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May 19, 2024





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At noon, 20 Jan 2021, our American Republic expired, and it slid into the abyss of a decrepit socialist state. Any hope for American unity, judging by the criminal’s remarks, China Joe Biden, is laughable to the extreme. How can it be possible for people who value freedom and the rule of law, live in unity and harmony with those who are intractably obsessed with power and control and want to exercise it over others despite the rule of law? It’s intolerable to free men.

For example, China Joe’s most serious issue is to mandate that all Americans wear those stupid masks. At the same time, it’s really the collapsing economy that will be our next clue to China Joe Biden’s leadership failures. The imposter Joe Biden is like a man with a wax head who has been out in the sun too long.

Let’s face it, what’s happening has nothing to do with Emperor Xi’s sock puppet China Joe Biden trying to claim success on President Trumps’ impressive economy, and everything to do with the New World Order and what they want. The imposter is just there, valueless to the collective except as the pudding head Biden has become.

Financially, there’s a crash coming, and it can’t be stopped. We’re trillions of dollars in debt, so why should another $1.9 Trillion matter? For the Democrats, instead of protecting Biden from facing the inevitable blame, they will swarm the media and social media platforms, now available to them only, with sound bites to demonize all conservatives and pro-Trump supporters as evil incarnate. Trump will be blamed for the coming financial crash, not Biden, the Democrats, and certainly not Socialist policies. 

In the meantime, we will be distracted by breathless reports from CNN et al. of the China Virus breaking out here and there in dangerous new strains. By popular demand (they say), the federal government will mandate vaccinations and masks for all. They’ll even subject us to a required nationwide passport registration program to board a bus, train, or airplane. Acceptance of that unconstitutional intrusion on our personal freedoms will be accompanied by the requirement to install a contact tracing app on our smartphones before we can travel. 

What will happen to the economy when that happens? It will hasten the inevitable collapse, and the Marxists want a collapse. They intend to hold what’s left of the ragged economy hostage to us accepting medical tyranny. It’s the “reset” they’ve been talking about to initiate the post-inauguration chaos. They want fearful Americans to turn to them, the New World Order, pleading to be protected. And that will be that.

The Presidential Imposter, China Joe Biden, vowed in his first one hundred days to correct the Trump Administration’s mistakes, making it appear to us deplorable’s that Trump was really the bad guy they have told us he was for four years. The cat’s already out of that bag, and such claims simply won’t work for all 80 million Trump supporters; Democrats are really more fearful about what Trump can do to them from his political grave. It’s our job to help him.

On the imposters’ inauguration day, a majority of Americans still stunned by the election theft must wonder what’s next. Democrat propaganda, including constant memes blaming President Trump for inciting the Capitol’s attack, is falling on deaf ears. No one believes ’em anymore, but they have a protected soapbox.

Soon it will be impossible for our side to have any say in anything political without being castigated, shamed, threatened, and ostracized. President Trump is gone. Schumer and Pelosi’s plan to officially impeach him is gone too, and, missing their opportunity, they must quake in fear that Trump will come back to get ’em. Bet on it!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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3 years ago

Trump was fabulous but he was given the power and didn’t use it. Gitmo should be full with the Brennans, Clappers, McCabes, Weissmans…awaiting trials and hanging. It’s not. But he did give us a look at just how deep the swamp is. Let’s move on.

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