, Destroy the West is all we hear from the cries of Hamas, Hezbollah, and now the Houthis and their newfound disciples, the college students, and the LGBT… community. I call them terrorists and savages. Of course, the ignorant disciples have no idea that they are fighting and demonstrating for their own demise. They don’t understand what the fighting is all about. Dennis Prager had a great explanation, The Middle East Problem

I wonder if these followers realize the history of their new masters. After the Jews and Christians are dead, the terrorists will focus on them. Some women will be raped constantly. Those allowed to live will have their gentiles removed only to become sex slaves forced to make babies. No baby killing abortion choice for them. No food choice, music choice, clothing choice. The gays will be tossed off a building after their organs are removed. The men will be tortured and starved, then they will become permanent slaves, and when they outlive their usefulness, their organs will be harvested. These terrorists are savages and are still living in the middle ages. The savages revere death, while the Jews and Christians revere life. The Marxists will impose strangling regulations, surveillance, spying, high taxes, high inflation, lack of law and order, and abundant drugs. Illegals will continue coming from who knows where. No borders, no country. Drugs will flow freely. We are living the American nightmare.

I was watching the interview on with the Real America’s Voice reporter, Oscar Blue Remerez. He was reporting from the border. I didn’t see any Congressmen at the border, just Oscar. The new caravan coming to America is 60,000 illegals from all over the world. 60,000 illegals. With this count, there will be more than 15 million illegals in America. No one will check them. 75% are military-age single men, many gang members. Just wait until there is a natural disaster, food shortage, or another man-made pandemic or crisis that calls for a riot. Will American cities look like Beirut, Lebanon after they were overrun? And then, of course, who is paying for this? Why the American taxpayer? Seniors and vets are getting about $1400 a month SSI, while illegals get everything free plus $2200 for an adult and child. America is under a planned invasion with an economy that is mirroring Argentina. See this video and see what is coming to America compliments of Obiden and Mayorkas. Start at 17:46 Send it to your legislator.

Our RINO legislators are allowing this nightmare to happen. All they do is hold meetings and claim there isn’t enough evidence. Then they want to give our money to their man made crisis so they can launder money back to themselves and continue the American nightmare. So what can we do?

Get your legislator on speed dial and tell them what is going on. Ask why aren’t they doing something. Like impeaching Mayorkas and Biden? Don’t let them get away with lying by saying there isn’t enough evidence. Follow them online and see how they vote. Are they paying attention, or are they off bowling like Vern Buchanan (R, Dist 16 FL.) Hold them accountable. Vet your candidates and investigate their voting record is a good place to start. Check their donors so you know who is pulling their strings. will show you their money. Let them know you are watching and tell them what you think. Always ask questions and be polite but firm. Then, get rid of as many RINOS as possible. First, expose them, then primary them. But you must VET the new candidate as well. Check their actions.

Then, introduce Civics and America’s heroes to your children. Get them prepared, so they will not be fooled into socialism. Make sure they can read, write, and know math. Homeschool whenever possible. Check out the Florida Citizens Alliance Microschool project.

Everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.

Then listen to Prism of America’s Education. This week our guests are Debbie Ferris and Ed Vidal. Learn what you can do to hunt and rid your district of the RINOS. Many know they are in trouble and are now retiring. In the second segment, Judy Lane, Bob Walters, and I will tell you about an exciting project for kids called We The Kids. The only way to end a nightmare is to wake up. Will you? Is America worth saving?

Debra Ferris, grassroots organizer and advocate, focused on RINOS.

Ed Vidal is a retired attorney, activist, and journalist. Articles found in

Judy Lane Fraiser, President, We The Kids, INC. WTK AWARD-WINNING RADIO SHOW 2023 on – The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. (PAB) has recognized us for three consecutive years.

Bob Walters (Award-Winning) “Education Broadcast” on Friday evenings with Andrea Kaye on The Answer San Diego Radio show Friday nights at 6:30 Pacific time.

Florida Citizens Alliance protects our children against sexual grooming. Download and bring this letter to your County Commissioners. Tell them to stop funding the destruction of an entire generation of children by the American Library Association. And its affiliates.

Read more

Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools. Go to the Florida Citizen’s Alliance and Create a MICROSCHOOL

Join Florida Citizens Alliance

Join Get involved with legislation, training, and elections in your county. Solicit your legislators to clean up and secure elections. Copy for your state.

Join Defend Florida in Tallahassee: Nov 13-17, Dec. 4-7, 11-15

The Prism of America’s Education can be heard on weekends at 7 am E.T. and 9 pm E.T. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa. All episodes can be found on podcast networks worldwide the day after airing on talk radio.


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3 months ago

Kick out Hamas and find out who is Financing and supporting them and throw them in Prison for aiding the enemy

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